Tube may refer to:

*vacuum tube, a component of electronics
*cathode ray tube, a common component of electronics such as televisions and other displays
*Tube, An expansion bus on the BBC Micro computer
*Nokia 5800 "Tube", A mobile phone

*Yoplait Tubes, the Canadian name for Go-Gurt portable yog(o)urt

* A hollow cylinder.

*pneumatic tube, a method of transportation utilising compressed air
*inner tube, a component of vehicular tires

* Slang for television
*The Tube (TV series), a music related TV series by Channel 4 in the United Kingdom
*TUBE, a Japanese pop group
*Tube (game), a freeware game from Bullfrog Productions, released in 1995
*Tube (film), a South Korean movie (튜브 (영화)).
*Tube & Berger, the alias of Dance/Electronica producers Arndt Rörig and Marco Vidovic from Germany
*YouTube, a website that allows users to upload, view, and share video clips
*PornoTube, a website with adult material
*Peter 'Tubes' Dale, aka "Tubes" from the Soccer AM television show
*Series of tubes, an Internet meme and analogy for the Internet used by United States Senator Ted Stevens in reference to net neutrality

*The Tubes, a San Francisco based New Wave band, popular in the 1970s and 1980s

*lava tube, found in volcanoes
*the inside of a hollow wave in surfing
*the flower tube

* Tube (packaging), a packaging solution for pasty and viscous goods such as toothpaste

*extension tube, a tool for macro photography

*tubing (material), used in plumbing, irrigation, and other applications

*Tubes (software), a software program that combines file sharing and web publishing technologies

Structural Engineering
* Tube (structure), the predominate structural system for constructing tall buildings in the United States between World War II and the 1990s.

*Blue Man Group's theatrical show, "TUBES", now called "Rewired."

* The London Underground, London's subterranean train system, commonly known as the tube.
* Transbay Tube, an underwater rail tube across the San Francisco Bay

ee also

* test tube, a piece of laboratory equipment used in science
* Pipe
* Microtube
* Nanotube
*The Internet

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