List of people and animals from Thomas and Friends

List of people and animals from Thomas and Friends

The television series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends features many fictional people and animals who interact with the engine characters and form the basis for many of the varying storylines. The following list describes the more notable people and animals that have appeared. A few have appeared in more than one episode, but most appear just once.

A number of the characters originated in The Railway Series of children's books by the Revd. W Awdry. Where appropriate, cross-links are provided to allow access to the non-TV side of the character in question.

For further information on the other characters, locations, Season 1, Season 2, etc., please see the links in the navigational box at the bottom of the page.


Major and Recurring Characters

The Fat Controller

The Fat Controller, also known as Sir Topham Hatt, is in charge of all the engines on Sodor,[1] and has a great deal of influence on the Island. He is firm but fair, and is an extremely complex character. He often acts as a father-figure to the engines of Sodor - when an engine is upset he speaks to them kindly, and he treats all his engines equally. He does not stand for nonsense, but is also forgiving. When an engine misbehaves, as they often do on his railway, he is willing to allow them a second chance if they are truly sorry.

He is also quite perceptive and shrewd, and is not above using elaborate schemes to get to the bottom of a problem. For example, when Diesel had been spreading rumours about Duck telling jokes about the big engines, he sent Duck to Edward's Branch line, but some time later, The Fat Controller complimented Duck for his bravery, confiding that he never truly believed Diesel's lies.[2][3]

He is undeniably nostalgic, and the way he runs his railway recalls the better elements of the days of steam. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty at the footplate of a steam engine.[4] As a young man, he learned to drive a steam-powered lorry named Elizabeth.[5]

Stephen and Bridget

Stephen and Bridget live on the Island of Sodor, and regularly spend holidays with their grandparents, Sir Topham and Lady Hatt.

The two spent a long holiday on Toby's old line. Stephen was excited when he first met Toby, but Bridget accidentally offended him by assuming he was an electric tram.[6] Some time later, after Toby came to The Fat Controller's railway, the family traveled with Toby to an old castle and mine on a map the children found.[7]

Both had roles in episodes of Seasons 1 and 5. They have made cameos since then.[8][9]

The books give the children's full names as Stephen Topham Hatt and Bridget Amanda Hatt. Stephen ultimately became The Fat Controller, like his father and grandfather. In the television series, the two have never aged.

Lady Hatt

Lady Hatt is married to Sir Topham Hatt. She occasionally helps her husband with railway business,[10] and the engines sometimes go to lengths to help throw parties for her birthday.

She likes the railway, but had a certain dislike for Annie and Clarabel until they were cleaned and repainted. Although her husband runs a railway, she likes a day out on a boat or in their car.[11]

From Seasons 1 through 5, Lady Hatt had short, red hair. In appearances since, she has had longer, straighter brown hair.

Mrs. Kyndley

Mrs. Kyndley is an elderly lady who lives near Thomas' branch line. While she was bedridden, an avalanche blocked the railway line by her house. By hanging a bright red dress from her window, she successfully stopped Thomas' train before it crashed. As a token of gratitude, The Fat Controller paid for Mrs. Kyndly to visit Bournemouth to get better. Years later, the other engines, hearing Thomas' story, wished to express thanks to Mrs. Kyndly for helping the railway, and threw her a Christmas party at Tidmouth Sheds.[12]

Percy's crew helped to gather a good luck package for her daughter's wedding: Old Slowcoach (something old), a new set of buffers (something new), a flatbed (something borrowed), and Thomas (something blue).[13]

Once when her sister was unable to make a visit, The Fat Controller went to great lengths to cheer Mrs. Kyndly up. She had a ride with Harold the Helicopter, then was taken by James to open the grounds at Harry Topper's Fair.[14]

Jem Cole

Jem Cole is Trevor's driver, and helped save him from scrap when Edward found him.[15] Jem Cole also does other mechanical work on Sodor, also restoring Elizabeth[5] and the Refreshment Lady's Teashop.[16] Jem Cole has a love for old vehicles, and was a member of the party that went to rescue a lost engine called Duke.[17] He was one of Rheneas' passengers in a famous night that saved the narrow gauge railway.[18] His goat once caused delay for Percy, but ended up saving Maithewaite Station from a group of vandals.[19]

Jem's last mention was in Season 7, in which he wore a suit and a derby, unlike his original, utilitarian look.

The Vicar

The Reverend is a vicar who lives at the Vicarage near Edward's branch line. When Trevor the Traction Engine was facing scrap, Edward and his crew pleaded to The Vicar for help. After a demonstration, The Vicar was able to purchase Trevor for an agreeable price, and gave him a new home at the Vicarage orchard.[15]

The Vicar regularly holds Sunday School outings,[20] fetes, and garden parties.[21][22] He often employs Jem Cole and Trevor to give rides at such holidays.[21] He keeps bees in the orchard and gives some of the honey to his friends. One time their hive broke while en route, and became a nuisance to James and his crew until they could return them to the orchard.[23]

The Vicar dresses in black with a wide-brim hat. He hasn't made a direct appearance since Season 3.

In The Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry the character of The Vicar appears in the book Edward the Blue Engine and is based on Awdry's friend and fellow railway enthusiast, the Rev. Teddy Boston.

The Refreshment Lady

The Refreshment Lady sells tea and other refreshments to passengers on the Narrow-Gauge Railway. She owns a shop at the bay called "Neptune's Refreshments." She was almost left behind once when Peter Sam rushed to the junction. She was angry at first, but forgiving when she learned that Henry had goaded him into rushing.[24] Later, Peter Sam helped the Refreshment Lady to set up a new, mobile shop by restoring an old, disused coach.[16]

Dowager Hatt

Dowager Hatt is The Fat Controller's mother and has visited Sodor many times.[25][26] On one visit, after a string of technical problems on the railway, her Dalmatian became frightened and ran away, spending a work day inside Thomas' cab. She decides after the incident to call him "Gremlin," for all the errors that had happened that day[25]

Miss Jenny Packard

Miss Jenny Packard is the current owner of a construction business, known as Packard & Co. or the Sodor Construction Company. She often works closely with the railways and her machines, "The Pack," are friendly towards the railway.[27][28]

Farmer McColl

Farmer McColl lives and works on a farm in the countryside with many animals, including cows, chickens, sheep and pigs. Sometimes when there's bad weather on the island, he needs help from engines to keep his animals safe and healthy. Engines like Toby the Tram Engine,[29] Emily[30] and Trevor the Traction Engine have all helped Farmer McColl in some way for his animals. Once, Thomas the Tank Engine left a group of schoolchildren at his farm, and they spent the day learning about the animals.[31]

Farmer McColl was introduced in Season 6, and has made other appearances in the later episodes.

Alicia Botti

Alicia Botti is a famous opera singer (a coloratura). Thomas is chosen to take her to perform at a concert. However, after finding a mouse inside Clarabel, she refuses to travel in the coach. She instead chooses Percy.[32] Posters of her concerts are seen throughout recent series.

Sodor Brass Band

The Sodor Brass Band are musicians featured in the Thomas and Friends TV Series. They came to the Island of Sodor to play music around the island. Edward the Blue Engine was sent to collect them, but he had an accident, and Bertie the Bus was going to take them, but he got stuck in mud, so Edward ended up taking them. The engines enjoy their tunes, and they play wherever they are needed. They have had many surprises on Sodor, an example of a time when they were to play at Lady Hatt's birthday party, but Thomas the Tank Engine left the tuba player behind! They also play music for the Sodor Circus, recently visiting Sodor.

The Brass Band consists of 6 people, playing instruments like the trumpet, trombone, and the tuba. They were introduced in Season 7, and have made many appearances in the later seasons.

Mr. Percival

Mr. Percival, The Thin Controller is the head of the Skarloey Railway in the Thomas and Friends TV Show. He is often found on his trusty bike. He dresses similarly to the Fat Controller, as well as wearing glasses and a bowler hat.

Mr. Percival was introduced in Season 9. In the US version, he is sometimes referred to as the Narrow-Gauge Controller.

According to an issue of the Thomas magazine, his full name is Mr. Peregrine Percival, The same issue also states that he is married to a woman named Polly, has four children, and that his hero is the Fat Controller. However, not everything in the magazine series is necessarily canon to the TV series. In Season 10 he is featured with his wife, but her name is not mentioned or confirmed.

Mr. Arkwright

Mr. Arkwright is an engine driver and a close assistant to The Fat Controller. Introduced in the 2009 video "Team Up With Thomas," Arkwright presents live-action segments between the stories in which he instructs viewers to help him in a project, such as creating an engine out of cardboard boxes for The Fat Controller's grandchildren.[33][34] His office is located in the engine drivers' locker room at Knapford Station. Displayed inside the office are portraits of The Fat Controller and the engines.

Driver Perkins

Driver Perkins is an engine driver who works on Sodor and is a good friend of Sir Topham Hatt. He appeared in between stories in the 2010 videos "Splish, Splash, Splosh" and "Thomas and the Runaway Kite" showing the viewers how to make crafts like a cake that looks just like Thomas. He appears to be very similar to Mr. Arkwright. Perkins is expected to appear in all other DVDs in the future.

Duke and Duchess of Boxford

The Duke and Duchess of Boxford visited the Island of Sodor once, and brought their private engine Spencer, who boasted to Gordon but then ran out of water on Gordon's Hill. Later they bought a holiday home on the Island, and had Edward the Blue Engine take their furniture wagon, who beat Spencer to the house. The Duke and Duchess now visit regularly, to see the wonderful and useful railway.

The Duke and Duchess were introduced in Gordon and Spencer in Season 7, but were not seen again until the Season 8 story Edward the Great. They have also appeared in season 10, 11 and in Hero of the Rails.

The Mayor of Sodor

The Mayor of Sodor is mentioned in seasons 7 and 8 and made his appearance in season 11 and The Great Discovery. He later had a speaking role in season 13. However, he didn't appear in all of the season 12 episodes at all, but he was mentioned by The Fat Controller. He also appeared in season 14, but without a speaking role.

Minor characters

Jeremiah Jobling

Jeremiah Jobling was a passenger featured in the Railway Series story "James and the Bootlace", from the book James the Red Engine.

Jeremiah was travelling on James' train when it stopped unexpectedly between stations. On investigation, James' driver found a hole in one of the pipes that connect the brakes between the carriages. The hole caused a leak that made the brakes come on, but the driver knows he can fix it with some newspaper and a leather bootlace. Jeremiah Jobling is the only passenger with leather bootlaces, and is extremely reluctant to hand them over. However, after a heated discussion with the other passengers, he does so, and the train can continue on its journey.

In the television series adaptation ("James and the Coaches"/"James Learns A Lesson"), Jeremiah Jobling's name is not mentioned.

Railway Inspectors

There are many Railway Inspectors in the series. The first appearance of one of these is in Season 1's Thomas Goes Fishing, in which one is called to examine the cause of Thomas' troubles (the cause was fish in Thomas' boiler).

Other Inspectors have featured in later episodes, such as the Season 4 episode 'Bowled Out', Season 6’s 'Harvey to the Rescue', and Season 8’s 'Spic and Span'.


Nancy is a guard's daughter featured in The Railway Series and in the Thomas and Friends TV Series. She lives around the narrow-gauge railway, and sometimes polishes the engines to make them shiny. On one occasion she was polishing Skarloey for when Rheneas comes home, and Duncan became extremely jealous. However, she works hard, and has many friends on the railway.

Nancy has only been featured in one TV Story, but made another in the Railway Series Book 'Very Old Engines'. She also makes a cameo in 'Harold and the Flying Horse' near the end, and several cameo appearances in many Season 6 and 7 episodes.

Tom Tipper

Tom Tipper is a postman, appearing in the Season 4 episode 'Mind That Bike'. He delivers letters and parcels to people all over the Island in his van. He helps Thomas and Percy with the Mail Train by transferring parcels into their coaches, which the engines then take to different stations. One day, his manager decides to replace the van with a bike to save money. However, after Percy accidentally runs over the bike, Tom is soon using his van once again.

Important Passenger

The Important Passenger appeared in the Season 4 episode "Thomas and Stepney". After Thomas had left with his last branch line train, the Passenger appeared and requested a special train for himself, resulting in Thomas being shunted to a siding while Stepney took the Special Train.

The Cricketers

The Cricketers feature in one Season 4 episode: "Train Stops Play". While Stepney is waiting at a signal, their ball is hit into one of his trucks, and they chase him down the line using Caroline the Car in an attempt to retrieve it.

The Relief Postman

The Relief Postman was only seen in 1 season 4 episode called "Mind That Bike". Not much is known about him except that he is a substitute postman and that he hates carrying mailbags on a bike.

Old Bailey

Old Bailey is a fogman in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Children's television series. Originally he ran a country railway station, but the station closed and he had to work as a fogman on an old line near a ravine. One night Henry the Green Engine was spooked by his warnings about the viaduct, but after a crash he discovered the truth. As a reward for warning Henry, Old Bailey was able to open and run the station again, and now he is described as "the friendliest ghost on the Island" by the Fat Controller.

Old Bailey has only appeared in one Season 5 episode, 'Haunted Henry'.

Mrs. Kyndley's Daughter

Mrs. Kyndley's daughter features in the Thomas and Friends TV series. She was to get married in one episode; however, Mrs. Kyndley did not have a good luck package for her. Percy the Small Engine went and found one (consisting of Thomas the Tank Engine, New Buffers, Old Slow Coach and a Flat Truck). Mrs. Kyndley's daughter was delighted and the episode concluded with Mrs. Kyndley's daughter kissing Percy 'thank you' (Of which made Percy quite embarrassed!).

Mrs. Kyndley's Daughter only appears in one Season 5 story, 'Happy Ever After'.

Cyril The Fogman

Cyril is a Fogman who lives on the Island of Sodor in the Thomas and Friends TV Show. He lives in an old cottage in Misty Valley, and has a very important job. When there is fog about, he puts detonators on the tracks to warn the engines about the fog. One time he was replaced by a Foghorn, but saved the day when the foghorn caused a landslide, and made Thomas crash. Cyril was soon given the job back, and has proven to be a really useful Fogman. He is the second fogman named in the TV Series, after Old Bailey from Season 5.

Cyril was only featured in one story 'The Fogman', but made a cameo in the episode 'It's Only Snow'.

Mr. Hastings

Mr. Hastings (also known as Headmaster Hastings) is a person featured in the Thomas and Friends TV Series. He is the headmaster of Strawberry Grove School, located near the narrow-gauge railway. One day he needed an organ delivered there, and Duncan took it. Duncan lost his whistle and Mr. Hastings used the organ as a replacement. Duncan and Mr. Hastings got the organ to the school safely and on time, and was a success.

Mr. Hastings only appeared in one story, being 'Faulty Whistles', and appears to play the organ very well.


  • Sam the farmer ("Ghost Train")
  • Charlie Sand (Edward's Driver)
  • Sidney Hever (Edward's Fireman)
  • The Fitter ("Daisy")
  • The Cleaner ("Thomas Comes to Breakfast")
  • The Lady in the Green Floppy Hat ("Wrong Road")
  • The Barber ("A Close Shave")
  • Father Christmas ("Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree") (non-speaking role)
  • The Sailor ("All At Sea")
  • Railway Inspector ("No Joke For James," "Thomas, Percy and the Post Train")
  • The Quarry Master ("Heroes," "One Good Turn")
  • The Farmer ("Mavis")
  • The Yard Foreman ("One Good Turn")
  • The Fogman ("Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure")
  • The Queen ("Paint Pots and Queens")
  • The Manager ("Granpuff," "Bulldog," "Rusty To The Rescue")
  • Champion's Owner ("Bulls' Eyes")
  • Butch's Driver ("Horrid Lorry")
  • Harry Topper ("Make Someone Happy")
  • Mrs. Kyndley's Sister ("Make Someone Happy")
  • Firefighters ("Thomas, Percy and Old Slowcoach")
  • Tiger Moth's Pilot ("Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday")
  • Lorry's Driver ("Horrid Lorry")
  • The Playground Planner ("Thomas and the Rumours")
  • Harold's Pilot ("Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday")
  • The Vet ("Toby Had A Little Lamb")
  • Mr. Jolly ("Percy's Chocolate Crunch")
  • The Red Balloon's Pilot ("James & the Red Balloon," "The Grand Opening")
  • Lord Callan (from "Bad Day at Castle Loch")
  • Lighthouse Man ("Salty's Stormy Tale")
  • The Fisherman ("Something Fishy")
  • The Miller ("Toby's Windmill")
  • Ice Cream Factory Manager ("Too Hot for Thomas")
  • Railway Inspector #2 ("Spic and Span")
  • Circus People ("Thomas and the Circus")
  • Circus Ring Leader ("Thomas and the Circus")
  • The Baker ("Thomas' Milkshake Muddle")
  • The Famous Artist ("Percy and the Oil Painting")
  • Dusty Dave ("Follow That Flour")
  • Alice ("Thomas and the Birthday Mail")
  • The Admiral ("Thomas and the Treasure")
  • The Storyteller ("Thomas and the Storyteller")
  • The Carpenter ("Gordon and the Engineer")
  • The Engineer ("Gordon and the Engineer")
  • The Magician ("Smoke and Mirrors")
  • The Constable ("Cool Truckings," "Wash Behind Your Buffers")
  • Kuffy the Clown ("Ding-a-Ling")
  • Miss Marvel ("Mountain Marvel")
  • The Photographer ("Thomas and the Billboard")
  • The Percival Twins ("Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon")
  • The Balloon Repair Man ("Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon")
  • Mr Bubbles ("Slippy Sodor")
  • The Bird Watcher ("Henry's Good Deeds")
  • The Teacher ("Time for a Story")
  • Sodor United Football Team ("Pingy Pongy Pick Up")
  • The Laundry Lady ("Pingy Pongy Pick Up")
  • The Railway Inspector ("Thomas In Charge")
  • The Island Inspector ("O the Indignity")
  • The Railway Coal Inspector ("Henry's Happy Coal")
  • Dowager Hatt's Friends ("Stop That Bus!")



Pegasus is a light brown cart horse, featured in the Season 7 episode "Harold and the Flying Horse". He lives on a farm near Harold the Helicopter's airfield, and Harold regularly sees him. After an accident, he is airlifted out of trouble by Harold. Pegasus gives rides to children at The Vicar's summer fete, on his new cart.


  • Hat Eating Ram (from Edward, Gordon and Henry)
  • Bluebell and her calf (from Cows)
  • Champion the bull (from Bull's Eyes)
  • The Fat Controller's/Sir Topham Hatt's cat (from 'Snow Engine' and 'Bad Day At Castle Loch')
  • Bulgy's Hens (from 'Bulgy Rides Again')
  • Farmer McColl's Pigs (from 'Chickens to School')
  • The Chickens (from 'Chickens to School')
  • Circus Animals (from 'Thomas & the Circus')
  • The Golden Eagle (from 'Thomas & the Golden Eagle')
  • The Chickens ('Thomas Tries His Best')
  • Alice's dog (from 'Thomas & the Birthday Mail')
  • Cows (from 'Big Strong Henry')
  • Mouse (from 'Thomas & the Stinky Cheese')
  • Cow (from 'Thomas & the Billboard' and multiple other stories)
  • Thomas the Piglet (from 'Thomas and the Pigs')
  • The Sodor Warbler (from 'Henry's Good Deeds')
  • The Giraffe (from 'Thomas' Tall Friend')
  • The Snowy Owl (from 'Toby and the Whistling Woods')


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