Tequistlatecan languages

Tequistlatecan languages
Chontal de Oaxaca, Slijuala xanuk
Ethnicity: Oaxaca Chontal
Linguistic classification: Tolatecan ?
  • Tequistlatecan
Highland Chontal
Coastal Chontal
Tolatecan Languages.png
The Tequistlatecan languages are in Mexico at the left of the map.

The Tequistlatecan languages, also called Chontal of Oaxaca, are three close but distinct languages spoken by the Chontal people of Oaxaca State, Mexico:

  • Huamelultec (Lowland Oaxaca Chontal),
  • Tequistlatec proper (extinct),
  • Highland Oaxaca Chontal.

The Tequistlatecan languages are part of some versions of the controversial Hokan Macro-family proposal, but generally considered to be an isolate. Campbell and Oltrogge (1980) believe that the Tequistlatecan languages may be related to Jicaquean but this hypothesis remains to be explored further.


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