Black Mass (disambiguation)

Black Mass (disambiguation)

Black Mass could refer to:

*Black Mass, a Satanic ritual.
*Black Mass (comics), a fictional character.
*Black mass (paranormal entity), a formless mass of black smoke or clouds, often reported in perceived paranormal encounters.
*"The Black Mass", a radio drama.
*"", the fourth episode of the first season of "Sukeban Deka".
* The Ninth Piano Sonata by Alexander Scriabin, given the nick name "Black Mass".
*"A Black Mass", a play by Amiri Baraka about the religious figure Yakub.
*"Black Mass EP", a four-track EP by Black Sabbath recorded on the german TV in 1970, containing Paranoid, Black Sabbath, Iron Man and a cover-version of "Blue Suede Shoes".
*"", a book by John N. Gray, published in 2007.
*"Black Mass/Lucifer", an album by Mort Garson.

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