Battle at Lake Vænir

Battle at Lake Vænir

Infobox Military Conflict
conflict=Battle at Lake Vænir
partof=The war between Agder and Sisars Army
battle_name= Battle at Lake Vænir
date= Not known
place= Near to lake Vanern , Sweeden
result= Victory to Vikars amry
combatant1= Agder .
combatant2= Sisars Army
commander1= King Víkar
commander2= King Sisar †
casualties1= Many killed one both sides
raw_name = Vikar
name = Vikars battels
battles = Battle at Lake Vænir First battel of Telemark Second battel of Telemark
notes =

The battle is a legendary battle between Víkar, the King of Agdir (now Agder) and a King from Kiev named Sisar.

It was a hard battle at the Lake of Vanern and many solders fell dead on the battlefield. According to the "Gautreks saga" one of the fallen was King Sisar himself. The saga doesn't give the reasons for the battle, but Vikar and his army were raiding the area, so Sisar's Army may have been sent to stop them.

Primary sources

* "Gautreks saga"

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