List of tricking moves

List of tricking moves

Tricking is a sport that takes many of its techniques from Martial arts and Gymnastics. The generally accepted groups of tricks are kicks, flips, and twists. However, there are many individual tricks that occupy multiple classifications simultaneously. Also, there are tricks that defy classification all together or simply do not fit in the classic categories.



There are two basic kicks on which all trick kicks are built. The 360 kick uses the leg towards which the practitioner is rotating to execute the kick. That is to say, if the practitioner is rotating to his or her left, the left leg will be the kicking leg. The tornado kick uses the leg opposite the direction of rotation.

The other key difference is that a 360 kick uses a "pop" takeoff (meaning the practitioner jumps from both feet) while the tornado kick is a "cheat" takeoff (meaning the practitioner jumps from one leg, using the other to gain momentum). Any kick can utilize either takeoff, but kicks that are predominately performed with one takeoff may only have the type of takeoff included in the name if the other is used. One may perform a pop tornado or a cheat 360, for example.

As a general rule, trick kicks named with an even number of turns via their rotational degree (360, 720) will also use the leg towards which the practitioner spins. Conversely, a half-rotation (540, 900) indicates that the trail leg is being used.

360 Kick Variations:

  • Hyper 360
  • Feilong
  • Crescent 540 aka Hyper Feilong
  • 720
  • 720 Double
  • 720 Triple
  • 1080
  • 1440

Tornado Kick Variations:

More variations exist, of course. There's always one more spin or one more kick to be added in.

Additional takeoffs also exist. "Backside" is a term used to describe when a practitioner begins his takeoff 180 degrees into the denoted turn. For example, if a performer were to execute a backside 900, he or she would actually leave the ground with the kicking leg facing the target, creating a total rotation of only 720 degrees upon completion of the kick. Backsides can be either pop or cheat kicks.

In a combination, a practitioner may find a transition between tricks to work more smoothly when he or she does not put a leg down, but instead swings the leg upward, using it to generate momentum. This technique is called "swingthru" (abbreviated s/t) and can be used for a large number of tricks. Any swingthru kick will be a cheat kick.

One kick that defies classification and association is called the Butterfly Kick. Borrowed from Wushu, it shares few, if any, properties with other kicks and serves as a combination move and basis for bigger tricks.


Flips are largely borrowed from the floor skills of Gymnastics. There are an extremely large number of flip variations and takeoffs including standing, swingthru, and more.

  • Back handspring
  • Back Tuck
  • Front handspring
  • Front tuck
  • Webster
  • Loser
  • Roundoff
  • Side Flip
  • Gainer
  • Back Flip Half Twist
  • Rudi/Rudy
  • Arabian
  • Barani
  • Back Flip Full Twist
  • Front Full Twist
  • Back Double Full Twist
  • Front Double Full Twist
  • Double Back
  • Double Front
  • Flatspin
  • Rodeo
  • Drive Webster - You make Webster and connect on one foot

Flip variations that can be applied to many movements:

  • Flash Kick
  • X-Out/X-In
  • Double Flash
  • Tripple Flash
  • Triple backflip double gainer 720
  • Late spin
  • Late bloomer


Twists have been borrowed from Wushu and Capoeira as well as Gymnastics and other disciplines. Additionally, some seem to have been simply invented during improvisation. The three foundational twists are the Butterfly Twist, the Corkscrew, and the Full Twist. Countless variations exist on each of these three tricks.

Butterfly Twist variations:

  • Butterfly Twist Round
  • Hypertwist
  • Hyperhook
  • Hypertwist Round
  • Shuriken Twist
  • Double Butterfly Twist

Corkscrew variations:

  • Cork Round
  • Hypercork
  • Boxcutter
  • Hypercork Round
  • Shuriken Cork
  • Double Cork
  • Triple Cork

Fulltwist variations:

  • Fulltwist Round
  • Hyperfull
  • Hyperfull Hook
  • Fulltwist Double Leg

Breakdancing Techniques

Tricking borrows, depending on the practitioner's style, either lightly or heavily from Break Dancing. Often, ground techniques are used as transitional movements or as an improvisational recovery from an unexpected fall. Some of these tricks are as follows:

Double Leg

The Double Leg is a trick borrowed from Capoeira. It is also called the Armada Dupla. While not truly a flip as your body does not invert, its technique is sufficiently unique and utilization of the trick deviates from that of most flips.

Double Leg variations:

  • Crescent Single Leg
  • Kim Do Kick
  • Kim Do Hook
  • Double Leg Gyro/Double Leg Twist
  • Parafuso (Single Twist, Double Twist, and Triple Twist can be done)
  • DLeg Full Twist (Can Be doubled, tripled)


Inversions are also unique tricks that defy the classification used with other tricks. Their one unifying trait is that the body of the practitioner must "invert", at least slightly, so that the hips are above the head mid-air.

Three foundational examples of inversions are the cartwheel, the aerial, and the raiz. The raiz is often a transitional trick (used in swingthru combos) while the aerial is a trick borrowed from Wushu, Capoeira, or Gymnastics (depending on the technique used) and has many variations.

Aerial variations:

  • Axe-Aerial
  • Reverse Aerial
  • Aerial Twist
  • Aerial Switch
  • Hyper Aerial
  • Grandmaster Swipe
  • Hyperswipe

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