Thin Wires In The Voice

Thin Wires In The Voice

Infobox Album | Name = Thin Wires In The Voice
Type = EP
Artist = Tim Buckley

Released = March 29 1999
Recorded = 1967-1968
Genre = Folk rock
Length = 22:10
Label = Pid
Producer =
Reviews =
Last album = "" (1995)
This album = "Thin Wires In The Voice" (1999)
Next album = "Once I Was" (1999)

"Thin Wires In The Voice" is a 120 page booklet with a 3 track EP by Tim Buckley. The EP is a compilation of "Song to the Siren", featuring just Buckley's guitar and voice, recorded for the the TV show The Monkees and two live recordings taken from a 1968 Danish radio broadcast. This earlier version of "Starsailor" track "Song to the Siren" is more folk-oriented and can also be found on "". The two live recordings are also found on Buckley's 1968 live album Copenhagen Tapes.

The booklet is dual language appraisal of Tim Buckley in Italian and English. It also contains selected lyrics and poetry.

Track listing

#"Song to the Siren" (Larry Beckett/Tim Buckley) – 3:15
#"Gypsy Woman" (Buckley) – 12:37
#"Buzzin' Fly" (Buckley) – 6:28


Tracks 1-3
*Tim BuckleyGuitar, Vocals (Twelve string guitar on Song to the Siren)Tracks 2-3
*Lee Underwood – Guitar
*Niels-Henning Ørsted PedersenDouble bass
*David Friedman – Vibes

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