Geraldine Van Bueren

Geraldine Van Bueren

Geraldine Van Bueren is a leading international human rights lawyer. She is a barrister and Professor of International Human Rights Law at Queen Mary, University of London. The Independent newspaper has described her as one of the stars in the Law Department. She is a Visiting Fellow at Kellogg College, Oxford, and a member of Doughty Street Chambers, a set of barristers’ chambers dedicated to protecting human rights. -

In 2003 she was awarded the Child Rights Lawyer Award. The Award, jointly organised by the Law Society, UNICEF and The Lawyer magazine, recognises lawyers who have done outstanding work in the field of children's rights. She is profiled in ‘No small thing’

She is one of the original drafters of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the world’s most widely ratified human rights treaty. Her book, The International Law on the Rights of the Child, has been widely cited by courts around the world. The Council of Europe has published her latest book, Child Rights in Europe, which is also being published in French. She is currently working with UNESCO on a project about how law can be used to combat poverty.

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