Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Akademie věd České republiky
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic building
Established 1784 Royal Czech Society of Sciences
1953 Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences
1992 Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Chairman prof. Jiří Drahoš
Admin. staff 7771
Doctoral students 4395
Location Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic

The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Czech: Akademie věd České republiky, abbr. AV ČR) was established in 1992 by the Czech National Council as the Czech successor of the former Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. The Academy is the leading non-university public research institution in the Czech Republic. It conducts both fundamental and strategic applied research.

It has three scientific divisions, namely the Division of Mathematics, Physics, and Earth Sciences, Division of Chemical and Life Sciences, and Division of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Academy currently manages a network of sixty research institutes and five supporting units staffed by a total of 6,400 employees, over one half of whom are university-trained researchers and Ph.D. scientists.

The Head Office of the Academy and forty research institutes are located in Prague, the remaining institutes being situated throughout the country.

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  • Institute of Atmospheric Physics AS CR established in 1964
  • Czech Language Institute (Ústav pro jazyk český) founded in 1946
  • CERGE-EI (Center for Economic Resraech and Graduate Education – Economics Institute) founded 1991
  • Institute of Information Theory and Automation (UTIA) founded in 1959
  • Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals founded in 1960
  • Astronomical Institute of Czech Academy of Sciences (Astronomický ústav)
  • as well as many other institutes...[citation needed]

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