Moresnet (disambiguation)

Moresnet (disambiguation)

Moresnet may refer to several places in eastern Belgium:

  • Neutral Moresnet, a former neutral territory existing from 1816 to 1920.
  • Neutral Moresnet, the capital of that territory, today known as Kelmis
  • Moresnet-Village, also called Old Moresnet, the original village of that name, since 1975 part of the municipality of Plombières.
    Hosting a large railway viaduct.
  • Moresnet-Chapelle, also called Eikchen ("Little Oak"), a part of Moresnet-Village and since 1975 of the municipality of Plombières.
    A site of pilgrimage.
  • New Moresnet, formerly known as Prussian Moresnet, since 1977 part of the municipality of Kelmis.

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