Egg in the dark

Egg in the dark

'Egg in the dark', or 'Throw the egg in the dark', is a drinking game that originates from the south of England, more specifically Brighton. It is usually enjoyed at the expence of the homeowner/eggowner, and in most cases these are the same person. It has attracted much attention recently after a spat of incidents were reported of expensive and historical carpetry being ruined as a seeming result of this game. The as-yet largest known egg in the dark occurrence was recorded in north Brighton, where police found up to three dozen eggs (all but one smashed) and a group of youths hitting more with golf clubs.

The Rules

Although ruled mostly by convention, it is generally accepted that for this game to work there is needed a group of three or more people, a brown organic egg(s) and an indoor space large enough to fit all the previously mentioned items comfortably. The person to the right of that individual with the largest nose throws first. He/she will also have the remainder of eggs to be used nearby and in reaching distance. The lights are then turned off and the thrower launches the egg towards whoever shouts loudest, who in turn passes it on to another member of the group. This continues until a person 'drops the egg'- either by literally dropping it or by merely failing to catch it. The game then returns to the hands of the first thrower, who takes another egg- and continues to do so after every drop until none are left. At this point, 'the game is up' and the lights are turned on in order to witness the result of the 'action'. This is usually followed by a swift exit of the premises.

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