Grandchildren of Victoria and Albert

Grandchildren of Victoria and Albert

A list of the grandchildren of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, all of whom were therefore either siblings or first cousins. Victoria and Albert had 42 grandchildren altogether, of whom two (the youngest sons of Prince Alfred and Princess Helena) were stillborn and two more, Prince Alexander John of Wales and Prince Harold of Schleswig-Holstein, died shortly after birth. Their first grandchild was the future German Emperor William II, who was born to the Princess Royal, on 27 January, 1859; the youngest was Prince Maurice of Battenberg, born on 3 October, 1891, to Princess Beatrice. Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone, was the last of Victoria and Albert's grandchildren to die. She died of old age on 3 January, 1981.

Prince Albert only lived long enough to see two of his grandchildren, while Queen Victoria lived long enough to see not only her grandchildren, but many of her great-grandchildren as well. Aside from the four boys who died as infants, Victoria was predeceased by several of her grandchildren before her own death in 1901:

*Prince Sigismund of Prussia, who died in 1866 of meningitis.
*Prince Friedrich of Hesse and by Rhine, a haemophiliac, who died in 1873 after falling from his mother's bedroom window. He bled to death a few hours later.
*Princess Marie of Hesse and by Rhine, who died in 1878 from an outbreak of diphtheria.
*Prince Waldemar of Prussia, who died in 1879, also of diphtheria.
*Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence, who died in 1892 of an outbreak of influenza.
*Prince Alfred of Edinburgh, who died in 1899 after injuries he sustained by attempting suicide by shooting himself with a revolver.
*Prince Christian Victor of Schleswig-Holstein, who died in 1900 while on active service in South Africa during the Boer War.

Victoria, Princess Royal

The eldest child of Victoria and Albert, Victoria, called "Vicky" was born on 21 November, 1840. She married then-Prince Frederick of Prussia on 25 January, 1858. They had eight children.

= Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh=

Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany

= Princess Beatrice=

{| class="sortable prettytable"
- !Name!!Birth Name!!Date of Birth!!Date of Death!!Notes
Prince Alexander of Battenberg||Alexander Albert of Battenberg||3 November 1886
Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England||23 February 1960
Kensington Palace, London, England||Due to anti-German feeling during the First World War, he and other members of the Battenberg family who were British citizens relinquished their titles of "Prince and Princess of Battenberg" and the styles of "Highness" and "Serene Highness". Under Royal Warrant, they instead took the surname "Mountbatten", an Anglicised form of Battenberg. As such, Prince Alexander became Sir Alexander Mountbatten. On 7 November 1917, he was created Marquess of Carisbrooke, Earl of Berkhampsted and Viscount Launceston. Married Lady Irene Denison and had issue: Lady Iris Mountbatten.
Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg||Victoria Eugenie Julia Ena of Battenberg||24 October 1887
Balmoral Castle, Scotland||15 April 1969
Lausanne, Switzerland||Married King Alfonso XIII of Spain and had issue: Infante Alfonso, Prince of Asturias, Infante Jaime, Duke of Segovia, Infanta Beatriz, Infante Ferdinando, Infanta Maria Cristina, Infante Juan, Count of Barcelona, Infante Gonzalo
Prince Leopold of Battenberg||Leopold Arthur Louis of Battenberg||21 May 1889
Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England||23 April 1922
Kensington Palace, London, England||As with his elder brother, he relinquished his title of "Prince of Battenberg" and the style "His Highness" and became Sir Leopold Mountbatten, by virtue of him being a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order. Under a further Royal Warrant in September 1917 he was granted the style and precedence of the younger son of a Marquess, and became Lord Leopold Mountbatten. He suffered from haemophilia; died unmarried and without issue after a knee operation.
Prince Maurice of Battenberg||Maurice Victor Donald of Battenberg||3 October 1891
Balmoral Castle, Scotland||27 October 1914
Ypres, Belgium||Killed in action during World War I.

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