List of Dutch atheists

List of Dutch atheists

This is an alphabetical list of Dutch people who have been identified as atheists. The people on this list have either expressed disbelief in God or gods, have self-confirmed being an atheist or have been identified as such by a reliable source.

While definitions of atheism may vary, a typical atheist is someone who has made a conscious decision that (s)he does not believe in any form of deity. []
* Stine Jensen (1972–) is a Danish-Dutch journalist, writer and philosopher. She's a professor of literature studies at the Free University of Amsterdam. [Humanistische Omroep, [ Link to video interview with Stine Jansen] Quote: (Translation) “We will do anything to escape from our inevitable deaths, we try to find ways to deal with it. We will do anything: bungee jumping, getting married, having children, anything we can think in order to transcend death. What I do myself? I read a lot of literature, I spend a lot of time at the cinema, but why? I honestly don't know, I don't think it is particularly meaningful, but it gives me at least the illusion life is somehow meaningful.” (Dutch) “We doen eigenlijk van alles om de dood te proberen te ontvluchten, om een manier te vinden om daar mee om te gaan. We doen van alles: bungeejumpen, we trouwen, we maken kinderen, alles om te proberen de dood te overstijgen. Wat doe ik zelf? Ik lees veel literatuur, ik ga eindeloos naar de film, waarom? Ik weet het niet, ik denk niet dat het verschrikkelijk veel zin heeft, maar het geeft me wel de illusie dat het leven zin heeft.”] [cite web|url=|first=Stine|last=Jensen|title=Een kleine filosofie van de schaamte||language=Dutch|accessdate=2008-05-09 Quote: (Translation) “ [..] I represent Atheism.” (Dutch) “ [..] ik vertegenwoordig het Atheïsme.” ]
* Lousewies van der Laan (1966–) is a politician. [cite web|url=|language=Dutch|accessdate=2008-05-11|title=Lousewies van der Laan: interview||date=2006-12-11 Quote: (Translation) “Believers see the antichrist in her. Is Lousewies van der Laan on atheistic crusade against the Christian Netherlands?” [..] [Q: Do you believe in God?] “I have accepted that I can never be completely sure. Doubtless faith seems so consoling to me, knowing there's an afterlife waiting for you if you keep some rules in mind. It would really calm things down. I am open to divine revelations, always think: Come on, I only need a small miracle and "I'm yours". I don't know, I have a feeling there could be something.” (Dutch) “Gelovigen zien in haar de antichrist. Is Lousewies van der Laan bezig met een atheïstische kruistocht tegen christelijk Nederland?” [..] [V: Gelooft u in God?] “Ik heb aanvaard dat ik daar nooit echt uit zal komen. Het lijkt me heerlijk als je vol vertrouwen gelooft, en weet dat er een hiernamaals is waar je naar toe gaat als je je aan wat afspraken houdt. Dat geeft ongelofelijk veel rust. Ik sta heel erg open voor goddelijke ervaringen, denk altijd: kom maar op, ik heb maar een klein wondertje nodig en I'm yours. Ik weet het niet, ik heb wel het gevoel dat er iets is.” ]
* Rob Muntz (1963–) is a comedian, columnist and presenter. In 2005 he co-produced (together with Paul Jan van de Wint) the controversial television series called God doesn't exist, in which he interviews prominent Dutch atheists.cite web|url=|publisher=Katholiek Nederland|title=Kort geding om 'God bestaat niet'|date=2005-06-03|accessdate=2008-05-22|language=Dutch“Believers are all over the world allowed to poison the minds of their children with their mentality and conviction through raising and educating.”]
* Ronald Plasterk (1957–) is a columnist, politician and biologist. He is the incumbent minister of "OCW" (Education, Culture and Science) for the PvdA party. During his scientific career he was a professor of molecular biology at Amsterdam Free University and developmental biology at Utrecht University. [cite web|url=|publisher=Groene|title=«Er is geen verband tussen altruïsme en God» → Interview Ronald Plasterk|date=2001-12-22|accessdate=2008-05-22|language=Dutch|first=Margreet|last=Fogteloo“God in politics is fatal.” “When I meet an intelligent yet strongly religious person, I ask myself: don't you realise you've been conditioned to believe? If you were born in the next village, you would attend another church, defend a different truth.”]
* Dick Swaab is a physician and neurobiologist, known for his brain research. [cite web|url=|publisher=Positief Atheïsme|title= God bestaat niet|date=2005-06-07|accessdate=2008-05-22|language=Dutch“Blasphemy is also a pleasant way of living.”]
* Hans Teeuwen (1967–) is a comedian and singer. [Humanistische Omroep, [ Link to video interview with Hans Teeuwen] Quote: (Translation) “I don't think God exists, but He has been made up. And because He has been made up, I believe I have the freedom to do whatever I want with the phenomenon "God". In other words, God is my slave, just like Muhammed is my slave.” (Dutch) “God ja, God eh, ik denk niet dat God bestaat, maar hij is wel bedacht. En omdat ie bedacht is denk ik dat het mij vrijstaat met het fenomeen “God” te doen zoals het mij goeddunkt. Met andere woorden, God is mijn slaaf, zoals Mohammed ook mijn slaaf is.” ]
* Paul Jan van de Wint (1962–) is a presenter. [cite web|url=|publisher=Katholiek Nederland|title=Kort geding om 'God bestaat niet'|date=2005-06-03|accessdate=2008-05-22|language=Dutch“We don't question people's beliefs. Everyone should be allowed to belief what they want, but when power is involved, things go bad. They want to force people to respect them, but they don't earn any respect. If they don't get it, they feel hurt and angry. I have the feeling we're living in an open mental institution.”]



* Harvard reference|Surname1=Humanistische Omroep|title=Dossier (On)geloof||URL=|Access-date=May 9, 2008|Year=2007

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