Malk de Koijn

Malk de Koijn

Malk de Koijn is a Danish rap group formed in 1993, known for their innovative use of the Danish language. The group has 3 members, Tue Track (rap, keyboard & turntables), Blæs Bukki (rap & keyboards) and Geolo G (rap).



The band was formed on New Year's Eve 1993, when Geolo G proposed that they should make a band who should become the best in the world. At that time, Tue Track and Geolo G already had worked together on several occasions. Blæs Bukki used to be producer in the Danish producer team Madness 4 Real. In the group's first years they became popular among the underground scene with their prods (songs copied on cassette tapes) with songs like "Lortesangen" and "Livet På Langestrand".

In 1998 their first album Smash Hit in Aberdeen was launched. The style was different from the usual rap songs at that time - the group rapped about their imaginary universes in Aberdeen (not to be confused with the city in Scotland) and Langestrand, and the (often bizarre) humor was the most essential part of their songs. The critics liked the album and it was nominated for a Grammy - in 1999 the group also won Maarums Lyrikpris, a lyric prize.

Their second album Sneglzilla came in 2002 and once again the album was very well received among fans and critics. The Danish music magazine Gaffa and two national papers, Politiken and Ekstra Bladet, wrote that Sneglzilla was the best album of 2002, and it won two Danish Music Awards, two Steppeulve and six prizes at the Danish Hiphop Awards.

The band members often have "alter-egos" when performing. They are currently taking a break, though rumors suggest they actually broke up, although this has been denied at several occasions. Though they deny that they have broken up as a group, they still don't have any plans for releasing a new album. An unconfirmed commentary from Geolo G on their homepage guestbook states that they won't make any new albums for this millennium.

The 3 members are working on other projects in the meantime. Blæs Bukki, especially, has made a breakthrough with the Dancehall/ragga group Bikstok Røgsystem. Tue Track is working as producer under the name Track 72, and has released the album titled Rockin'. He's also a part of the band Booty Cologne. Blæs Bukki and Geolo G also was a part of the play Peer Gynt in the Copenhagen Betty Nansen Theatre.

In 2006 Geolo G announced that he would retire completely from the music industry, thereby rendering a new album from the original Malk de Koijn-crew impossible.

Malk de Koijn was booked for the 2009 Roskilde Festival,[1][2] much to the surprise of thousands of fans.

Malk de Koijn played at the Arena Stage at the Roskilde Festival 2009, the night between Saturday and Sunday. The band stated in the Festival Newspaper that they preferred to play at the smaller Arena instead of Orange stage, this meaning an absolutely packed area in front of Arena, already 2 hours before the concert, when Fever Ray went on stage. Thousands of fans were gathered at the entrances to the pits. Some were in queue from 6PM [3] and the field outside the tent was packed when the 3 rappers went on stage. During the concert, Geolo G started rumors that a new album was on the way by saying "I think that was a new song we played there, I wonder if that means a new album" [4].



  • Smash Hit in Aberdeen - (1998)
  • Sneglzilla - (2002)
  • Toback to the fromtime - (2011)


  • Vi Tager Fuglen På Dig (Vinyl) - (2002)
  • Vi Tager Fuglen På Dig EP - (2002)
  • Rocstar (Vinyl) - (2002)
  • Rocstar EP - (2002)
  • Los Salvajes (Caracoles Marinos)/Gusto (7" Vinyl) - (2002)
  • Kosmisk Kaos/P.I.G.E. (10" Vinyl) - (1999)
  • Ørkenstorm i Aberdeen EP - (1998)
  • Jagt (Vinyl) - (1998)
  • Jagt EP - (1998)
  • Å ÅÅ Mæio/Jim Daggert Huggert EP - (1998)
  • Å ÅÅ Mæio/Jim Daggert Huggert (Vinyl) - (1998)

Other Appearances

  • Til De Folk - Various Artists (De Grimme Ællinger - Rappen Fra Undergrunden - Track 9) (1996)
  • Vi Stikker Ikke Op For Bollemælk - Various Artists (Rap'O'Mania vol. 1 - Track 10) (1996)
  • Hvem Er Det Der Banker? - Hvid Sjokolade (Så'n Er Vi - Track 12)


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