Carmen (disambiguation)

Carmen (disambiguation)

Carmen can refer to:
*Carmen (name), a unisex given name.
*"Carmen" (novella), a story by Prosper Mérimée
*"Carmen", a French opera by Georges Bizet based on the above story
*"Carmen (1949 ballet)", a ballet by Roland Petit to the Bizet music
*"Carmen (1967 ballet)", a ballet by Alberto Alonzo to the Bizet musicFrench opera by Georges Bizet based on the above story
*"Carmen", over 50 film and television adaptations
**"Carmen (1915 Cecil B. DeMille film)", a 1915 film directed by Cecil B. DeMille
**"Carmen (1915 Raoul Walsh film)", a 1915 film directed by Raoul Walsh
**"Carmen (1983 film)", a film by Carlos Saura
**"Carmen (1984 film)", a film by Francesco Rosi
**"", a 2001 TV movie
**"Carmen" (2003 film), a Spanish film
**"Carmen Jones" a 1943 Broadway musical, later also a 1954 film
*Carmen (verse), an ancient spell or charm among the Romans
*Carmen (rock band), 1970s group that blended flamenco dancing with rock music
*"Carmen", a song by Terminaator.
*Carmen (architecture), the traditional house with gardens and orchards from Granada, Spain.
*Carmen (EP), Carmen Rasmusen's (Ex-AI2 Contestant) EP.
*Worshipful Company of Carmen, cart drivers in the City of London A place:
**Alto del Carmen a municipality in III Region of Atacama
**Carmen, Campeche
**Carmen, former name variant for the island of Karmøy
**Carmen, Agusan del Norte
**Carmen, Bohol
**Carmen, Cebu
**Carmen, Cotabato
**Carmen, Davao del Norte
**Carmen, Surigao del Sur
**Del Carmen, Surigao del Norte

A name:
*Carmen Cortez, a character from the "Spy Kids" trilogy
*Carmen Electra, an American actress
*Carmen Luvana, an American porn star
*Carmen McRae, an American jazz singer
*Carmen Miranda, a Portuguese-Brazilian samba singer and film star
*Carmen Rinke, a Canadian boxer
*Carmen Sandiego, a fictional criminal featured in a long-running series of computer games and PBS television shows
*Carmen Lopez, a fictional character from the tv series, George LopezCarmen may also be:
*Hurricane Carmen, a 1974 Atlantic hurricane
*CARMEN, a robotic mapping package from Carnegie Mellon University

ee also

* El Carmen
* Carman (disambiguation)

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