LeBoeuf Creek

LeBoeuf Creek

name = LeBoeuf Creek
other_name =
category = Stream
etymology = "le bœuf", French for "buffalo"
etymology_note = [cite book |last=Espenshad |first=Abraham Howry |title=Pennsylvania Place Names |publisher=Pennsylvania State College |location=State College, PA |date=1925 |pages=246 |oclc=3028775]
nickname =

image_caption =
country = United States

state = Pennsylvania

region_type = County
region = Erie
parent =
tributary_left = East Branch LeBoeuf Creek
tributary_right =
river =
source =
source_location = Summit Township
source_region = Erie County
source_state= Pennsylvania
source_elevation_imperial = 1420
source_elevation_note = cite book |last=Shaw |first=L. C. |coauthors=W. F. Busch |others=Prepared in Cooperation with the United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey |title=Pennsylvania Gazetteer of Streams, Part II |publisher=Pennsylvania Department of Forest and Waters |location=Harrisburg, PA |date=June 1984 |series=Water Resources Bulletin |volume=16 |pages=271]
source_lat_d = 42
source_lat_m = 1
source_lat_s = 46
source_lat_NS = N
source_long_d = 80
source_long_m = 3
source_long_s = 46
source_long_EW = W
mouth = French Creek
mouth_location = Mill Village
mouth_region = Erie County
mouth_state = Pennsylvania
mouth_elevation_imperial = 1160
mouth_lat_d = 41
mouth_lat_m = 54
mouth_lat_s = 8
mouth_lat_NS = N
mouth_long_d = 79
mouth_long_m = 59
mouth_long_s = 9
mouth_long_EW = W
mouth_coordinates_note = cite web |title=LeBoeuf Creek |date=2008 |publisher=Geographic Names Information System |accessdate=2008-08-12 |url=http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic/f?p=gnispq:3:::NO::P3_FID:1192426]
length_imperial = 18.0
length_note =
width_imperial =
depth_imperial =
volume_imperial =
watershed_imperial = 63.6
watershed_note =
discharge_imperial =
discharge_max_imperial =
discharge_min_imperial =
free =
free_type =

map_locator = Pennsylvania
map_caption = Location of the mouth of LeBoeuf Creek in Pennsylvania
map_size = 300
footnotes =

LeBoeuf Creek is an convert|18|mi|adj=on long tributary of French Creek in Erie County, Pennsylvania in the United States. It has a drainage basin of convert|63.6|mi2.


LeBeoeuf Creek originates in Summit Township and meanders south before crossing under U.S. Route 19. Its East Branch tributary orginates in Greene Township and flows south until meets with the main branch in Waterford Township. [cite web |title=French Creek Conservation Plan: Water Resources |date=2002 |publisher=Western Pennsylvania Conservancy |accessdate=2008-08-12 |format=PDF |pages=52 |url=http://www.paconserve.org/french_creek/drafts/pdf2002/water.pdf] In Waterford, it passes under the Waterford Covered Bridge and heads west, back under US 19 and flows into Lake LeBoeuf. Lake LeBoeuf empties into LeBoeuf Creek at its southern end. The creek crosses under US 19 again and continues south where empties into French Creek near Mill Village.


In 1753, Fort Le Boeuf was built by Paul Marin de la Malgue along the banks of LeBoeuf Creek, near present-day Waterford, to help protect French interests in the Ohio Country from the British. George Washington was sent by British to Fort Le Boeuf to deliver a message to the French that demanded that they leave the Ohio Country.

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