Liza Marklund

Liza Marklund

Eva Elisabeth "Liza" Marklund (born 9 September 1962 in Pålmark near Piteå, Norrbotten, Sweden) is a Swedish journalist and detective fiction writer.

Most of her books feature a newspaper journalist called Annika Bengtzon. Some readers consider her style of language to be influenced by her career writing for evening tabloids.

Marklund has been vocal in the debate surrounding the Swedish social issue of depopulation in inland areas of Norrland, as well as issues relating to the treatment of women.

Marklund lives in Stockholm with her husband Mikael.


*Gömda (1995; updated edition 2000)
*Sprängaren (1998) ("The Bomber", trans. Kajsa von Hofsten, 2000)
*Studio sex (1999) ("Studio 69", trans. Kajsa von Hofsten, 2002)
*Paradiset (2000) ("Paradise", trans. Ingrid Eng-Rundlow, 2004)
*Prime Time (2002) ("Prime Time", trans. Ingrid Eng-Rundlow, 2006)
*Den Röda Vargen (2003) ("The Red Wolf")
*Asyl (2004)
*Nobels testamente (2006)
*Livstid (2007)
*En plats i solen (2008)


The Annika Bengtzon series has not been written in the order in which the events of the novels take place. The chronological order is as follows:
# "Studio 69" (1999) – takes place eight years before the action of "The Bomber"
# "Paradise" (2000) – a direct continuation of "Studio 69"
# "Prime time" (2002) – the action occurs between "Paradise" and "The Bomber"
# "The Bomber" (1998)
# "Den röda vargen" (2003) – an independent story which picks up from the end of "The Bomber"
# "Nobels testamente" (2006) – takes place some months after "The Red Wolf"
# "Livstid" (2007) – direct sequel to Nobels testamente

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