List of Macross Frontier terminology

List of Macross Frontier terminology

The following is the elaborated list of fictitious terms and specific definitive technological terminology from the anime series "Macross Frontier".

Macross Frontier Fleet Government

The 25th New Macross-class Colonial Fleet or "Macross Frontier Fleet" has a democratic government. The elected branches include a House of Representatives and an Executive Branch. The fleet is led by an elected president, who is primarily responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the fleet and maintaining social and economic policies. The president has an appointed military secretary, Chief of Staff, responsible for liaising with the fleet's New U.N. Spacy detachment, passing on orders in the name of the president, and providing military counsel. The legislature, while providing the normal roles of policy making, also participates in the decision making process for certain important fleet-wide actions. For example, taking the entire fleet on a costly long-range space fold must be voted on before preparations begin to accomplish it. By the end of the series there had been five presidents, four voted into office and one succeeding the position after the death of the 4th president. It is believed the elected presidents serve for 5 (Earth) year terms.

Macross Frontier Military

The New United Nation Spacy (N.U.N.S or NUNS) is the current intergalactic military force during the time of Macross Frontier (2059 A.D.); it is the successor organization to the old UN Spacy. The space forces are in command of the local forces unless it is superceded by the N.U.N.S headquarters back on Earth (via hyperspace communication links).

The Macross Frontier's fleet consists of warships of various types and sizes. Although the series has never specified the actual amount of these escorts, it is estimated at more than a dozen. Throughout the show the fleet was nearly decimated by constant attack by the "Vajra".

The ship "Battle Frontier" (also known as "Battle 25") acts as the flagship and command center for the "Macross Frontier" military and the government officials.

The military resources have been thought to be more restricted and limited prior to encountering the "Vajra" due to the use of Civilian Military Providers such as S.M.S. (Strategic Military Services) by the Colony fleet's civilian government as part of cost saving efforts.

Macross Frontier Culture

Macross Frontier's people have a wide diversity of cultures with an apparent mix of Asian/American/European Human and Zentradi backgrounds. The Zentradi themselves had established a recreational and agricultural colony ship/section named "Island 3" which allowed them to live in both macronized (giant) and micronized (normal) form. Also, it is revealed that the Zentradi have families and clans which have traditions such as military service or even farming.

The "Island 1" main colony ship was designed to resemble Earth culture before its near annihilation (during the early 2000s) to invoke a psychological sense of security. Old Earth structures can be clearly seen such as buildings from the ancient American city of San Francisco and Shibuya city of Japan.

Likewise, human culture has been shown to have similar traditional families such as Kabuki families from ancient Japan living among the population, performing their art from generation to generation.

Each ship reflects these cultural backgrounds by landmarks found across the fleet, such as a replica of San Fransico's cable trolly cars and a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge found on "Island 1". In particular, this ship holds the Tenkumon concert hall and the Mihoshi Academy facilities.

Sense of community and music is an important factor to people of the "Macross Frontier". Various musicians can be seen regularly playing at the Zentradi Mall on "Island 3" which is where Ranka Lee got her start as pop singer. Music from earlier eras of the Macross franchise can be heard being played everywhere, including Macross 7's Fire Bomber (Basara), Sharon Apple from Macross Plus, as well as Lynn Minmay's songs.

trategic Military Services

S.M.S. (Strategic Military Services) is a Civilian Military Provider owned and operated by the mysterious Zendradi named Richard Bilrer. The SMS (for short) organization has been contracted as outsourced military protection for the Macross Frontier Fleet and suppliments the fleet's military assets. The organization consists of former N.U.N.S. veterans and talented soldiers. The organization's assets include a squadron of the new VF-25 "Messiah" variable fighters, a VB-6 König Monster variable bomber, a small compliment of Meltlandi Queadlunn-Rau power-armors, small Cheyenne II Destroids and a transformable warship named the SMS "Macross Quarter". The S.M.S. maintains its headquarters on "Island 1" (the primary colony ship of the Macross Frontier Fleet) with the "Macross Quarter" docked to it.

In episode 22 "Northern Cross", S.M.S. was dissolved by Mr. Bilrer after the events of the "Vajra" attack on "Island 1". The SMS was to be merged with Colony's N.U.N.S. forces. However, evidence was uncovered that exposed the coup d'etat led by Leon Mishima that had resulted in the assassination of President Howard Glass. This prompted Captain Jeffrey Wilder and a majority of SMS personnel to go rogue and leave the fleet in an attempt to find the missing Ranka Lee. Only a few members of the SMS remained behind and were ordered to confront their former comrades as they attempted to leave the fleet with the commandeered "Macross Quarter".

After having escaped, the crew of the "Quarter" investigates the space wreckage of the 117th Long Distance Research Fleet. This leads to the discovery of Grace O'Connor's theory of creating an intergalactic communication network using the "fold crystals" cultivated by the Vajra. As a result they are able to discern her plan to control the galaxy by means of this network. They then send a report of their findings though hyperspace communications to Earth's N.U.N.S. headquarters and Earth Parliament. However, believing that their message to N.U.N.S. HQ would arrive too late to help, Captain Wilder decides that the "Macross Quarter" crew must now do what they can to put an end to O'Connor's ambition for galactic dominance.

Episode 25 marked the return of the "Macross Quarter" and the S.M.S. to the Fleet. Their timely arrival led to the rescue of "Battle Frontier" from destruction at the hands of a "Vajra" Battleship. Also, using the evidence they had uncovered, Captain Wilder and his crew revealed that the "Macross Galaxy" fleet (composed of the compromised military/government) had indeed been behind the "Vajra" attacks. They also identified Leon Mishima as having been in league with the corrupted "Galaxy" faction as well as his assassination of "Macross Frontier's" former president. This evidence would serve as a validation of S.M.S "desertion" from the Macross Frontier Colony Fleet later.

Macross Galaxy Long Range Colony Fleet

The 21st Long Range Colony Fleet, which was sent coreward on a similar course as "Macross Frontier" Colony Fleet to the center of Milky Way Galaxy. The fleet departed several years before the Macross Frontier and was designed by private corporations and had the latest technology available. The main ship, the "Macross Galaxy" consisted of two main sections: the "Battle Galaxy", a modified "Battle" class Battle Carrier with a command bridge in the shape of an oversized VF-27 head, and the "Main Galaxy Island", the primary residential area where the civilians lived. "Main Island" design is radically different from other colony fleets, it is a unique design not seen before or since its launch. Along with "Macross Galaxy" several "Deneb" class cruisers and "Dulfim" class cruisers served as escorts of the fleet. The main fighter used in the fleet is the VF-27 along with the advanced automated "V-9 Ghost Attack Drones".

"Macross Galaxy's" culture and standard of living are shown, from what is seen in the series, to be not as good as "Frontier's". Its government also does not regulate or restrict the use of cybernetic technology and is more dependent on it versus "Frontier"'s pro-biological only cultural set-up. "Galaxy Fleet" was known to be home of Sheryl Nome, the famous intergalactic pop singer, as well as the home of "V-Type" virus researcher Grace O'Connor, survivor of the 117th Long Distance Research Fleet. Some of "Galaxy" fleet's population were shown to have lived in poverty in the streets.

The fleet was supposed to have been destroyed by a "Vajra" War Fleet in 2059 just prior to a scheduled rendezvous with the "Macross Frontier" Colony Fleet. Only the "Dulfim" was rescued by the "Macross Quarter" and the "Antares" squadron was later added to the "Frontier" fleet forces. In episode 16 it's revealed that part of the "Macross Galaxy" fleet survived the attack and was hiding in an asteroid belt.

In the final battle against the "Vajra", it is confirmed that at least the "Battle Galaxy" and several escort cruisers survived the "Vajra" attack and were behind the attacks on the "Macross Frontier" fleet. The secret organization Grace O'Connor belonged to, compromised the majority of "Macross Galaxy" colony fleet's military including her flagship, "Battle Galaxy" which was destroyed after the "Macross Quarter" and "Battle Frontier" performed multiple "Macross Attacks/Daedalus Attacks" against it. The location of the rest of the civilian fleet and any other surviving cruiser during the final battle is unknown. However, it was shown that during the "Vajra's" original attack on "Galaxy" the aliens had breached the residential sections of the fleet, meaning that civilians may have been sacrificed to lure the "Vajra" attack on "Galaxy" fleet.

117th Long Distance Research Fleet

Between the years (2047 A.D. - 2048 A.D.) the 117th fleet realized an study on the "Vajra" alien race that was discovered circa 2040 A.D. The fleet was headed by Dr. Mao Nome and her team of scientists, which included Ranshe Mei and Grace O'Connor. Researcher Ranshe Mei was already infected by the "V-Type" virus and her daughter Ranka Mei was a carrier of the disease as well. However, Ranka was resistant to its lethal effects after developing some sort of immunity since she became infected in utero during Ranshe's pregnancy.

The fleet's flagship was the "Global", a 1st generation "Macross Class SDF" transformable space warship. The fleet's true function was not publicly known, only that it was doing deep space research of some kind. The fleet was able to capture some "Vajra" while its research team's publicly known mission was to research the "V-type" Virus.

A few years later, a "Vajra" fleet would appear over the planet "Galia 4" where the fleet had settled as a research base/colony. The 117th defense forces fought the surprise attack of the "Vajra" war fleet but lost and the "Global" having been shot down from orbit crash landed on that planet. While the surviving members of the fleet were trying to escape Ranka's biological brother, Brera, put Ranka into an escape pod and ejected her from the doomed starship they were escaping on. Ozma Lee, a fighter pilot of the 117th's defense forces, later discovered the escape pod containing Ranka who had somehow escaped the fate of the rest of the fleet. Ranka would be later adopted by him, thus becoming Ranka Lee. Only a very few survivors were known to exist, none of which were very well known. Publicly, the fleet's location when it was "lost" wasn't known neither. It believed that the New U.N. Spacy was aware of the location of the 117th's last stand and quitely sent what became N.U.N.S. 33rd Naval/Marine Fleet to be stationed on planet "Galia 4" to confront further attacks. It was unknown if anyone knew that the wreckage of the "Global" still existed on the planet surface or if the "Vajra" had ever left the planet at all.


"Vajra": A bio-mechanical race whose existence had been kept secret by the New U.N. Spacy. These creatures began to be encountered near the central core of the Milky Way Galaxy in 2040, and again, roughly 8 years later by the 117th Long Distance Research Fleet. The species can survive in the vacuum of space and grows through various stages of metamorphosis. Most of the evolved states appear to have large insect-like bodies (with exoskeletons) with the warrior-types growing as large as human mecha. The "Vajra" can produce destructive super-dimension energy which can overwhelm Human/Zendraedi starships and their N.U.N.S. variable fighter forces. In the early part of the television series, Vajra drones (roughly small-mecha sized) are difficult to destroy due to their thick hides as well as their powerful super-dimension weapons which shattered a number of the "New Macross" Fleet's large warships. Only the latest New UN Spacy equipment, such as the new VF-25 "Messiah" variable fighters, are able to fend off the increasing attacks by an enemy that is later revealed as being able to adapt to every encounter. They appear to fester in "hives", such as in asteroid fields as well as on planets. The "Vajra" have a connection with the V-Type microorganisms which can be was first seen as a fatal brain disease. 117th Large Scale Research Fleet scientists were known to be researching this virus at time of its disappearance. Only one member of research team survived, Grace O'Connor, who later joined the "Macross Galaxy" Colony Fleet.

The "Macross Frontier" Fleet and its sister fleet, the "Macross Galaxy" Fleet, had been attacked by the Vajra in large numbers. This is when Vajra "battleships" first appeared. Frontier witnessed these large ships attacking the Macross Galaxy Fleet's escaping escort ships. Macross Galaxy's fleet begins to appear near the middle of the TV series after supposedly being nearly completely destroyed by the Vajra forces.

Later episodes showed that the "Vajra" have Queens which act as thinking/guiding intelligences for their race, themselves linked to their children through special crystals (fold quartz) found in "Vajra" drones.

The final episodes have revealed that the Vajra communicate using a fold network activated by the fold quartz in the "V-Type" microorganisms that they carry inside the organs of their body. While each creature is of an elementary (simple) mind by itself, the whole race's fold communication network creates a large collective consciousness that has an advanced level of intelligence. This collective mind is coordinated by a single Queen.

It is learned that the "Vajra" collective live on an Earth type world near the center of the galaxy. The planet has three moons and a large artificial ring which encircles its equator with a spiral emblem on its main superstructure. The planet is defended by a large "Vajra" war fleet which hides in super-dimension space. This world seems to be related to the "Protoculture", which was a civilization that created all humanoid life in the galaxy.

It was also explained that the "Vajra" produce the mysterious fold quartz using interstellar matter and raw materials from fixed stars. This fold quartz allows the maintainance of a real-time intergalactic communication system which allows the collective mind of the "Vajra" coordinate drones as one entity who act as the collective's body.

The Vajra possess the ability to adapt themselves to new threats. As all Vajra are linked by the race's fold communication network, information is instantly shared across the species, even at the moment an individual "Vajra" is killed. Through this the Vajra can eventually develop defenses to any enemy weapons that it constantly faces. This is evidenced by the Vajra becoming immune to N.U.N.S reactive weapons of which the N.U.N.S repeatedly deployed in their battles against the "Vajra".

It is explained in end of the series that the original "Protoculture" knew of the "Vajra" and that they feared, adored and defied their power to the extent of imitating its form, "Protoculture" technology being an example of this with their "Space fold" devices, "Super-Dimension" weaponry and the "Birdman" mecha from "Macross Zero", which itself resembles a "Vajra Queen".

The "Vajra" are considered collectively as a "Super Dimensional Life Form" due to their ability to travel through Super-Dimension space. It was speculated in the series finale that they had been living for hundreds of thousands, if not of millions of years. The "Vajra Queen", a super giant life form and main node of their intergalactic hyperspace communication-link (real-time), actively sought out other "Vajra" life forms to cross breed by using the song "Aimo", which was a "Vajra" love song according to Ranshe Mei. Humanoid alien races were the first independent-individual thinking races the "Vajra" encountered and since first contact could not understand how to communicate with them. The Queen had actively sought out humans like Ranka Lee whom were able to communicate via fold waves and tried to rescue them as part of their cross breeding mentality. It was through Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee's songs that the Vajra finally understood the truth of Human/Zentradi/Meltradi's method of communication.

The "V-Type" infection was revealed to be part of the "Vajra" method of communicating but it ended up being fatal in most humanoid life forms except for Ranka Lee, who was infected in utero causing the "Vajra" infection to settle in her abdominal area where it would not be fatal for her.

Grace O'Connor briefly compromised the Queen, taking over her physical body and over-ridding the "Vajra" fold communication network. However, after recovering Ranka Lee, both hers and Sheryl Nome's singing connected to the Vajra communication network freed the "Vajra" and allied them to "Macross Frontier" to rescue the Queen and put an end to Grace O'Connor's dreams of galactic domination at cost of the "Vajra" race existence.

The "Vajra" Queen and her race are finally seen leaving their home world for parts unknown. Only Ranka's pet "Ai-Kun" remained with her. Her pet does appear to have its own elementary mind thus suggesting that drones have some degree of individual intelligence that contributes to the overall intelligence of the "Vajra" hivemind.

'Secret Cybernetic Human/Zentradi Organization': An organization (whose official name is not revealed) which had been lurking within the confines at least two colony fleets. They appear to be manipulating the encounters with the Vajra. They've been shown to be adept in using the advanced cybernetics and virtual technologies that "Macross Galaxy" Colony Fleet was known for. The organization's roots originated from the lost 117th Large Scale Research Fleet and government/corporate elements of "Macross Galaxy". Some of the survivors of the 117th migrated to the "Macross Galaxy" Fleet where the high use of cybernetics of the fleet benefited Grace O'Connor's cause. THis is when the organization/conspircy began to take shape. The organization compromised a large portion of "Macross Galaxy's" military through cybernetics and enslaved them to it. Like the 117th, the "Macross Galaxy fleet" was a sacrificial experiment to lure and manipulate the events with the "Vajra". Many of this organization's members appeared to be in government and media positions and were seen to be, at the time, seeking to use the bio-energy/influence of music for some mysterious reason. For this purpose, the group had involved themselves in the careers of intergalactic media stars (singers) Sheryl Nome, "The Galactic Fairy", and newly discovered Ranka Lee. Their true intentions remained an unknown mystery and knowledge of their existence was a secret to the majority of the population of the "Macross Frontier" Colony Fleet until the end of the series.

Leon Mishima is manipulated by one member of the group called Grace O'Connor, who helped him take over the "Macross Frontier" fleet government. However, after achieving his own goals, Leon severes ties with the organization members which he personally allowed to stay in "Frontier" after learning of the "Macross Galaxy" fleet's apparent destruction by the "Vajra".

Near the end of the series it is revealed that most of their objectives revolved around controlling the Vajra fold communication network for controlling the whole galaxy, and that they were willing to destroy all the "Vajra" and the Human/Zentradi populations to achieve their goals. Grace O'Connor, who was part of the original research team of scientists of 117th Large Scale Research Fleet, was proven to be part of this secret organization. It was revealed that her wish was to take over the hive mind using Ranka Lee to channel her will through the "Vajra network" and create a human-collective hive mind to dominate the whole galaxy and achieve what the Protoculture couldn't for thousands of years.

Over the course of the series, it was shown that the "Secret Cybernetic Human/Zentradi Organization" had already achieved a cybernetic collective of minds based on "Vajra" research. At least five voices are heard throughout the series (four male and two female including Grace's) as part of this group. Series creator Shoji Kawamori has recently revealed that they are in fact the executive directors of the "Macross Galaxy" fleet. It is through this link and the use of cybernetic implants that they were able to enslave unwilling individuals like Brera Sterne to act as their agents. It is believed that it was only with the arrival of Grace O'Connor with her research theory of the "Vajra" being a collective space lifeform thar their objective rose to a galaxy-wide scale.

The Protoculture

This is an ancient humanoid alien race that artificially created the majority of the known intelligent humanoid lifeforms in the galaxy, including the Zentradi, the Zolan and the Human races.

The Protoculture civilization's influence and legacy on the "Macross Frontier" timeline is seen through the use of "space fold" technology, overtechnology and macronization/micronization technologies by all the races they created. An even older race of insectoid alien lifeforms called "Vajra" influenced the "Protoculture" themselves to create their Super-Dimension energy based technologies such as the "Fold System" which allows starships cross interstellar space through another dimension as well as the Super-Dimension energy weaponry seen in most space warships.

The "Vajra" made use of one of the "Protoculture"'s planets as its homeworld "nest" after the civilization had disappeared long ago. "Grace O'Connor", the main antagonist from the series, had also researched the "Protoculture" to such extent that it became her driving obsession to surpass them.

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Mecha and Ships of Macross Frontier Fleet

Fighters and Mecha

*VF-171 - The standard variable fighter used by the N.U.N.S. Colonial Defense Forces of the Macross Frontier Fleet. It is a newer but downgraded and cheaper to produce version of the old VF-17 Nightmare from "Macross 7".
*VF-171"EX" - Advanced "Anti-Vajra" variant of the VF-171 that is equipped with enhanced energy and MDE (Mini-Dimension Eater) weapons. This variant was introduced near the end of the series in episode 22. It is also revealed in 24 that they're not well-customized.
*VF-25 Messiah - Employed by the S.M.S. for trials as a main combat unit. Variants include the Standard VF-25F, VF-25S (Squad Leader), the VF-25G (sniper) and RVF-25 (recon). These Mechs have numerous armor/engine modules to increase performance. These modules uniquely do not need to be jettisoned like previous variable fighters, the original VF-1 Valkyrie being the only exception. The fighter seat/ejection system is an interactive flight "Ex-Gear" Exosuit which allows the pilot to fly the vehicle remotely.
*VF-27 - A secretly-developed N.U.N.S. variable fighter, the most prominent one piloted by Major Brera Starne of the "Macross Galaxy" Fleet. The VF-27 appears to be a top-of-the-line N.U.N.S. variable fighter, with four engines, multiple laser cannons, an internal short-range Space Fold FTL drive, scaled-down Heavy Quantum Cannon (revealed in-series midway), immersive virtual reality cockpit and brain-computer interface control system, similar to that of the YF-21. Episode 17 revealed that the "Macross Galaxy" had several of these, while episode 20 revealed they can be flown by remote cybernetic link.
*VB-6 König Monster - A variable bomber, the Monster is a hulking, transforming, heavily-armored long-range artillery platform. The vehicle is so destructive, the president of the colony fleet must give permission to launch it into combat. A direct descendant of the older HWR-00-Mk.II Monster, this unit spent most of its on-screen time dramatically.
*Cheyenne II Destroid - Ground-based mech which resembles the older Tomahawk destroid from the old Macross TV series. The mech's two forearms appear to house multiple weapons, namely lasers, flamethrowers and a rapid-fire projectile weapon. In addition, there are shoulder-mounted missile launchers, and wheels on the feet to allow faster movement than walking or running. The original Cheyenne design was introduced in the Macross Zero OVA, but never appeared in the original Macross TV show.
*AIF-7S Ghost - These are AI-piloted drone fighters used for recon and supplementing manned fighters, based on the original X-9 Ghost design. The X-9 was made as an outright replacement for manned craft, proving very dangerous due to extreme aggressiveness and agility. Frontier's few Ghosts have safety limiters built-in. SMS Pilot Luca Angelloni controls three of them with his personal fighter craft, and can release them from their limiters in emergency situations.
*V-9 Ghost Attack Drone - Based on and visually identical to the original "X-9 Ghost Drone" prototype from which the AIF-7S was developed. This fighter was only seen in the last episode when the "Battle Galaxy" launched them in large numbers alongside VF-27s. Agile, well-armed and deadly, they nearly decimated the standard "Frontier" forces with ease. They were almost unstoppable until Luca's Ghosts had their safety limiters deactivated to deal with them.
* [ Queadluun-Rea] - A power-armor used by the S.M.S. employed Zentradi of Pixie Squadron and later employed by N.U.N.S. forces.
*Destroid Work - A manned civilian mech for contruction purposes. This is the non-combat version of the Cheyenne II Destroid. Usually painted in red with yellow and black striped hazard signs on it. In place of the Cheyenne's weapon barrel arms and missile launchers it has two fully-functional hand and arm manipulators. It also has the same wheel/feet for added mobility. It is seldom seen in the series.


* "Island 1" - A enlarged "New Macross"-class Super Dimensional Colony Ship, similar to the one in Macross 7, though to all appearances, is significantly larger. She is the Flagship of the Macross Frontier Colony Fleet and also referred to as "Macross Frontier" by name. The ship has two primary sections, the massive "Island 1" Colony unit and the "Battle 25" warship. "Island 1" houses the colony's residential area, a composite of San Francisco and Shibuya complete with mountains, internal sky, forests and a small sea. This ship has a massive transparent teardrop-shaped dome, which is covered by an armored "clamshell" top that closes over it when needed. Waste processing is handled by a "bioplant", which biologically recycles the air, water and biodegradable items within the environment. The "Battle 25" is docked to the front the ship, to act as a command center.
* "Island Colony Ships" - There are at least another 20 "Islands" within the fleet. Semi-cyclindrical shapes that can likewise deploy armored sections when needed, these much smaller (but still huge) vessels that can be attached to or be towed behind Island 1 in two crooked lines. The ships appear to be capable of independent flight, but is unclear if they can fold on their own. The ships are connected by inter-Island tube transport/resource network which isn't the same type used by the Macross 7 fleet. Things within these include natural environments like jungle and beaches, as well as miscellanies like government research labs, malls and farms. The ships help supply the entire population with food stuffs, manfacturing or needs to keep the colony fleet independent of outside assistence. For containment purposes, an Island's systems can be cut off and if need be, the whole thing jettisoned. Most notable being "Island 3", for its full-sized Zendradi population, and Colony's alien research facilties. Only seven of these ships survived final battle over the "Vajra" homeworld.
* "Battle Frontier" - "Battle" Class Transformable Battle Carrier - Like all "New Macross" class ships, a battle carrier was constructed along the "Island 1". Also, it is known as the "Battle 25". The ship is normally docked to "Island 1's" bow and acts as the command and control section. It is able to undock and the defense forces away from Colony flotilla. The ship is equipped with a Fold system to enhable it to used a for independent operations beyond fleet's confines. The ship is transformable, changing from "Carrier/ship" mode into a "battroid/mecha" mode. The ship has pin-point barrier system which it uses to protect sections of the ship and allow it to do physical attacks against other ship/objects when in its battleroid/mecha mode. The ship is armed with large number of secondary missile and turreted energy batteries, a large compliment of variable fighter craft and its primary weapon system: The oversized detachable Macross Cannon. The ship is a upgraded version of the same class of ship as Macross 7's original "Battle 7".
*"SMS Macross Quarter" - SDF type transformable warship - The "Quarter" is the smallest ship of her kind at only 400m. The ship would be classified as a cruiser, if not for transformation ablities, robotic/mecha form, and powerful primary energy weapon. She is similar in shape to the bigger Meltran gunboats or monitors. The "Macross Quarter" ship is designed like a variable fighter with smaller cousin's maneuverability, being able transform to carrier/gerwalk/battroid (robot/mecha) forms. The ship's primary weapon is a Heavy Quantum Cannon housed in its right/starboard arm. The left/port "arm" is a flight deck which houses its smaller craft complement. The "Quarter" is also armed with ten gun turrets and dotted with numerous point-defenses. Unlike her peers, the "Quarter"'s small size makes her rather agile and much faster than her hulking cousins. When not needed, the ship stays docked to "Island 1". A complement of Cheyenne II Destroids found on the outer hull perform anti-air defense & fire missiles/weapons in a Macross Attack (Daedalus Attack in Robotech), similar way the original destroids of SDF-1 Macross were used. It also equipt with a Fold system to allow it to jump ahead of the fleet to scout and survey for security of the fleet. The ship has advanced pin-point barrier system which can be used to protect large sections of the ship from weapons and physical damage. It barrier system can be used as cutting/piercing weapon when applied to one of the arms of the ship which referred to as a "Macross Attack". The "Macross Quarter" is operated by a private security firm known as the S.M.S. It is to note that the ship's primary weapon, the Heavy Quantum Cannon is not as powerful as a Macross Cannon such as the one used by "Battle 25".
*"Battle Galaxy" - Modified "Battle" Class Transformable Battle Carrier - Like other colony ship flagships, the battle carrier was constructed along the fleet's main colony module/ship, "Main Island". Ship was also known as the "Battle 21". She is contruction as traditional military flagship of the "Macross Galaxy" Fleet. The ship is normally docked to "Main Island's" bow and acts as the command and control section. "Battle Galaxy" was extensively modified in comparison to other "Battle" Class Battle Carriers such as Macross 7's "Battle 7" and Macross Frontier's "Battle Frontier". Her bridge section resembles head of a VF-27 Variable Fighter. Her armament is identical to "Battle Frontier" (see listings above). Having the usual detachable Macross Cannon, Large twin launch bays for large compliment of fighters in her arms, and has multiple turreted laser cannons & missiles launchers. It is believed she is highly more automated and high degree cybernetically controlled than normal "Battle" Class ships due to Macross Galaxy's preference to cybernetic technology. "Battle Galaxy" is unique in having a large complement of high-tech fighter squadrons of VF-27 Variable Fighters and V-9 Ghost Attack Drones. During most of the series it was thought to have been lost with the rest of the "Macross Galaxy" fleet. However, it resurfaces in battle over the Vajra homeworld as one of the ships involved with the secret organization which turned the ship against the "Macross Frontier" forces. It was destroyed by both the "Macross Quarter" and the "Macross Frontier" ships during a double "Macross Attack" done first to its Macross Cannon and then into the center section of the vessel.
*"Main Island" - "Macross Galaxy" Class Long Distance Colony ship. It was designed and constructed by several private corporations. The ship has a long and narrow design, unlike the "New Macross" Class colony ships with its "turtle" shell design. The main colony city section is not unlike "Macross City" onboard SDF-1 Macross, with a city in a boxy design with no organic life support systems. The ship uses cybernetic based technologies for numerous automated functions. "Battle Galaxy", a "Battle" Class Battle Carrier is usually docked to the "Main Island". Not much else is known about the ship other than brief glimpses of Sheryl Nome's life and during the early part of an episode where the ship was seen being attacked by "Vajra" along with the rest of Galaxy's colony fleet which did show a heavily damaged "Main Island". It's still unclear if the "Main Island" survived the Vajra attack or if was part of the secret organization. The ship had a red/purple/white paint scheme.
*"Guantánamo"' Class Stealth Carrier (CV/CVR) - The primary spacecraft/fighter carrier of UN Spacy fleet, they are the successors to the original and older ARMD-class carriers. They are boxy-shaped carriers not unlike old ARMD ships. They have appeared in Macross-related material since "Macross Plus".
*"Uraga" Class Escort Battle Carriers (CV/CVS)- The primary escort carriers of UN Spacy colonial forces. They appear like mid-sized naval aircraft carriers, and have been used as command ships when docked to various colony ship classes. They have appeared in other "Macross" related manga/anime since "Macross 7".
*"Dulfim" Class Cruisers (CC) - These ships are of a catamaran like design similar to Star Trek's Romulan Warbirds and to the Varauta command ship from Macross 7. They are large massively armored and armed warships which are present in the "Macross Galaxy" colony fleet defense force. These ships use a number of turreted laser cannons and missile weaponry. It is unclear if they carry a small fighter complement aboard like the "Bolognese" Class Frigates. These ships a been seen through the series in action and being destroyed. A single "Dulfim" Class ship from "Macross Galaxy" Fleet was rescued after fleeing apparent destruction of "Macross Galaxy". This ship was later used to take Grace O'Connor to the "Vajra's" homeworld and to the main "Vajra Queen".
*"Deneb" Class Cruiser (CC) - Single hulled cruiser, which appears to be heavily armored and with numerous turreted laser cannons as well as missile launchers. They are seen escorting and defending the "Macross Frontier" fleet through the series. It's unclear if "Macross Galaxy" long range colony fleet employ them as well.
*"Bolognese" Class Stealth Frigates (FF) - The primary escort warships of the U.N. colonization fleets. These ships appear like sleek, swept-back angular vessels. Like the above mentioned, they've appeared in the franchise since Macross 7.
*"Global" - "Macross"-class SDF (Super Dimensional Fortress) Starship - A transformable warship that appears to be the fourth production version of the original SDF-1 Macross, the "Global" was the flagship of the lost 117th Large Scale Research Fleet. It was found on the planet Galia 4 in its transformed state, covered in greenery and disused for many years. Inside the ship were discovered Vajra samples in a laboratory. The "Global" fell apart after a Vajra mothership located underneath pushed it aside as it lifted off into space along with its peers. During a flashback later in the series, the heavily damaged "Global" was shown descending from the failed battle the 117th had against the "Vajra" over the skies of Galia 4 into the lake in which it was later discovered by Alto and Ranka.
*"Macross 11" - "New Macross" Class Super Dimensional Colony Ship: This ship was only seen for a moment but like "Macross Frontier", it has also been modified with what appears to be some sensor arrays in the shape of wings and carries also over 15 colony islands. At least one "Guantánamo" class Stealth Carrier seen among other unidentified vessels escort the Fleet.
*"SDF-1 Macross" - Super Dimesional Fortress - The original ship of the Macross series. It still exists in 2059 and continues to be located in the artificial lake in "Macross City" on Earth. The ship visually appears to be identical to its previous appearance in 2040 during the events of "Macross Plus". A "Vajra" warfleet appeared above the SDF-1 during the events of Episode 25 of the series, but quickly withdrew when O'Connor lost control of the "Vajra".

Creatures, Fighters and Ships of the Vajra

*"Vajra Larvae" or "Stage 1 Vajra" - Smallest and most harmless of Vajra species, they are lime green with 3 eyes and a squirrel-like body (including the tail). The Larvae does not appear to have any insect-like qualities to them except for the number of eyes on its head. Ranka Lee unknowingly had one as a pet and named it "Ai-kun".

*"Vajra Fliers" or "Stage 2 Vajra" - Second smallest known Vajra, they are 2.5 meters long with retractable wings, 6-8 limbs, a flat head and a beak that can chop a human in two. They fly very fast and use their beaks as rams or crush their opponents by trapping them with their legs. While these creatures do have exoskeletons, they aren't made of energy conversion armor like that of the larger, combat Vajra although they do wield a pair of bio-energy lasers for shooting targets that are far off. These creatures are known to fly and attack in swarms similar to locusts.

*"Vajra Walker" or "Stage 3 Vajra" - 3rd largest Vajra which evolves from the "Larva" stage, which becomes a large mecha. While it has large flat head like the Stage 2 form, it also has a long body, no wings, pincers, and approximately 6 legs and 2 arms. It wields a pair of bio-energy powered lasers emiting from its flat disk-like head. They are primary used as ground assault troopers. They maybe the early stage that leads to the "Vajra Space Mecha-Drones".

*"Vajra Fighter-Drones" - They are most common of the Vajra in space, they act as fighters for the Vajra. They are the same size as non-transformed variable fighters and are incredibly fast. Their arsenal includes powerful energy weapons and can grow biological grown missile-type weaponry. They are hatched from eggs laid in derelict spaceships or asteroids. They are yellow in color and more insect looking than their previous forms, now having wings and an exoskeleton in addition to its multiple appendages.

*"Vajra Space Mecha-Drones" - These bio-mechanical creatures are the largest of the mecha-type Vajra, performing as enforcers and assault troops. They can fly swiftly with or without an atmosphere and can fold without the need of a mothership to transport them. Twice the size of a variable fighter, they have insect-like exoskeletons with large arms and legs that they can fold up when not in use. These large Vajra are strong enough to tear a mecha apart and have bio-energy weapons, lasers, bio-missiles, and an incredibly powerful cannon capable of destroying a NUNS capital ship with a single shot. On the ground, these creatures can act as a ground-assault tank on legs. It was revealed later in the series that the "Vajra" units have the ability to transmit the damage they receive to the whole species before they die, so their "hive" may create a better adapted or evolved version of the destroyed unit.

*"Vajra Battleship" - Bio-mechanical warships used as the Vajra's heavy guns of their 'fleet' of ships. It can fold by itself and is slightly larger than the S.M.S.'s warship, the "Macross Quarter". The warship's primary weapon is a heavy converging energy beam cannon (mounted within its forward bow) and is known to carry many mixed-sized Vajra drones. It can fly swiftly in air and space, and can fold to reach intergalactic destinations. Whether the Vajra battleship is an evolved type of Vajra or just an organic extension of their hives is still unknown.

*"Vajra Mothership" - Very large bio-mechanical vessel, built to be vertically longer than it is wide, with a central "eye" structure. No apparent weapons have been seen to be used by this ship. It is known to carry a hive with thousands of drones aboard it as well as a low grade "Vajra Queen" which coordinates the "Vajra" fleet it is attached to and also spawns more "Vajra" by producing their eggs. This type of ship was first seen lifting off from planet "Galia 4" where it abandoned the derelict "Macross" Class SDF "Global" where it was hiding, destroying it in the process. It also can fly swiftly in air and space, and can fold itself to any desired destination.

*"Vajra Queen" - Resides in a massive artifical ring that encircles an earth-like planet which is the "Vajra" homeworld. It is physically twice the size of both the "Battle Frontier" and "Battle Galaxy" transformable battle carriers in their battroid/mecha mode. Its body is green/white with a giant, rounded, legless lower abdominal body, a smaller yet slighly longer torso with 4 feathered wings, a long neck with an insect-like head with mutliple eyes and a long extended mouth/feeder. Like all "Vajra", the Queen's head does not contain its "brain", rather it is located in the abdominal part of her body which contains a mass of fold crystals. The large quantity of fold crystals allows it to be become the command node in the Vajra Hyperspace Communication Network which allows the entire race to think as one. It is not known if it gives birth to "Vajra" spawn like lower grade queens or if she houses drones to defender herself with. It appears to have complete control over her race in real-time. The main queen can also create a "super-dimensional rift" which can be used as a impenetrable barrier which only her own "Vajra" drones can breach. This rift ability can also be used to fire "super-dimensional" fold blasts which can atomize anything other than a super-dimensional rift field (which only the Vajra are capable of producing). She also sings a song which is translated as a love song to court other "Vajra" lifeforms to breed. She, in fact teaches Ranka Lee this very song through her connection with Ranka due to the "V-Type" infection. The queen's wings are also very similar to those seen in the gigantic protoculture Bird Man mecha which was seen at end of Macross Zero, showing how the protoculture imitated the power of the "Vajra". Grace O'Connor, in episode 24, merges and overcomes the queen's will and compromises the "Vajra" fold network hivemind with the unwilling aid of Ranka Lee. The queen and the rest of her race become slaves to Grace and her organization's will, with O'Connor commanding the "Vajra Queen" to send her drones to attack all of humanity at multiple fronts at the same time, from the "Macross 11 Deep Space Colony Fleet" to "Macross City" on Earth. Only through the efforts of Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee was O'Connor's control over the "Vajra" network overwhelmed, freeing the "Vajra" drones to liberate the queen. The queen's head, where O'Connor placed her body, was severed and then destroyed by Alto Saotome. The queen was later seen ascending into space flapping her four enormous wings, apparently leaving with her "Vajra" spawn for elsewhere, their former homeworld now under the care of the people from the "Macross Frontier" colony fleet.

Other Terminology and Technology

The following is a brief introduction to other technologies and terms shown during the "Macross Frontier" series.

*Macross Cannon - Also known as the "Main Cannon". This is the most powerful energy weapon devised by the humanoid civilizations of the Macross universe. The basis for this weapon is creating "Super Dimension Energy" to act as a beam weapon. This weapon has been known to destroy small fleets of large warships with a single volley. Originally the weapon was thought of as a kind of a heavy particle beam gun by most audiences.

*Pinpoint barrier - A type of force field using Super Dimensional energies which can be moved to especific parts of a defending ship or fighter. This energies can be used as physical protection should a ship come into contact with another minimizing the physical damage. It can also be used to increase the resistance and sharpness of melee mecha weapons. Seen on mecha sized blades as well as the "fists" of Super Dimensional Fortresses. The barrier system used during the time of Macross Frontier can also cover a larger portion of the ship than the original pin-point barrier system used by the SDF-1 Macross.

*Space-fold Drive or Fold System - This is a Super Dimensional device which allows a spacecraft to "fold space" to travel Faster Than Light. It is one of the basic overtechnologies that the ancient Protoculture civilization left behind for the latter humanoid races to travel across the stars. Long distance "jumps" up to 800-1000 light years are highly power consuming.

*Macross Attack - Also known to audiences of the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross as "Daedalus Attack or "Daedalus Maneuver". The Macross Attack is when a large transformable warship, such as SDF-1 "Macross" or the SMS "Macross Quarter" goes into close quarter combat or melee combat. In this case, for example "Macross Quarter" "punch" the defending vessel with Pinpoint Barrier system protecting its "weapon arm" or "fist". Once pentrating the hull of the enemy ship deeply enough, large quanity of smaller mecha inside the punching arm would be allow to fire their weapons inside the enemy vessel. Thus guaranteeing its destruction.

*Deculture - ("De-kerlchuun") [ [] ] This is a one word description of the entire merged human/zentradi/meltrandi civilization/culture. The Zentradi expression is used extensively in the series. It is specially used when referring to certain musical themes that connect with people in large numbers. Most of the time is said by Zentradi as an expresion of disbelief, amusement, awe, surprise or disgust.

*Holographic Technology - First seen in during a Lynn Minmay concert and when Hikaru and Minmay were at an amusement park building which was using advanced holographic amusement machines that allowed them to try different outfits/clothes/costumes which were projected realistically on them as if they were worn. This technology is still the same in the "Frontier" series, where Sheryl Nomes does her concerts where she sings and dances with different outfits inside stage settings that are changed in seconds. She is briefly seen wearing a Virtual Reality skin suit when she is forced off stage during the first episodes.

*Heavy Quantum Cannon - This is a new weapon introduced in Macross Frontier, which originally was thought to be another form of the older Macross Cannon. It is based on Quantum physics, which cause the beam itself to distrupt atoms like the Macross Cannon uses but with a completely and more devastating method of destruction. Some of fansubbers translating "Macross Frontier" into English deleted references to the original name and replaced it with Macross Cannon for unknown reasons.

*Cybernetic Implants - Technology which enhances interaction with advanced equipments (for example the VF-27 Variable Fighter). It can be used to amplify ones physical body strength or to give a perfectly normal appearance to a person whose body has suffered severe damage regardless of age. Simple devices can be invisibly planted into people such as telephones or computer terminals. The technology allows users to exist and interact in virtual reality environments when interacting with computers. It can also be used to enslave an individual to the will of other persons such as the case of the servitude of Brera Sterne to Grace O'Connor. Cibernetic implants are banned in the "Macross Frontier Colony Fleet" for unspecified reasons. However, they are allowed in the "Macross Galaxy Colony Fleet" and possibly elsewhere.

*Vajra Hyperspace Communication Network - This constitutes the "Vajra's" hive mind itself, which allows all of its drones to collectively think as one entity. This network of real-time communication through long distances is possible though the use of "fold quartz" which are harvested and produced by the "Vajra" drones and implanted into newborn larvae. The network has a series of sub-nodes and ultimately the main "Vajra Queen" whom is the central node and the controller of all "Vajra" as a whole. The network was not known to the humans except to Grace O'Connor only in theory. She used her knowledge of this to ultimately and briefly take over the "Vajra Network" using Ranka Lee as a bridge to connect to them by compromising the Queen's control. She ultimately wished this network to be duplicated by forcing humans to have fold crystals implanted into them. However, ancestral music which "Vajra" used as part of their mating process was able to override O'Connor's control when sang by both Sheryl & Ranka.


* [ Official Zentradi Dictionary]

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