Master of the Death of the Virgin (engraver)

Master of the Death of the Virgin (engraver)

The Master of the Death of the Virgin (fl c. 1440-1450) was an engraver most likely active in southern Germany. Approximately ten prints have been ascribed to him, including a Death of the Virgin for which he was named. He was formerly believed to be from the southern Netherlands, but is now thought to have lived in southern Germany. He was likely a goldsmith, and was among the first engravers known to be active. His style is awkward and unrefined, unlike the work of his contemporary, the Master of the Playing Cards. The drapery in his prints is stiff, and there is only limited suggestion of space, creating an illusion that the figures are floating in mid-air. Most of the surviving output assigned to the Master is religious in nature; there is, however, a Battle Scene, a unique impression of which is housed in the Louvre in Paris. This depicts a broad landscape with at least eighty soldiers, mounted and on foot, in heavy combat.


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