Seven Swordsmen (TV series)

Seven Swordsmen (TV series)

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genre = Wuxia, drama
creator = Tsui Hark
Cheung Sim-Yim
Clarence Fok (director)
Liang Yusheng (novel)
starring =Vincent Zhao
Ada Choi
Wang Xuebing
Ray Lui
Qiao Zhenyu
Bryan Leung
Li Xiaoran
Patrick Tam
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opentheme = "Empty Boat" by Ke Yimin
country = PRC
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language = Mandarin Chinese
num_seasons = 1
num_episodes = 39
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executive_producer = Tsui Hark
Ma Zhongjun
producer = Ren Kelei
Wang Guofei
Pan Zhizhong
Yang Wenhu
location = Mongolia
runtime = approx. 42 minutes
network = CCTV
picture_format = SDTV
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first_aired = March 16, 2006
last_aired = September 2006 (original run on CCTV)
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"Seven Swordsmen" (zh-tsp|t=七劍下天山|s=七剑下天山|p=Qī Jiàn Xià Tiān Shān; jyutping: Chat1 Kim3 Ha5 Tin1 Saan1), also known as Seven Swords of Mount Heaven, is a 2006 Hong Kong and Mainland China co-produced wuxia television series directed by Clarence Fok and produced by Tsui Hark. The series is based on the wuxia novel by Liang Yusheng of the same name. This series is also the derived counterpart of the Hong Kong film, "Seven Swords" (2005), which was directed and produced by Tsui Hark.


* Vincent Zhao (趙文卓) as Chu Zhaonan (楚昭南)
* Wang Xuebing (王學兵) as Yang Yuncong (楊雲驄)
* Ada Choi (蔡少芬) as Flying Red Sash (飛紅巾)
* Ray Lui (呂良偉) as Dokado (多格多)
* Qiao Zhenyu (喬振羽) as Mu Lang (穆朗)
* Li Xiaoran (李小冉) as Nalan Minghui (納蘭明慧)
* Wang Likun (王麗坤) as Liu Yufang (劉裕芳)
* Zhang Bo (張博) as Han Zhibang (韓志邦)
* Yu Chenghui (于承惠) as Fu Qingzhu (傅青主)
* Ji Chunhua (計春華) as Xin Longzi (辛龍子)
* Sang Weilin (桑偉林) as Wu Yuanying (武元英)
* Patrick Tam (譚耀文) as Shunzhi Emperor (順治帝)
* Er Yang (二羊) as Nalan Xiuji (納蘭秀吉)
* Bryan Leung (梁家仁) as Liu Jingyi (劉精一)
* Xu Xiangdong (徐向東) as Niu Ku Lu (纽枯魯)
* Sun Jiankui (孫建魁) as Qi Zhenjun (齊真君)
* Ma Jingwu (馬精武) as Shadow Glow (晦明大師)
* Tan Kai (譚凱) as Wind Fire (風火連城)
* Askar Maimaiti (艾斯卡爾 買買提) as Ai Er Jiang (艾爾江)
* Sun Feifei (孫霏霏) as Dong Xiaowan (董小宛)
* Edell Ai (愛戴) as Green Pearl (綠珠)
* Guo Hongjie (郭宏傑) as Zhang Chengbin (張承斌)
* Li Tieyong (李鐵勇) as Zhang Kui (張魁)
* Zhang Xin (張昕) as Qiu Dongluo (邱東洛)
* Ma Ji (馬繼) as Gu Sandao (顧三刀)
* Chen Zhou (陳周) as Zhang Laifu (張來福)
* Zheng Li (郑立) as Zhou Chaotai (周朝泰)
* Zhou He (周賀) as Shao Zhanpeng (邵展鵬)
* Gao Lu (高露) as Chun Tao (春桃)
* Mi La Ding (米拉丁) as Ai Li Ke (艾力克)
* Di Li Re Ba (迪里熱巴) as Man Ling Na (曼鈴納)
* Wang Xinfen (王新芬) as White Hair Demoness (白髮魔女)
* Kent Tong (湯鎮業)
* Yuan Bin (元彬)
* He Qing (何清)
* Zhi Wei (志維)
* Wang Yong (王勇)
* Chen Jianlong (陳建龍)
* Wang Huarong (王華榮)
* Huang Haisen (黃海森)
* Xu Wanyue (徐琬月)
* Liu Sitao (柳思濤)


In 1664, the Manchurians defeated the Ming Empire and successfully conquered the Central Plains. The Qing Government issued a decree, ordering all martial arts practitioners within the realm to surrender and submit to the Imperial Court, or face death and destruction. The Manchu army led by Prince Dokado (Ray Lui) and General Nalan Xiuji (Er Yang) set forth to eliminate all the martial arts practitioners who dared to defy the Qing Empire, and finally arrived at Wu Village. The inhabitants of the village were members of the Red Spears Society, an anti-Manchu secret society, as well as martial artists. The Manchu forces heavily besieged Wu Village, but two young villagers, Han Zhibang (Zhang Bo) and Wu Yuanying (Sang Weilin), managed to break out together with former executioner Fu Qingzhu (Yu Chenghui). To save Wu Village and the Central Plains, the trio travelled to Mount Heaven to seek help from the reclusive swordsmith Master Shadow Glow (Ma Jingwu). Master Shadow Glow allowed his four students, Chu Zhaonan (Vincent Zhao), Yang Yuncong (Wang Xuebing), Xin Longzi (Ji Chunhua) and Mu Lang (Qiao Zhenyu), to follow the trio on their rescue mission. Seven swords each representing the seven states of the human mind forged by Master Shadow Glow were given to the seven of them. The seven titled themselves "The Seven Swords".

The Seven Swords defeated the Qing troops at Boye and led the villagers into taking refuge in a cave on a nearby mountain range. However, there was suspicion of the presence of a traitor among the refugees, as the Manchu army would not have possibly discovered their hideout at Boye unless they were tipped off. Subsequently, the chief's daughter Liu Yufang (Wang Likun) was poisoned after drinking water from the water source, which had been contaminated. Later, the Seven Swords devised a plan to capture the mysterious traitor but failed and ended with the traitor killing one the villagers during his escape. The villagers suspected Yang Yuncong of being the traitor. The further misunderstandings and conflicts between the villagers and the Seven Swords finally led to the division of the Seven Swords. They agreed to temporarily part ways and meet again a year later by the Qiantang River.

During that year, Yang Yuncong and Chu Zhaonan were reunited in the desert where the Desert Eagles, a tribal anti-Manchu organisation, led by Flying Red Sash (Ada Choi), dwelled. Prince Dokado had also shifted his attention from destroying the remnants of Wu Village to putting down resistance from the Desert Eagles, which culminated in a desert campaign. During a battle, Yang Yuncong was severely wounded and was rescued by the enemy General Nalan Xiuji's daughter Nalan Minghui (Li Xiaoran). The two fell in love and Nalan Minghui became pregnant with Yang's daughter. However, Nalan Minghui was compelled by her father to marry Prince Dokado. Yang Yuncong asked Nalan Minghui to leave with him but she refused as that would result in the execution of her entire family for breaking the trust of the Emperor, as the Emperor was the matchmaker. Meanwhile, Fu Qingzhu, Wu Yuanying and Xin Longzi attempted to infiltrate the Imperial Palace to assassinate the young Emperor, but ironically saved him instead from a coup launched against him. Also, Han Zhibang, Mu Lang, and Liu Yufang developed a complex love triangle while trying to free the captured members of the Red Spears Society from the Manchurians. Han Zhibang was eventually promoted to the rank of leader of the Red Spears Society.

When the Seven Swords reunited again but Yang Yuncong was unaware that Nalan Minghui had bore him a daughter. Chu Zhaonan returned to infiltrate the Manchu forces as a spy, which ended with disastrous results leading to serious misunderstandings within the Red Spears Society. Yang Yuncong later knew about his daughter from Flying Red Sash. With Chu Zhaonan's loyalty to the Red Spears Society in question, Chu became tired of explaning himself and issued a challenge to Dokado for a battle to the death. In the final battle, the Seven Swords faced powerful martial artists from the Manchu side whose skills rival theirs. Yang Yuncong fell in combat and before his death, he entrusted his infant daughter to Mu Lang's care, telling him to bring her back to Mount Heaven and groom her into a fine martial artist as well. The sequel set 18 years later showed Yang's daughter becoming part of the new generation of the Seven Swords.


The Seven Swordsmen

* Chu Zhaonan (楚昭南), played by Vincent Zhao, is the first of Master Shadow Glow's four students and wielder of The Dragon. He is originally an upright and loyal swordsman often in conflict with his personal desires. A series of tragic events he encounters causes him to become mentally devastated and morally weakened.

* Yang Yuncong (楊雲驄), played by Wang Xuebing, is the second of Master Shadow Glow's four students and wielder of The Transience. He is also an upright and loyal swordsman who sought to avoid conflict whenever possible. He conceives a daughter with his enemy's daughter Nalan Minghui. He is one of the few who remained unchanged despite having met several adversities and perished in the final battle. His infant daughter supposedly becomes part of the new generation of the Seven Swords.

* Xin Longzi (辛龍子), played by Ji Chunhua, is the third of Master Shadow Glow's four students and wielder of The Star-Chasers. He is a loner who has been deeply traumatised by his tragic past and will turn berserk when reminded of it. He has never really shown his true emotions and appears to be very cold towards his fellows but is still very dedicated to his cause.

* Mu Lang (穆朗), played by Qiao Zhenyu, is the youngest and fourth of Master Shadow Glow's four students and wielder of The Celestial Beam. He develops a crush on Liu Yufang after she agrees to teach him to read and write in exchange for his guidance in martial arts. His weakness is that he was too naïve and kind-hearted, which later proves to be disastrous when he allows one of the "Four Dangers" to infiltrate their hideout and kill the children.

* Han Zhibang (韓志邦), played by Zhang Bo, is a member of the Red Spears Society and childhood friend of Liu Yufang, who is his love interest. He is given The Deity and becomes part of the Seven Swords. He is quiet and humble by nature, willingly giving in to others while suffering in silence. After guidance from his seniors, he is no longer the amateur swordsman he once was and truly becomes an accomplished swordsman worthy to wield his sword.

* Wu Yuanying (武元英), played by Sang Weilin, is a member of the Red Spears Society and wielder of The Heaven's Fall. A close friend of Han Zhibang, he often stays close with him and fights together side-by-side with him. He is the least powerful swordsmen of the seven, but eventually becomes a powerful swordsman worthy to wield his sword after guidance from his seniors and years of experience.

* Fu Qingzhu (傅青主), played by Yu Chenghui, is a former executioner notorious for having slain several heroes. He decides to repent and atone for his sins by saving Wu Village from destruction, and is given his reforged sword, now known as The Unlearnt. He proves to be a calm and composed tactician who drafts most of the plans to resist Dokado's forces and also conjures the battle formation for the Seven Swords. He sets off to find all the missing swordsmen and reunite them at the end.

Manchurian forces

* Dokado (多格多), played by Ray Lui, is an ambitious noble who is well-versed and experienced in warfare and strategy. He is the main villain and arch-nemesis of the Seven Swords in the story. He is impressed with Chu Zhaonan’s capabilities and wants him to serve him, hence he often plays on Chu’s intellect and manages to turn Chu against his former allies. He is defeated by Chu Zhaonan in the final battle and plunged to his death in the water.

* Nalan Xiuji (納蘭秀吉), played by Er Yang, is a Manchurian general serving under Dokado and father of Nalan Minghui. He wields a pair of iron clubs and is considerably a formidable opponent as well as an excellent militarist.

* Nalan Minghui (納蘭明慧), played by Li Xiaoran, is the daughter of Nalan Xiuji. She is like a Florence Nightingale to the wounded soldiers, and even Dokado falls for her, asking for her hand-in-marriage. However, she falls in love with Yang Yuncong after their first encounter and bears him a daughter. Their daughter supposedly becomes part of the new generation of the Seven Swords.

* Niu Ku Lu (纽枯魯), played by Xu Xiangdong, is a powerful Manchurian warrior who formerly serves Nurhachi. He becomes Dokado’s martial arts teacher. He falls to his death together with Flying Red Sash in the last episode.
* Wind Fire (風火連城), played by Tan Kai, is a ruthless warlord serving under Dokado. He is extremely jealous of Chu Zhaonan’s capabilities and sought all means to torture him physically and mentally but is eventually slained by Chu.

* Emperor Shunzhi (順治皇帝), played by Patrick Tam, is the ruler of the Manchu Empire, and his name was Fu Lin (福臨). He is forced to abdicate by Ao Long, but is taken hostage by Fu Qingzhu, who had originally intended to assassinate him. He flees from the palace with Fu’s help and nothing was heard from him since.

* Emperor Kangxi (康熙皇帝) is the child who succeeds Emperor Shunzhi. His name was Xuan Ye (玄燁) and he would become an impressive ruler in the future.

* Ao Long (傲龍) is one of the leaders of the Manchu Eight Banners. He stages a coup to overthrow Emperor Shunzhi, but the emperor fled and he was killed by Dokado.

* Zhang Chengbin (張承斌) is a deputy general serving under Dokado.

* Zhang Kui (張魁) is a deputy general serving under Dokado.

* Chun Tao (春桃), played by Gao Lu, is Nalan Minghui’s personal servant maid.

Red Spears Society

* Liu Jingyi (劉精一), played by Bryan Leung, is the hot-headed chief of Wu Village and father of Liu Yufang. He is a forthright and "no-nonsense" man who is willing to do anything to ensure the safety and well-being of his fellow villagers, including sacrificing his daughter. He gets hit in the leg by a projectile fired by Dokado, and stumbles and falls onto the blade of Chu Zhaonan's sword, causing his death, towards the end of the series.

* Liu Yufang (劉裕芳), played by Wang Likun, is the daughter of Liu Jingyi. She is entrusted with the responsibility of teaching and taking care of the children of the village. Also, she is caught in a love triangle with Mu Lang and Han Zhibang.

* Zhang Huazhao (張華昭) is the eldest of the children of Wu Village. He is a mature and strong-willed child who shows great responsibility in taking care of the younger ones. He is the sole survivor of the all the children and supposedly becomes part of the new generation of the Seven Swords.

* Qiu Dongluo (邱東洛), played by Zhang Xin was a member of the Red Spears Society based in Wu Village. He had lived together with them for several years but later defected to the Manchurians and became a traitor-in-hiding amongst them.

Ethnic minority

* Flying Red Sash (飛紅巾), played by Ada Choi, is the leader of the Desert Eagles and natives of the desert. She is known in the desert as being a legendary heroine who upholds justice and resisted the Manchurians. She has a love affair with Yang Yuncong but later perished together with him in the final battle by falling to her death together with Niu Ku Lu.

* Ai Li Ke (艾里克), played by Mi Da Ling, is the deputy leader of the Desert Eagles. He gets killed in the raid on the Qing fortress while defending Flying Red Sash from the enemy armed with rifles.

* Ai Er Jiang (艾爾江), played by Askar Maimaiti, is known as the best singer living in the desert. He was the ex-lover of Flying Red Sash but becomes the enemy of their clan after he rescues some Manchu soldiers who later killed several of their clan. He is stoned to death by the natives but Flying Red Sash ends his life swiftly with her knife.

* Ke Li Mu (克里木) is a native living at the foot of Mount Heaven. He provides food and shelter for the Seven Swords and is well-respected by them for being a hospitable host. He gets killed during the raid on the Qing fortress.

* Man Ling Na (曼鈴納) is wife of Ke Li Mu. She gets captured by the Qing soldiers and killed while trying to flee from the camp.

Miscellaneous characters

* Green Pearl (綠珠), played by Edell Ai, is a slave girl sold for sexual entertainment. She falls in love with Chu Zhaonan and sacrifices herself to save him, but her tragic death had greatly devastated him.

* Master Shadow Glow (晦明大師), played by Ma Jingwu, is a reclusive powerful martial artist and swordsmith living on Mount Heaven. He is the forger of the Seven Swords and the teacher of Chu Zhaonan, Yang Yuncong, Xin Longzi and Mu Lang.

* White Hair Demoness (白髮魔女) is former lover of Master Shadow Glow and teacher of Flying Red Sash.

* Qi Zhenjun (齊真君), played by Sun Jiankui, is nicknamed "Northern Desert Sword Deity" (漠北劍神). He is a powerful martial artist who supposedly had past feuds with Master Shadow Glow as he aids Dokado in fighting the Seven Swords. He is also the teacher of the traitor Qiu Dongluo and was slain by Fu Qingzhu in the final battle.

* Mao Pijiang (冒闢彊) is a scholar who becomes a soldier and serves under Shi Kefa at Yangzhou while resisting the Manchurian invasion. After the fall of Yangzhou, he flees together with his wife and infant child, only to be separated from her after Qing soldiers captured her. His infant daughter, Mao Wanlian (冒浣蓮), supposedly becomes part of the new generation of the Seven Swords.

* Dong Xiaowan (董小宛) is the wife of Mao Pijiang. She is separated from her husband while escaping from the Qing soldiers and captured. She is sent to serve the Emperor Shunzhi to discredit him for being in love with a non-Manchu woman, so as to allow the conspirators to dethrone the emperor.

* The Four Dangers (四險) are four powerful martial artists notorious for engaging in all sorts of evil acts, as could be seen from their names, such as Despicable (卑鄙) and Shameless (無恥). They are hired by Niu Ku Lu to aid Dokado in his war against the Seven Swords.

The Seven Swords

The Dragon (由龍)

The Dragon is the most powerful weapon of the seven. Its design is unique as it has a special steel sphere within its hilt chamber, which reacts during combat by making sounds and vibrations that confuse the enemy, as well as strike fear in the hearts of those who hear its distinct whistle. However, The Dragon’s vibrations can be detected by hearing, and the movements of the sword can also be easily predicted just by hearing. The Dragon reacts in a violent manner towards The Transience and repels the energy emitted from the latter. When the swords are used against each other, they will be magnetically locked such that each other’s power would be neutralised. It is used most effectively together with The Transience.

The Transience (青干)

The Transience was forged from a meteorite, which gives rise to its unique properties. It has a rougher surface and less beautiful compared to the other swords. The Transience’s elemental composition gives it an unusual ability of magnetism and light emission, which becomes formidable when used against enemies. It is also the counterpart of The Dragon and would react violently when used against the latter and both swords would be magnetically locked such that each other’s power would be neutralised. It is used most effectively together with The Dragon.

The Star Chasers (競星)

The Star Chasers are a small pair of blades, yet have interesting properties. At the hilts of the swords are chains connected to small steel spheres. When the wielder is in a state of disorder and chaos, the spheres would be attracted to each other, connecting the two blades, and start to strike back. This increases the range of attack and forces the attacks to retreat to a safer distance, reminding the wielder to be conscious about the fact that swordsmanship is about discipline. It is used most effectively together with The Unlearnt and The Heaven's Fall.

The Celestial Beam (日月)

The Celestial Beam appears to be a single blade sword, but can actually be detached into a pair. The main sword is the size of an ordinary long sword, while the secondary one is smaller and resembles a Tai Chi Sword. When the smaller sword is released, it can fly around like a boomerang with the main one guiding its direction. Hence, its main advantage in combat is range as it can be used like a projectile. It is used most effectively together with The Deity.

The Deity (舍神)

The Deity is one of the first swords forged by Master Shadow Glow when he first decided to settle on Mount Heaven. Its blade is thick and heavy for strength and power, thus it was only used to help in mining, but was later given to Han Zhibang. The raw energy of The Deity emits energy waves, which can destroy light objects at a distance, and if properly used, can cause severe devastation. It is used most effectively used with The Celestial Beam.

The Heaven's Fall (天瀑)

The Heaven's Fall is an elemental sword of water. Its design is especially unique as its handle resembles a flute. Also, the handle has holes like a woodwind musical instrument, which respond to different functions, such as shifting the blade from one side of the handle to the other. With its affinity with water, The Heaven’s Fall is extremely deadly when wet, as energy can be channelled into the sword and the water droplets on it be directed towards enemies as projectiles weapons. It is used most effectively together with The Unlearnt and The Star Chasers.

The Unlearnt (莫問)

The Unlearnt does not have any special properties unlike the others, but is arguably the weapon with the least blood stained on it. It was formerly used as a weapon of mass killing and bloodshed, but after being reforged and renamed, it has been kept in its scabbard most of the time. Energy can be channeled into the sword but it can still remain locked in its scabbard and used as a club-like weapon to knock down opponents instead of drawing blood. It is used most effectively together with The Star Chasers and The Heaven's Fall.


*As of August 2006, only 39 episodes have been filmed. Supposedly, the story will continue and pick up 18 years after the events of the final episode. The infants and children featured in the series were expected to become amongst those of the new generation of the Seven Swords, such as Yang Yuncong’s daughter, Zhang Huazhao and Mao Wanlian.


* San Guo Lian (三國戀) – the opening theme song of the series. Performed by Tank.

* Kong Chuan (空船) – the ending theme song of the series. Performed by Ke Yimin (柯以敏).

* Yue Gui Nü Shen (月桂女神) – performed by S.H.E.

* Kua Yue Shi Jie De He Liu (跨越世界的河流) – the Uyghur language version of Kong Chuan.

* Zhong Zi He Da Shu Wu Fa Xiang Yu (種子和大樹無法相遇) – performed in the Uyghur language.

* Gul Sa Ba – performed in the Uyghur language.

* Gu Li Re Na (古麗热那) – performed by Askar Maimaiti.

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