Pili multigemini

Pili multigemini

Pili multigemini hair follicles, also called compound hairs, are considered rare although there have been no studies to define the actual frequency in the general population.

The name describes a condition where several separate hair fibers bunch together and emerge from the skin through a single hair canal. The hair looks like a bunch of flower stalks in a vase. Pathology shows that deep in the skin several dermal papillae are closely situated with each producing a fiber, but these separate hair follicle bulbs combine together into one hair canal towards the skin surface. Folliculitis can sometimes be associated with this condition.

There is very little information published on the treatment of pili multigemini. Plucking the hair seems to be very difficult as the hair fibers are deep rooted and difficult to extract, plus it does not stop the hair growth anyway. Shaving the hair may stop any associated folliculitis and electrolysis has been suggested for permanent hair removal, but no studies have been published to show how effective shaving or electrolysis would be. Cryosurgery has been suggested to remove the follicle(s) entirely.

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