Chi Li

Chi Li

Chi Li (Chinese: 池莉; Pinyin: Chí Lì; 1957 - ), born in Xiantao, Hubei Province of China, is a contemporary female Chinese writer. She graduated from department of Chinese literature at Wuhan University in 1986.[1]

Chi Li has written a number of novels, including the following:

  • Life Show, a story about the owner of a small restaurant on Jiqing Street in Wuhan. Movie of same name starring Tao Hong, Tao Zeru.
  • Comes and Goes, a story of extramarital affairs occurring in Wuhan. TV series of same name starring Pu Cunxin, Lü Liping, Xu Qing, Li Xiaoran.
  • Don't Talk about Love and The Sun was Born, adapted into TV series Don't Talk about Love. Two antithetical families took totally different attitudes to their children's love.
  • Good Morning, Lady, adapted to a 20-episode TV series of same name.


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