Fresh Water Canal

Fresh Water Canal

The Fresh Water Canal is a modern canal of Egypt, also called the Ismaïlia Canal, that runs through the now dry distributary of the Wadi Tumilat"Encyclopaedia Britannica", 11th edition, s.v. [ "Suez Canal"] . Accessed 08 August 2008.] and from Cairo to Suez. Designed by French engineers, it was constructed between 1861 and 1863.

The course that this canal follows reportedly incorporated portions of an earlier "Suez" canalRappoport, S. (Doctor of Philosophy, Basel). "History of Egypt" (undated, early 20th century), Volume 12, Part B, Chapter V: "The Waterways of Egypt," pages 251-257. London: The Grolier Society.] that existed between Old Cairo and the Red Sea -- constructed by either 'Amr ibn al-'As, Omar the Great, or Trajan.

The terms "Fresh Water Canal, Sweet Water Canal" and "Ismaïlia Canal" have been used interchangeably by previous writers, [For example, Rappoport (page 267, referenced above) states that it is "the fresh-water canal which supplies drinking water" between "Port Said and all the floating population about the banks of the Suez Canal." Also already are the terms "Ismaïlia Canal" and "Fresh Water Canal" used interchangeably.] causing a source of confusion.


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