Cross Country (novel)

Cross Country (novel)
Cross Country  
Cross Country book cover.jpg
Author(s) James Patterson
Country United States
Language English
Series Alex Cross
Genre(s) Thriller, Mystery novel
Publisher Little, Brown
Publication date November 17, 2008
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 400 pp (first edition, hardback)
ISBN 978-0739492185
OCLC Number 297182367
Preceded by Double Cross

Cross Country (2008) is a crime novel, by American author James Patterson, and the 14th in his Alex Cross series. According to the Library Journal it was the second most borrowed fiction book in United States libraries in 2009.[1]


The novel does not serve as a direct follow-up to the storyline of Double Cross which featured the escape of Kyle Craig. An African warlord known as the Tiger, aided by his crew of angry young men, horrifically murders author Eleanor Cox and her entire family.

When Alex Cross arrives on the scene, he realizes that Eleanor was his former college girlfriend. Many murders follow, which cause him to decide to travel deep into the heart of Central Africa to solve this gruesome mystery, spurred on by the knowledge that the Tiger and his gang are already planning their next massacre.

He finally persuades Nana and Bree Stone, as well as lands in Sudan. Upon his arrival, he is kidnapped. He escapes, learning that there may be more than one tiger. He then learns that somebody in the CIA is giving the Tiger inside information, allowing him to always stay one step ahead of Alex. To make matters worse, Kyle Craig is still out there and occasionally contacts Cross in order to taunt him.


The novel has received a mostly negative response, and maintains a lowly 2.5 rating (out of a possible five) on[2] Several critics have attacked the story's graphic scenes of violence and torture, and also claiming that the prose style is of a very low standard.