List of native New Zealand ferns

List of native New Zealand ferns

This is a list of native New Zealand ferns.These are the true ferns in the Division Pteridophyta that are native to New Zealand.


*"Asplenium bulbiferum" - Hen and Chickens Fern, Mouku
*"Asplenium flaccidum" - Hanging spleenwort
*"Asplenium polyodon"
*"Asplenium oblongifolium" - Shining spleenwort


*"Blechnum chambersii"
*"Blechnum discolor" - Crown fern
*"Blechnum fluviatile" - Water Fern, Kiwikiwi
*"Blechnum filiforme"
*"Blechnum procerum"
*"Blechnum novae-zelandiae" - Kio kio


*"Cyathea dealbata" - Silver tree fern, Silver fern, Kaponga or Ponga
*"Cyathea medullaris" - Black Tree Fern, Mamaku


*"Histiopteris incisa"
*"Hypolepis ambigua"
*"Pteridium esculentum" - Bracken


*"Dicksonia squarrosa" - New Zealand tree fern, Wheki


*"Lastreopsis glabella"
*"Lastreopsis hispida"
*"Polystichum richardii"
*"Polystichum vestitum" - Prickly shield fern


*"Diranopteris linearis"
*"Gleichenia dicarpa" – Tangle fern, Spider fern, Swamp umbrella fern
*"Gleichenia circinnata" – Tangle fern, Spider fern, Swamp umbrella fern
*"Gleichenia microphylla" – Carrier tangle, Parasol fern, Waewaekākā
*"Sticherus cunninghamii" – Umbrella fern, Tapuwae kōtuku, Waekura
*"Sticherus flabellatus"
*"Sticherus tener"


*"Ctenopteris herterphylla" - Comb fern
*"Grammitis billardierei" – Common strap fern
*"Grammitis ciliata"
*"Grammitis gunnii"
*"Grammitis magellanica"
*"Grammitis patagonica"
*"Grammitis pseudociliata"
*"Grammitis rawlingsii"
*"Grammitis ridida"


*"Hymenopyllum armstrongii"
*"Hymenopyllum atrovirens"
*"Hymenopyllum bivalve"
*"Hymenopyllum cupressiforme"
*"Hymenopyllum demissum" – Drooping filmy fern, Irirangi, Piripiri
*"Hymenopyllum dilatatum" – Matua, mauku
*"Hymenopyllum ferrugineum" – Rusty filmy fern
*"Hymenopyllum flabellatum" – Fan-like filmy fern
*"Hymenopyllum fleuosum"
*"Hymenopyllum lyallii"
*"Hymenopyllum malingii"
*"Hymenopyllum minimum"
*"Hymenopyllum multifidum" – Much-divided filmy fern
*"Hymenopyllum peltatum" – One-sided filmy fern
*"Hymenopyllum pulcherrimun" – Tufted filmy fern
*"Hymenopyllum rarum"
*"Hymenopyllum revoltum"
*"Hymenopyllum refescens"
*"Hymenopyllum sanguinolentum" - Piripiri
*"Hymenopyllum scabrum" – Rough filmy fern
*"Hymenopyllum villosum" – Hairy filmy fern
*"Trichomanes colensoi"
*"Trichomanes elongatum" - Bristle fern
*"Trichomanes endlicherianum"
*"Trichomanes reniforme" – Kidney fern, Konehu, Kopakapa, Raurenga


*"Marattia salicina" - King fern, Horseshoe fern, Para


*"Leptopteris hymenophylloides" – Single crape fern, Heruheru
*"Leptopteris superba" – Crape fern, Prince of Wales feathers, Heruheru, Ngātukākariki, Ngutungutu kiwi
*"Osmeunda regalis" – Royal fern
*"Todea barbara" – Hard todea


*"Botrychium australe" – parsley fern, Patotara
*"Botrychium biforme" – fine-leaved parsley fern
*"Botrychium lunaria" – moonwort
*"Ophioglossum coriaceum" – Adder’s tongue
*"Ophioglossum petiolatum" – Stalked adder tongue


*"Anarthropteris lanceolata" – Lance fern
*"Microsorum pustulatum" – Hounds tongue fern, Kōwaowao, Pāraharaha
*"Microsorum novae-zealandiae"
*"Microsorum scandens" – Fragrant fern, Mokimoki
*"Polypodium vulgare" – Common polypody
*"Pyrrosia elagnifolia" – Leather-leaf fern


*"Adiantum aethiopicum" – True maidenhair, Mākaka
*"Adiantum capillus-veneris" – European maidenhair, Venus-hair fern
*"Adiantum cunninghamii" – Common maidenhair, Cunningham’s maidenhair
*"Adiantum diaphanum" – Small maidenhair
*"Adiantum formosum" – Giant maidenhair, Plumed maidenhair
*"Adiantum fulvum"
*"Adiantum hispidulum" – Rosy maidenhair
*"Adiantum Raddianum"
*"Adiantum viridescens"
*"Anogramma leptophylla" – Annual fern, Jersey fern
*"Cheilanthes distans" – Woolly cloak fern, Woolly rock fern
*"Cheilanthes sieberi" – Rock fern
*"Pellaea calidirupium"
*"Pellaea falcata"
*"Pellaea rotundifolia" – Button fern, Round-leaved fern, Tarawera
*"Pteris comans" – Coastal brake, Netted brake
*"Pteris cretica" – Cretan brake
*"Pteris macilenta" - Sweet fern
*"Pteris saxatilis" - Carse
*"Pteris tremula" – Shaking brake, Tender brake, Turawera


*"Lygodium articulatum" – Bushmans mattress, Makamaka, Mangemenge
*"Schizaea austrlis" – Southern comb fern
*"Schizaea dichotoma" – Fan fern
*"Schizaea fistulosa" - Comb fern

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* [ Landcare Research] - Ngā Tipu o Aotearoa - New Zealand Plants

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