Nineteenth hole

Nineteenth hole

The Nineteenth hole is a slang term used in golf, generally referring to a pub, bar, or restaurant on or near the golf course, very often the clubhouse itself.[1] A standard round of golf has only eighteen holes[2], so golfers will say they are at the 'nineteenth hole', meaning they are enjoying a drink after the game. The concept is similar to Après-ski in skiing.[3] In miniature golf, the 19th hole on most courses is usually the hole that one can putt to win a free game.[4] The 'nineteenth hole' is also a slang term meaning the place where they bury people who get in the way.[5]

The golf stories of author P. G. Wodehouse, which are narrated by his character, the Oldest Member, discuss the nineteenth hole.[6]

At the beginning and towards the end of the Lars von Trier movie Melancholia[7], the main character Claire is shown as she passes the nineteenth hole on the golf course belonging to the mansion where the movie takes place. The 'funny' thing about this is that the owner of the estate explicitly mentions that the golfcourse has 18 holes.


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