Chase Paymentech

Chase Paymentech
Chase Paymentech
Type Public
Industry Merchant services
Founded 1985
Headquarters Dallas, Texas
Products Payment Processing Services

Paymentech, LLC (“Chase Paymentech”), a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., is a payment processing and merchant acquiring company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Chase Paymentech and its affiliates provide electronic commerce and secure payment solutions, including credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, international currency and electronic check processing.[1] The company specializes in card-not-present (CNP) transactions, and processes an estimated 50 percent of all Internet transactions.

The company, with its affiliates, processes more than 900 transactions per second, and is currently ranked as the #1 payment processor by Internet Retailer (Top 500 Guide).[2] In 2009, the company processed $409.7 billion in bankcard volume and 18 billion total transactions.



Chase Paymentech began in 1985, when MNET, MBank’s retail unit and merchant acquirer division was founded. In 1987, the company was acquired by Lomas Bank Corp. Chase Paymentech became First USA Merchant Services in 1989.[3]

The company expanded by first acquiring JL McKay, a credit card software provider. The expansions continued with further acquisition of Litle and DMGT in 1995.[4] The brand Paymentech was created in the year 1996 and the IPO was executed in the same year. Paymentech acquired Gensar, which later became Paymentech Network Services, Tampa, and Merchant Link in 1996.

In 1997, Chase Paymentech was created as a joint venture between Chase Merchant Services and First Data Corporation (FDC). That year, First USA was acquired by Bank One. In 2001, Paymentech completed the largest retail merchant conversion, and launched its Orbital® Gateway. 2002, Chase Paymentech acquired the merchant acquiring portfolios of Scotiabank and Citibank CA.

Chase Paymentech opened its first European office in Dublin, Ireland in 2004.[5] That year also saw the merger of Bank One and JPMorgan Chase. In 2008, FDC and JPMorgan announced that their Chase Paymentech joint venture was coming to an end, and Chase Paymentech became the merchant services subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.[6][7]

Products and Services

Chase Paymentech provides electronic payment processing solutions for merchants accepting credit, debit or gift cards from their customers. Chase Paymentech also has product offerings to help merchants reduce fraud and chargebacks, as well as settling transactions in multiple currencies. The company offers industry-specific solutions for e-commerce, retail, mail/phone orders, insurance, travel and lodging, restaurant, digital content, contract/service provider, and government. Chase Paymentech and its affiliates also provide fraud management tools, reporting products, gift cards, international processing, recurring payments, debit card processing, and POS equipment.[8]

Online Payments

Chase Paymentech’s Orbital suite of eCommerce products includes:[9]

  • Orbital Virtual Terminal - A web-based application for the authorization, capture, and settlement of payments directly from a merchant’s computer.
  • Orbital Payment Gateway - A proprietary system to which the merchant connects in order to securely and electronically deliver their customers' payment information. The Orbital Gateway also provides tokenization services, replacing customer account data with a token, removing account numbers from the transaction flow to help a merchant reduce their Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) scope.[citation needed]
  • Orbital Managed Billing - A service that provides a way to collect recurring, deferred and installment billings automatically.
  • Orbital Customer Profile Management - A service that stores customer and cardholder data off-site, and allows access to customer information for completing transactions faster.[10]

Point of Sale Equipment

Chase Paymentech provides POS terminal and PC solutions for credit card acceptance. Some of the company’s products include iTerminal, ExaDigm XD2100SP Wireless, Hypercom T7Plus Series, Hypercom Optimum T4205, Hypercom Optimum T4220, Ingenico 5100, Ingenico 7780, VeriFone V 610 Wireless, VeriFone V 570 Dual Comm, VeriFone V 510 Dual Comm, ECRi (Electronic Cash Register interface).[11]

Merchant Advocacy

Chase Paymentech is active in merchant advocacy.

Cyber Holiday Pulse Index

Every year Chase Paymentech releases the Cyber Holiday Pulse Index, an annual measurement of online shopping activity during the holiday season, which tracks e-commerce spending across a sample of 50 leading e-retailers. The Index shows both sales volume and transaction count for online purchases across Chase Paymentech's global processing platforms.[12]


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