Map of the Circumvesuviana lines.
Pompei Scavi services the main entrance to Pompeii.
A train arrives at Pompei Scavi station.

Circumvesuviana (acronym: SFSM, Strade Ferrate Secondarie Meridionali) is a group of narrow-gauge railways connecting towns to the south-east of Naples, Italy. Its tracks run around the base of Mount Vesuvius, and (using a combination of lines), they completely encircle it, as well as running on down the Sorrento peninsula. There are 96 stations in total on the network, and 138 km of track. The line uses the 950 mm gauge, and the maximum speed is 90 km/h. Some trains stop at all stations on a particular route, others are 'fast' trains and stop only at the main stations.

The Circumvesuviana network is managed by a private company and does not accept Eurail passes for fares.

The lines all start from the terminus in Naples, and then branch off in several places to towns on the Sorrentine peninsula, for which it forms an important commercial artery. The complete journey from Sorrento to Naples takes about one hour. Half-way along the line is the station at Pompeii Scavi, situated about 100 metres from the entrance to the excavations. There are also stops within reasonable walking distance - less than one kilometre - from the Roman city of Herculaneum and the Villa Poppaea (nearest station Torre Annunziata). Parts of the line are very scenic, particularly on the Sorrento peninsula, where the line passes through several tunnels and bridges. There is also a tunnel in Naples to allow the lines to pass under the mainline train station, Napoli Centrale railway station.



There are six lines. These can be summarized as:

  • Napoli Porta Nolana - Barra - Torre del Greco - Torre Annunziata - Castellammare di Stabia - Sorrento
  • Napoli Porta Nolana - Barra - Vesuvio/De Meis - Ottaviano - Poggiomarino - Sarno
  • Napoli Porta Nolana - Pomigliano d'Arco - Nola - Baiano
  • Napoli Porta Nolana - Pomigliano d'Arco - Acerra
  • Napoli Porta Nolana - Barra - Torre del Greco - Torre Annunziata - Pompeii -Poggiomarino
  • Napoli Porta Nolana - Vesuvio/De Meis - San Georgio a Cremano

Rolling stock

The network uses FE220 electric cars, usually coupled together to form a two- or three-car multiple units. These are painted white with red doors and ends. Power is supplied by overhead catenery and the train motors can generate up to 500 kilowatts of power.

Additionally, twenty-six new "Metrostar" three-car articulated units arrived[2] between November 2008 and September 2009, manufactured by a consortium of Firema and AnsaldoBreda. These trains are capable of carrying 450 passengers and are styled by Pininfarina. As well as being more powerful, these also have computer driving aids, self-levelling suspension and onboard toilets.


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