Loosely Tight

Loosely Tight

Loosely Tight is an American hard rock band originally based out of Phoenix, AZ. The band came to prominence after taking top honors at the 1979 California World Music Festival held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

In conjunction with their festival success, the Loosely Tight song Rough And Tough was the lead off track for radio station KDKB (93.3 FM) 1979 Arizona Sounds Volume 3 and was featured in heavy rotation.

After a brief stint with Capitol Records the bands album Fightin' Society found release on Star Struck Records. Catalog number TDS 020559.

The Loosely Tight lineup included singer/songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Dino Livingston, Mark Lehman on bass, Jr. Lomeli on guitar, and Pat Dixon on drums. Dixon went on to play drums with another Arizona based band Icon (band) who recorded albums on both Capitol Records and Atlantic Records.

The songs on Fightin' Society are now controlled by independent record label Fervor Records. The label placed the band's song "Bombs Away" in the 2008 Paramount Pictures, Mike Myers comedy, The Love Guru.



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