France's Next Top Model, Cycle 1

France's Next Top Model, Cycle 1

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Episode Summaries

Episode 1: "The Girl Who Struts Her Stuff"

Thousands of girls showed up to take part in "Top Model 2005". There are two essential criteria: to be older than 16 years old and to be at least convert|1.65|m|ftin tall. The girls pass one after the other in front of those in charge of casting.

Only 50 of the young women move on. Housed in a deluxe hotel, the apprentice models prepare for their first photo shoot. Katoucha Niane, coach of the apprentice models, joined them for their first exercise: to go before the jury. The panel asks the young ladies to appear while they look over the photographs taken earlier.

The chosen 16 women continue by preparing for a catwalk in front of the panel. They must impress the judges with both behavior and appearance. The panel deliberates before finally selecting the 12 finalists: Binti, Alizée, Alexandra, Marlène, Nausicaa, Audrey, Maude, Marie, Lucy, Blyvy, Emmanuelle and Karen.

Episode 2: "The Girl Who Shows Her Flaws"

The twelve apprentice models appear more relaxed and professional as makeovers begin. After the makeovers, the models have a pose-off, under the watch of fashion expert Karl Lagerfeld. For some of them, it is the first time meeting a professional photographer. For the photo shoot, they pose in dresses on a high-speed motorboat, typifying the Chanel label.

The panel studies the individual photos, trying to determine who will go home. After deliberating, Alexandra is kindly asked to leave.

Episode 3: "The Girl Who Faced Her Fear"

Eleven girls remain in the chance to become Top Model. Each girl must convince the judges why they should become the Top Model. Caroline joined the girls in their apartment. Caroline finds some faults with the girls: Audrey must exceed herself because the jury failed to eliminate her last week, Blyvy must learn how to show confidence with the professionals who surround her. The girls ravel the ones after the others in front of Katoucha, which corrects their defects.

Katoucha takes along then the girls in a large dressmaker, on the Elysées Fields. Each apprentice mannequins chooses a behaviour: that which it will carry at the time of its first procession, the evening-even, under the Eiffel Tower. The apprentices mannequins are charmed of their first procession. Katoucha decides to reward the best among it: Nausicaa gains one evening to be well and of massages at the coach private of Katoucha. Charmed, Nausicaa takes along Karen with her.

The girls then leave to join Carolina Christiansson with the drafting of a famous magazine of mode. They discover there the a photoshoot with Karl Lagerfeld.

Their day ends in a second photoshoot. The girls join Fred Farrugia and Odile Sarron in a Parisian de luxe hotel. They will take part in their second "shooting", under the eye of a famous photographer: Michel Count. The topic of the meeting: "Fine of evening". Two male models accompany the girls in their photos. It is the occasion for some to carry out their dreams: Nausicaa poses with its violoncello. The nail of the spectacle: the "shooting" of Maude and Emmanuelle, which exchange truths kisses in front of the objective!

The meeting lasts all during the night. The following day, each girl passes in front of the jury. They are judged on the procession, their photographs and their aptitude for living in community. Maude is reprimanded, her off-hand attitude strongly displeases to the jury.

Karen is saved by the jury but Odile Sarron recalls it to the order, the young woman does not indeed even seem happy to continue! There remains nothing any more but Maude and Audrey. Even if Maude has still much progress to make, the jury agrees to give her a chance. Audrey is considered to be still too young. Disappointment is large for young Corsica, but Patrick Lemire ensures her that within one year, she will be mature enough to reenter the competition.

Episode 4: "The Girl Who Lost Her Dreams"

After the departure of Audrey, the competition becomes increasingly tight between the ten remaining candidates. With the program this week : photographs of sports.

The girls begin the day with a meeting from re-arrangement intensive. After a long heated meeting, already exhausting for some, they initiate with a complete sport : Jiu-jitsu . Pulled by the coach Antonio Da Costa, each one profits from it for a release. Whereas Lucie does not dare to release herself, Blyvy does not hesitate for a moment. Karen still remembers it.

In the afternoon, the apprentice models are invited by Jean-Claude Jitrois for a fitting. Leather, only of leather: they are cracking! But can they leave a limousine the Parisian way? Marie and Alizée take up the challenge with class. Maude, however, gets mixed up a little the brushes.

After one night of sleep well deserved, the girls take again their marathon by a visit with L’Académie of arts of the circus. The photographer Massimo Soli organizes a high altitude photoshoot! Suspended by a cable, each girl takes her courage with two hands to pass in front of the objective. Special mention for Lucie who even succeeds in overcoming her fear of the vacuum.

The continuation of the special program of re-arrangement finally takes the girls to the gym. Of the meetings of abdominal, of pumps and of stretchings wait most courageous which rose. Nausicca and Karen, however, preferred to remain with the bed. Reason? A strong angina! But it is necessary to be in form to pass in front of the jury. Some risk of to have surprises…

Blyvy for example, is found confronted with a wall. Incompetent to explain her aggressive attitude with the remainder of the group, she decides to leave the ventures by itself. Patrick Lemire in extremis catches up with her in the street. But it a waste of time and effort, and at the time of the ceremony, Blyvy is eliminated by the jury.More than 9 candidates remain. Who will be the Signal Model 2005?

Episode 5: "The Girl Who Noticed In Studio"

Return to a state of calm for the nine last candidates after the departure in brass band of Blyvy! This week, always more work with the program and that starts with a natural casting size…

This morning, the girls have return with Patrick Lemire in an agency of mannequins, Marylin Agency. Tasha De Vasconcelos, a famous signal model is there to accommodate them, but not only: it will have also to judge them. Each girl will have to emphasize itself while passing a particular maintenance with Tacha… And with this exercise, C’is Alizée which gains "the test": it gains an exceptional meeting fitting under the eyes of her girlfriends, a tantinet jealous.

The young women transform themselves then into goddesses for one evening relaxation in a large Parisian restaurant. Surprised for four D’between them: their companions are part. While Nausicaa benefits from it to make the presentations, Emmanuelle still does not realize that his/her friend is at his sides.

After a short night full with beautiful dreams, the girls are exhausted. They go all the same in the morning to a new photo meeting. Fred Farrugia then makes an entry noticed in the studio… with a snake around the neck! He announces to them that the reptile will be the single "clothing" during the shooting. Under the direction of the photographer Alan Gelati and in spite of a certain amount of stress, all the girls release themselves, except one: Karen, it is terrorized! But overcomes its anguish nevertheless.

New meeting shivers for the girls the next morning, with the jump of the bed. The jury unloads with the improvist for a surprised inspection… All passes there: badly washed teeth, the dirty linen which trail and even chocolate in the refrigerator! C’is the hour of the remonstrances: a simple setting stops some all things considered before passing in front of the jury and their frightening critical…

So hard jury qu’it N’is not even able to put D’agreement: Lucie is in the center of the debates and the tone goes up! For Nausicaa on the other hand, C’is the unanimity: it N’is not signal model but actress. Maude also crosses a difficult period. It has of evil to retain its tears elsewhere when Odile Sarron reproaches him her lack of efforts. With the hour of the verdict, they are thus three in ballot, three which are likely to leave the ventures…

But C’is finally Nausicaa which is eliminated. Too much small according to jury's, it will be able to never bore in the trade, contrary to his/her eight comrades who continue the ventures.

Episode 6: "The Girl Who Marks Her Style"

After L’good-bye tearing of Nausicaa with Karen, the eight last candidates enter a little more this week the life of a Signal Model…Essayages and ravelled in prospect, C’left for the show !

Appointments in a shop of Chantal Thomas for a fitting rascal, very rascal… the girls ravel in linen room in front of the designer. Some are more with the ease than different but a thing is sure : all are very sexy! Special mention for Emmanuelle Chantal Thomas likes whose body particularly. The young woman receives even an ornament of fine linen room in gift, thank you Madam.

Caroline Christiansson awaits then the girls on the bridge Alexandre III, in full Cœur of the capital. With the program, a meeting of photographs stripped on the edges of the Seine, under the direction of Dmon Prunner, a large Icelandic photographer. The hairdressing salon improvised on the quays attracts the idlers, qu’imports the apprenties mannequins are discovered for our greater pleasure. In the evening, the environment is felted, the projectors are lit, the girls all in beauty.

After one night whole last on the objectives, a fatty morning S’imposes. But with the alarm clock, the bodies are tired, and the spirits too. Binty chamaille with Lucie. A war of the clans bursts : environment court of récré !

In the afternoon, the girls go to Domenica Sirop, a large dressmaker. Under L’œit advised of Katoucha, the eight signal models try on dresses of haute couture. But this N’anything is compared with the place where they will even ravel the evening : the terrace of a Parisian de luxe hotel, vis-a-vis with the most beautiful sight of Paris. There high, a surprise of size awaits the eight young women… Their mothers came especially for the occasion : sequence emotion ! Direction then the house of the candidates where the moms spend one moment privileged with their daughters. After a dinner of festival and an evening relaxation, C’is the hour of the good-byes : hard hard to leave mom, N’isn't this Lucie ?

The following day, jury N’is not content and it lets it know… a large development S’imposes in which Lucie, Maude and Marie are shown finger. Miss taste in the choice of clothing, of the make-up or from the hairstyle, all passes there. Odile Sarron also reproaches Marlène her kilos in excess. On the other hand, Emmanuelle, is considered to be perfect and Geostrophic dazzling, rayon.

The deliberations are long and surging. Result : three girls S’go from there this week ! Maude, Marie and Lucie make to the expenses D’an increasingly severe and demanding jury. Their departure makes the effect of shock ! They are nothing any more but five to continue the formation…

Episode 7: "The Girl Who Takes Her Leave"

After this testing day, the apprentices mannequins have right to a reward : direction South of France for one day of relaxation ! The girls find their Katoucha coach ; with the program : water skiing for all ! The girls decompress before resuming work, with the photographer Stefania Paparelli. Karen, Marlène, Geostrophic, Binti and Emmanuelle embark for a photo meeting on a boat on the open sea. Each one must try to remain most natural possible, which N’is not always easy, in particular for Binti.

The following day, they are already the evaluations. The 5 young women find the jury, which announces to them that two enter they will even leave the formation the evening. This evening, the jury will choose the 3 finalists of Signal Model 2005 ! Karen passes the first in front of the jury. The young woman ravels in shirt. Only negative remark : to learn how to be more smiling. C’with the turn of Binti being is judged. Always the same reproach for the young woman : not enough energy. Marlene N’truly does not manage to allure the jury : they find that the young woman does not ravel rather well, is cambered too much, does not speak Alizée rather…extremely must show more personality. For Emmanuelle, on the other hand, C’is one without fault !

C’is the moment of the verdict. Emmanuelle is the first selected for the final. The jury calls then Binti. In spite of her enormous progress, the jury decided not to keep the young woman. Binit is disappointed but charmed to have lived this beautiful adventure. Karen is then the selected second. Remain Alizée and Marlène. The tension goes up for the two young women ! Even if Geostrophic A still of progress to be made, C’is Marlène which the jury decides to eliminate. The pretty russet-red one is considered to be too young, not yet lends for a career of signal model.

The week next, Karen, Geostrophic and Emmanuelle will dispute the place of Signal Model 2005 !

Episode 8: "The Girl Who Becomes Top Model"

At two days of the finale, the tension goes up! A new photo meeting is with the program. This time, C’is the photographer Ali Mahdavi who carries out the shooting. In the presence of Fred Farrugia, the girls find the smile. The course of theatre A obviously very marked ! After a passage to the make-up, the candidates, radiant and more beautiful than ever, release themselves under the projectors. Thanks to the experience gained at the time of the many preceding meetings, they know now how to behave and show themselves under their best day. Geostrophic Tandis’qu manages to surprise the photographer, Karen, on the other hand, encounters more difficulties. It really does not manage to allure the objective.

The evening, in a Parisian de luxe hotel, the three finalists have appointment with Patrick Lemire and the great signal model Brazilian Fernanda Tavares. After having tried on some evening gowns at the designer, Charlotte Beaumont, the young women pass the dance a night club connected of the capital. They will remain jusqu at the end of the night there…

Last day before the final: the girls go in a photo studio to join Karl Lagerfeld. A few weeks after their first meeting, the girls are impatient to find celebrates it photographer. Everyone moves then on the edges of the Seine for immortaliser the urgent on film. To the search for the ideal place, the procession walks in Paris. With the turning of the lanes, the girls pose. The meeting is prolonged until late in the night. Very satisfied with the work of the girls, Karl Lagerfeld congratulates in particular Emmanuelle, its favorite !

D-day: this evening, we will know the name of the Signal Model 2005 ! But before, the girls must ravel in front of the jury for the last time. Great names of the mode, invited for the occasion, are also present. At a few hours of the verdict, while the four experts draw up an assessment of the ventures, the girls, they, on the councils of Pierre Grevesse the scenographer, begin the repetitions from the procession.

H – 30 minutes: the former candidates visit surprised to the finalists. Geostrophic Karen and Emmanuelle are insane of joy !

To 20h, the stars enter in scene : C’left for the show ! In a boosted environment, the girls launch out in the arena and present a spectacle worthy of the largest fashion parades. Out of evening gown or linen room, they are all the three sublimes : the choice S’announces more than difficult for the jury…

After studious deliberations, in an insupportable suspense, the moment came to know gaining it : the Signal model 2005 is… Alizée ! At 20 years, the beautiful Swiss woman enters, by the large door, in the very closed world of the signal models.


* Alexandra, 25, convert|5|ft|9.25|in|m, from Basel, Switzerland
* Alizee, 20, convert|5|ft|9.25|in|m, from Euseigne, Switzerland (Winner)
* Audrey, 17, convert|5|ft|9.75|in|m, from Cabbucia, Corse-du-Sud, Corsica
* Binti, 23, convert|5|ft|11|in|m, from Paris
* Blyvy, 24, convert|5|ft|7.75|in|m, from Villepinte, Seine-Saint-Denis, France
* Emmanuelle, 19, convert|5|ft|9.25|in|m, from Royan, Charente-Maritime, France (Runner Up)
* Karen, 22, convert|5|ft|9.75|in|m, from Pineuilh, Gironde, France (2nd Runner Up)
* Lucie, 18, convert|5|ft|9.25|in|m, from Lilacs, Seine-Saint-Denis, France
* Marie, 23, convert|5|ft|9.25|in|m, from Vence, Alpes-Maritimes, France
* Marlene, 16, convert|5|ft|7.75|in|m, from Brest, Finistère, France
* Maude, 21, convert|5|ft|9|in|m, from Boulogne Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine, France
* Nausicaa, 24, convert|5|ft|7.25|in|m, from Paris

Call-out order

:colorbox|violet The contestant was eliminated :colorbox|limegreen the contstant won the competition:colorbox|pink The contestant was in the bottom three for the week but was not eliminated:colorbox|yellow the contstant runner-up the competition :colorbox|cyan The three contestants got eliminated

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