Black mass (paranormal entity)

Black mass (paranormal entity)

A black mass is a formless black cloud of smoke, mist or other matter which is reported in perceived paranormal encounters. The mass is distinctive in that it appears to have no discernable cause (such as fire) and is not rooted to one place, moving around freely. It is often debated within paranormal circles what a black mass represents.

Encounters and speculation

A popular element of paranormal culture, many have claimed to witness a black mass of smoke over the years, speculating that it may represent anything from a spirit of the deceased to pure evil. Eyewitness reports of black masses have been covered on television shows such as the paranormal series "Extreme Ghost Stories", in which two residents of a Victorian house in Ryde, the Isle of Wight, reported to have spotted a black mass at various times, speculating that it represented evil.cite episode |title= Extreme Ghost Stories|episodelink= |series= |serieslink= |credits= |network= BBC Three|station= |airdate= 2007-09-22|season= |seriesno= |number= 3|minutes= |url=] A woman who managed her own nursery school, claiming to have witnessed a black mass within the nursery while working late one evening, held a similar belief.cite episode |title= Extreme Ghost Stories|episodelink= |series= |serieslink= |credits= |network= BBC Three|station= |airdate= 2007-09-29|season= |seriesno= |number= 4|minutes= |url=] Several videos of black masses have reportedly been captured over the years - CCTV footage of an alleged black mass at a recreational centre in East Dundee, Illinois can be found [ here.] The black mass is generally regarded by witnesses as one of the most frightening aspects of paranormal culture due to its lack of form or resemblance of any solid object, and apparent ability to shapeshift and move at will.

In popular culture

* A black mass appears as a recurring theme in the hit TV series "Lost", where it is referred to as the "The Monster."
* Reports of black masses at Borley Rectory, popularly billed as "The most haunted house in England", have surfaced over the years. []
* Sightings of a black mass at Coalhouse Fort, which was used as a location for scenes in the blockbuster movie "Batman Begins", have also been reported. []


External links

* [ Coalhouse Fort]
* [ Borley Rectory - The most haunted house in England?]
* [ Lost - Official]

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