Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1

Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1

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show_name = Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1

caption =
format = Reality television
runtime = 60 minutes
creator = Tyra Banks
developer = Kenya Barris
executive_producer = Tyra Banks
Ken Mok
Anthony Dominici
country = United Kingdom
network = LIVINGtv
first_aired = September 28, 2005
last_aired = December 11, 2005
num_episodes = 11
website =

Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 1 was the first series of the show. It is based on the same concept as America's Next Top Model. It was broadcast on LIVINGtv. The show was followed by a short programme entitled 'The Evictees Story' which showed the eliminated model and her journey through the competition. This was then followed by 'Britain's Next Top Model: Confessionals' which showed each girl in the confessional room talking about the other girls which wasn't shown on the show. For the second series 'The Evictees Story' was dropped and eventually 'Confessianals' was dropped for the third. The first cycle was hosted by former supermodel Lisa Butcher and judged along with Marie Helvin and Jonathan Phang.

Episode summaries

Week 1

"Original Airdate: September 14, 2005"

The 12 fresh faced girls are picked up across London on a Routemaster London Bus and are taken to meet their host for the competition, Lisa Butcher. They also meet their stylist Hilary Alexander and their personal trainer Gideon. The arguments begin and the claws come out. Shauna and Marina wind up in the bottom two, the judges think Shauna does not have a model figure and Marina's look is one dimensional. The judges eliminated Marina.

*Bottom two: Shauna Breen & Marina Fallahi
*Eliminated: Marina Fallahi

Week 2

"Original Airdate: September 21, 2005"

The girls get their makeovers, but not everyone is happy with their new look (particularly Anne, at first). The girls participate in a makeup challenge. The winners go on a date with 3 male models, the losers work and serve in a restaurant. The girls have a photo shoot with Nicky Johnston. While at the shoot more fights break out and a rift is caused between the girls. Edwina and Naomi were laughing at Jenilee during her shoot which stirred an argument in the house. Despite a stellar photo, Edwina is scolded for being a diva. In the end, Claire and Anne wind up in the bottom two because of Anne's constant tantrums and Claire's terrible posture. In the end, the judges eliminate Claire.

*Bottom two: Anne Kent & Claire Hillier
*Eliminated: Claire Hillier

Week 3

"Original Airdate: September 28, 2005"

The girls meet choreographer Andy Turner. They learn a routine and have to put their new skills to the test in a pop video. Edwina and Naomi once again are separated after being accused of making comments on the other girls skills. The girls undergo a close-up beauty photo shoot. Shauna and Edwina are in the bottom two, the judges think Shauna's photo was not memorable and Edwina once again gets scolded for her diva attitude. With that, the girl with the best photo got to stay, as Shauna was eliminated.

*Bottom two: Shauna Breen & Edwina Joseph
*Eliminated: Shauna Breen

Week 4

"Original Airdate: October 5, 2005"

This week the girls learn acting at the theatre. The girls are delighted to perform with Paul Danan from Hollyoaks. The girls have to audition for an ice-cream commercial, with the winners going on a date with Paul Danan and Scott Wright. Marisa felt attacked by the commercial director and was considering quitting however, Anne quit, claiming she realized she didn't like modeling. The fights between the girls get even worse when Tashi said Naomi snogged Paul at least three times, when Naomi has a boyfriend. Tashi also said Naomi was lying about this. The girls shoot a shower gel commercial. After the commercial another fight breaks out because Naomi said that Tashi wet the bed and Tashi and the other girls confront Naomi. The judges felt Stephanie really struggled the entire week and they felt she was sinking and they thought Lucy wasn't evolving and that they're puzzled as to why she isn't trying as hard as the others. Since Anne eliminated herself, neither Stephanie nor Lucy was eliminated.
*Quit: Anne Kent
*Bottom two: Lucy Ratcliffe & Stephanie Jones
*Eliminated: Neither, due to Anne's self-elimination

Week 5

"Original Airdate: October 12, 2005"

The girls are tutored in nutrition and attitude. They model designer Maria Grachvogel’s designs in a catwalk challenge. The winners get a spa treatment and the losers have to model Elizabeth Hurley’s beachwear in the window of a store. But they are the real winners when they get to meet Mohammed Al Fayed. When they rub it into Edwina and Naomi's faces, things get tense. The theme of the photo shoot this week is ‘Fairytale Princess’. But having to pose with a bullfrog is too much for Tashi, causing her to break into tears. At judging every picture except, Stephanie's and Lucy's is criticized. In the end, Naomi and Hayley are in the bottom two. Naomi's picture was good but her walk wasn't. The judges felt like she wasn't delivering that extra something. While Hayley had her worst week yet, and she failed to see it. The judges felt like her walk and her photographs are not the standard that their looking for. So, Hayley from West Sussex was asked to leave.

*Bottom two: Naomi Teal & Hayley Wilkins
*Eliminated: Hayley Wilkins

Week 6

"Original Airdate: October 19, 2005"

The girls have a yoga session with Howard Napper. They meet ‘Heat’ magazine’s Lucie Cave. They have an interview challenge. Naomi winds up angry with her critique after the other girls brought up the Paul Danan allegations again. Tashi winds up winning because she shared that she was once a size 20. Tashi, Marisa, and Stephanie go for a dinner with Tamara Beckwith, Orla O’ Rourke and Angela Dunn. They have a photo shoot for DKNY. The girls gang up on Marisa because Marisa who has modeled before, makes the other girls seem like the photoshoots and challenges they do are not important, with her constant complaints. This brings Marisa to tears. Marisa and Jenilee are in the bottom two. While the judges agree Marisa is high fashion, they're concerned that she has one look. The judges expressed distate at Jenilee's outburst during the shoot calling her unprofessional. In a shocking elimination, Marisa, the front-runner, was sent home.

*Bottom two: Marisa Heath & Jenilee Harris
*Eliminated: Marisa Heath

Week 7

"Original Airdate: October 26, 2005"

The girls go on a go-see in Paris. The designer said Tashi was "too fat to model", Lucy and Naomi are told to lose a few kilos, and Edwina throws Stephanie off her game when she says Stephanie has saggy breasts. The girls task is to buy an outfit for £30. The winners get a visit from their boyfriends. Naomi and her boyfriend got along much better than Stephanie and hers. They visit Karen Diamond at Models 1, the winners representative agency. The girls learn they will be going to Milan and try their best on this weeks couture photoshoot as there are only 5 seats on the plane. Everyone's picture is praised by the judges. But, Stephanie and Tashi are deemed the worst. The judges love Tashi's personality but the judges feel as if her photo should have been better than the one last week. The judges love Stephanie's eyes but the judges feel as if she needs more than one dynamic feature to become a top model. With that, Stephanie was eliminated and left without a plane ticket.

*Bottom two: Tashi Brown & Stephanie Jones
*Eliminated: Stephanie Jones

Week 8

"Original Airdate: November 2, 2005"

This episode goes back to the beginning of the competition and shows us how much each of the girls have changed.

Week 9

"Original Airdate: November 9, 2005"

The five remaining contestants arrive in Milan. The rooms in the hotel cause problems. This weeks challenge is a go-see with Paola at Beatrice Model agency. Tashi and Naomi wind up in the bottom two. The judges say Tashi is great on the catwalk but her photographs are inconsistent. They also say Naomi has a beautiful face made for tv commercials and beauty campains but they feel she may not be able to cut it in all areas. Naomi became the first girl sent back home. They struggle with a photoshoot with top Milanese designer, Stefano. The girls, specifically Tashi, comfront Edwina about the idea of rotating bedrooms so that everyone's happy. When Edwina refuses, Tashi says "the war is on, I am not sleeping on that sofa!". At panel, Edwina and Tashi are in the bottom two. The judges think Edwina's pose was the best, but, her facial expression let her down. The judes think Tashi's facial expression was soft and different but her pose wasn't that great. The judges decided to eliminate Tashi.

*First Bottom two: Tashi Brown & Naomi Teal
*Eliminated: Naomi Teal
*Second Bottom two: Tashi Brown & Edwina Joseph
*Eliminated: Tashi Brown

Week 10

"Original Airdate: November 16, 2005"

In the finale, the girls do a topless photo shoot with male models. At eliminations, Edwina is praised for taking her best picture. Lucy and Jenilee receive universal praise as well. Lucy and Jenilee haven't proven they are great runway models and Jenilee is sent home amidst a flurry of tears. The finalists go against each other in an exclusive fashion show for Giorgio Armani's Spring Collection in Milan, Italy. At the judging session afterwards, both were praised for their performances. Lucy was crowned 'Britain's Next Top Model'!

*Bottom two: Jenilee Harris & Lucy Ratcliffe
*Eliminated: Jenilee Harris
*Final Two: Edwina Joseph & Lucy Ratcliffe
*Britain's Next Top Model: Lucy Ratcliffe

The Winner's Story

"Original Airdate: November 23, 2005"

This episode goes back to the beginning of the competition and shows us Lucy's journey from being a girl from Newcastle to becoming Britain's Next Top Model..


"(ages stated are at time of contest)"
*Marina Fallahi, 19, from Cheshire, England
*Claire Hillier, 20, from Bridgend, Wales
*Shauna Breen, 23, from Derry, Northern Ireland
*Anne Kent, 21, from Sheffield, England (quit)
*Hayley Wilkins, 19, from West Sussex, England
*Marisa Heath, 24, from Surrey, England
*Stephanie Jones, 22, from Birmingham, England
*Naomi Teal, 22, from Leeds, England
*Tashika "Tashi" Brown, 24, from Leeds, England
*Jenipher Lee "Jenilee" Harris, 20, from Sittingbourne, Kent, England
*Edwina Joseph, 18, from Bristol, England (runner-up)
*Lucy Ratcliffe, 20, from Newcastle upon Tyne, England (winner)


*Lisa Butcher
*Jonathan Phang
*Marie Helvin

International Destination(s)

*Paris, Franceflagicon|France
*Milan, Italyflagicon|Italy


:colorbox|#75A1D0 The contestant won the week's reward challenge :colorbox|violet The contestant was eliminated :colorbox|red The contestant quit the competition:colorbox|limegreen The contestant won the competition:colorbox|pink The contestant runner-up the competition:colorbox|gray The contestant was part of a non-elimination bottom two
*In episode 4, there was no elimination, due to Anne's decision to quit.
*In episode 9 there were two separate eliminations.

Photoshoots Guide

*Episode 1 Photoshoot: Bikini Shoot
*Episode 2 Photoshoot: Nicky Johnnston Collection
*Episode 3 Photoshoot: Beauty shot
*Episode 4 Commercial: Gel Shampoo
*Episode 5 Photoshoot: Fairytale Princess
*Episode 6 Photoshoot: DKNY
*Episode 7 Photoshoot: Haute Couture
*Episode 9 Photoshoot: Stefano Collection
*Episode 10 Photoshoot: Topless With Male models

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