Zhang Xin (artist)

Zhang Xin (artist)

Zhang Xin (zh-cp|c=张新|p=Zhāng Xīn; born 1953) is a contemporary Chinese romanticism and abstract painter. She has made a "Dream of Flight" series of paintings, which are often monochromatic, stylized souls of abstract flora, usually with cracked subjects, high contrast colors, to express her understanding of abstract romanticism dream world.

Life and career

Zhang was born in the city of Jilin in China's Jilin province in 1953. She came of age during the 1960s and 70s political upheavals known as the Cultural Revolution, which exerted a certain influence on her early painting. In 1979, she graduated from the [China Academy of Arts [www.chinaacademyofart.com] in the city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang province, then started her career as an art editor of [Shandong Pictural|http://www.sdhbs.com.cn] and a painted traditional Chinese painting. Like Wang Guangyi, Xu Beihong and Wu Guanzhong, Zhang Xiaogang is becoming to the best-selling contemporary Chinese artists and is a favorite of European collectors.

He is represented in Beijing and Paris, Boston,New York and Blossom Art Collection in Los Angeles.


Western painters including Picasso and Dali are influences. Zhang said: "I read in a book once a few words by British experimental artist Eduardo Paolozzi, which were very influential for me: 'a person can very easily have the right idea, but choose the wrong means to express it. Or he can have the right means, but lack a clear idea.'"


olo Exhibitions

*2005 – LA. Web Culture Center, CA
*2005- America Asia Exhibition Center, San Francisco CA
*2005 – LA Art Connection Holly Wood, CA
*2003 – ASSUNTA FOX Gallery Santa Ana, CA
*2003 – SANDSTONE Gallery Laguna Beach, CA
*2002 – Flight of Dreams, Lao Dong Fang Gallery, Alhambra, CA
*2001 - Flight of Dreams (After the Trip to West), Shangdong Press Center, China
*2000 - Flower’s World, Oriental Gallery, New York
*2000 - Flower’s World, Boston, Massachusetts & Los Angeles, California
*1998 - Galerie Cathay, Paris
*1994 - Dialogue between flowers & Souls, Yiyuan Gallery International, Beijing
*1993 - Dialogue between flowers & Souls, Shangdong Art Museum, China

Group Exhibitions

*1999 - Chinese & Korean Art Exposition, Shandong Art Museum, China.
*1998 - Art Exposition for the Centenary, Beijing University, Beijing
*1997 - Chinese and French Art Exposition, Shandong Art Museum, China
*1997 - Chinese Women Artists’ Exposition, Hong Kong
*1996 - Chinese Buddhist Cultural Art Exposition, China Art Gallery, Beijing
*1995 - Nanjing Art Museum, China
*1990 - The 2nd National Sports Art Exposition, China Art Gallery, Beijing
*1979 - Zhejiang Exhibition Hall, Hangzhou, China
*1974 - Chinese Painting Exposition, Tokyo

Prizes and awards

*1998 - Winner, World Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Competition, China Art Gallery, Beijing
*1997 - Winner, Australian Prix Competition of Wengzhenru Cup, Sidney
*1997 - Honored Artist, the 1st National Exposition of Elaborate Works of Chinese Painting, China Art Gallery, Beijing
*1988 - Winner, Grant Prix Award of Chinese Paintings, Hong Kong

External links

* [http://news.artron.net/show_news.php?newid=40232 Interview by LA 18]
* [http://zhangxin.blog.artron.net Zhang Xin's Blog]
* [http://zhangxin.azone.artron.net/ Zhang Xin A-zone Artron]

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