Kos (disambiguation)

Kos (disambiguation)

Kos may mean:
* Kos, a Greek island
** Kos (town), the capital city of the island
* Kos-, Slavic for "blackbird"
* kos (measure), an ancient Indian measure of distance, approx. 2 miles
* K-os, aka Kevin Brereton (b. 1972), Canadian rapper
* "Daily Kos", American political blog
** Kos, nickname for Markos Moulitsas (b. 1971), founder of the "Daily Kos" blog
* Aero A.34 "Kos", a Czech touring plane of the 1930s
* KOS, or Kontra-Obaveštajna Služba (aka Kontraobaveštajna služba), a former Yugoslav counter-intelligence service
* KoS, Kingdom of Sorrow, a heavy metal band
* Kos Manor, a 16th century mansion in Jesenice, Slovenia
* Kos, nickname of UFC welterweight fighter, Josh Koscheck (b. 1977)
* KOS (also K-OS and KAOS), one of many pseudonyms used by electronic music producer Kevin Saunderson.
* KOS in online gaming - stands for "Kill On Sight"

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* Cos (disambiguation)
* Kaus (disambiguation)

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