Programa Mejorando tu Autoestima

Programa Mejorando tu Autoestima

Programa Mejorando tu Autoestima (Program for Improving your Self-Esteem) is a project that helps young people of Puerto Rico with the problem of low self-esteem. The program is better known by the nickname META. META is a component of the Office for the Promotion and Human Development, Inc. (also known as the Sister Roberta Centre).



META seeks to strengthen the self-esteem of adolescents and young adults (ages 12 to 29) to prevent dysfunctional behaviors and promote a better style of relationship with others and with their environment.


META stems from an initiative of the Pastoral Youth of the Diocese of Arecibo to sound out the reality and problems of youth, his main target and to be done. After a study conducted in 1993 needs further development of a work plan to respond to it, was concluded that an alternative design that was aimed at strengthening self-esteem of the young man was indispensable.

With the help of a volunteer group interested in this cause, Brenda I. Vera worked in the original format of what is currently the program. Dr. Joaquin Izquierdo, director of the Institute for Integral Human Development, was key player in developing the same as that provided not only their experience but also the same advice and reference materials that it had created as part of their investigations into the issue.

The ability to bring this experience became a reality in 1996 thanks to the opportunity offered by Sister Roberta Grzelak, director of the Office for the Promotion and Human Development, Inc. All rights reserved., To submit a proposal to solicit funds to build a space for the development of this programme. The first to approve the first proposal submitted were the Corporation for National Service and its program Americorps * Vista. Thus it was possible to recruit the first team, composed of young adults committed to the services to youth (those between a young Jewish came from the U.S.) that developed in detail the first psycho-educational workshops on self-esteem, under the Mrs supervision. Brenda I. Vera.

For the months of November and December the same year, 1996, was offered the first workshop of self-esteem, which was very well received among participants. Since then each year have been offering cycles of three to five workshops per year thanks to the commitment not only of different teams that work year after year have assumed this responsibility, but also the support of a large number of volunteers after participated in the experience had been committed to bringing this same message to others.


Self-esteem workshops

-(For Children between the ages of 16 to 29 years) The process involves an encounter with reality, the problem of low self-esteem and the importance of relations; review and management our emotions through individual and group exercises. It also provides tools for the reformulation of self.

PIGFA - Process Intervention Group to Strengthen the Self-esteem

This service offers alternatives for changing your thoughts, improve your relationships, make your most pleasurable activities and look after your health.

Self-esteem Business

Focuses on the workforce of industries, companies, small businesses, associations and unions, among others.

Short Cycles for adolescents between the ages of 12 to 15 years

Topics of the workshop include: Being a teenager, knowledge, values, emotions, Express Yourself, Sexuality: Pure Life, Love and Friendship.

Club Fitness:-Promote METAMORFOSIS

lifestyles where teenagers can live their development process in a healthy way. Creative, by means of exercises, tasks and experience and assumes the teenager proposes alternative healthy life for themselves and their counterparts around its reality. In turn helps create an atmosphere of friendship where they undertake to seek support among them.

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