List of Argentine Army Regiments

List of Argentine Army Regiments

The following is a list of Argentine Army regiments and other elements, organized by corps and brigades to which they are attached. This list contains only combat units, and excludes combat support and combat service support.


The current active force of the Argentine Army includes a total of ten brigades ("brigadas"). This force breaks down into:
* Two armored brigades (1st and 2nd)
* Four mechanized brigades (5th, 9th, 10th and 11th)
* One paratrooper brigade (4th)
* Two mountain infantry brigades (6th and 8th)
* One jungle infantry brigade (12th)

In addition to the brigades, there is also a number of specialized formations, amongst them:
* A large anti-aircraft artillery group.
* An army aviation group, which administers and operates almost all of the Army's aircraft except for those detached to the brigade level.
* The Buenos Aires Military Garrison, which serves for ceremonial purposes.
* A special Rapid Deployment Force of special forces units and elements from the 4th Paratroopers Brigade.

It should be noted that the "regiment" and "group" designators actually denote "battalion"-sized units ("regiment" being used for infantry and cavalry units and "group" used for artillery units).

=1990s reorganization=

Since the restoration of Democracy in 1983, the Argentine Army were reduced both in number and budget but became more professional, especially after conscription was abolished. Some units were dissolved and other moved, e.g.,
* I Corps (Buenos Aires) dissolved
* 10th Infantry Brigade (Buenos Aires) moved to La Pampa
* In accordance to the friendship policy toward Brazil
** 7th Jungle Infantry Brigade, dissolved
** 3rd Motorized Brigade, dissolved


Buenos Aires Military Garrison

(HQ City of Buenos Aires)

Third Army Corps

(HQ Córdoba, Córdoba Province)

4th Paratroopers Brigade

(HQ Córdoba, Córdoba Province)

Fifth Army Corps

(HQ Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires Province)

1st Armored Brigade

(HQ Tandil, Buenos Aires Province)

10th Mechanized Infantry Brigade

(HQ Santa Rosa, La Pampa Province)

Army Aviation Command

(Campo de Mayo, Buenos Aires Province)

601st Army Aviation Force

(Campo de Mayo, Buenos Aires Province)


Please see list of Argentine Army units in the links detailed in next section (especially "SAORBATS").

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