Ness, Outer Hebrides

Ness, Outer Hebrides

Infobox UK place
official_name= Ness
gaelic_name= Nis
population= 1,000
latitude= 58.47
longitude= -6.25
country= Scotland
os_grid_reference= NB5261
post_town= STORNOWAY
postcode_area= HS
postcode_district= HS2
dial_code= 01851 810
constituency_westminster= Na h-Eileanan an Iar
unitary_scotland= Na h-Eileanan Siar
lieutenancy_scotland= Western Isles
constituency_scottish_parliament= Western Isles

Ness ( _gd. Nis) is the northernmost part of the Isle of Lewis, a community consisting of about 16 villages, including Lionel, Habost, Swainbost, Cross, North and South Dell, Cross Skigersta, Skigersta, Eoradale, Adabrock, Port of Ness, Knockaird, Fivepenny and Eoropie. It is the most north-westerly community in the European Union. Its most northerly point is the Butt of Lewis.

Ness is part of the Galson Estate which is owned by Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn ( Galson Estate Trust ) which is managed by 10 local trustees elected by the community. The hand-over took place on 12th January 2007 [ [ Islanders in huge estate buy-out] "BBC News Online"] .

to Skigersta. It is about 10 miles (16 km) and takes 6 hours at a leisurely pace.

Gaelic is the language of the community with 75% being able to speak it. Peat cut from the moor, is used as a fuel for cooking and heating in many homes, but its use is on the decline. The 2001 Census results show a resident population of just under a 1,000. In 1831 Ness had a population of just over 3,000.

Landmarks include the 13th-century Teampull Mholuaidh in Eoropie and the small island of Dùn Èistean which is the ancestral home of the Lewis Morrisons, which is now bridged and archaeological excavations have been taking place there.

Each year 10 men from Ness go out to the island of Sula Sgeir in late August for two weeks to harvest around 2,000 young gannets known locally as Guga. The Gugu is a Ness tration and favourite.

A Ness boat builder called John F. Macleod from Port saved 40 lives following the sinking of the Iolaire by managing to take a line to shore [ [ The Iolaire Disaster ] ] .

Ness is known for its Sgoth, a type of clinker built skiff with a dipping lug sail. The boats were used for line fishing until the early half of the twentieth century [ [ Ness Historical Society page with some Sgoth history] ] . There are several still in active use owned by community trusts which maintain them. [ [ An Sulaire Trust] and [ Falmadair] ]

There is a cultural exchange programme between Ness and ConnemaraFact|date=February 2007.


Lionel school and Cross school are the main school in Ness. Cross school is a primary school which holds ages upto 5-12. Lionel school ages are 5-14. Both school are well educated. Bun/ard sgoil Lionel has been awarded loads of Trophies for as such Sports. Lionel school is veryinto Badminton, Swimming & Football.

Lionel and Cross School are very friendly schools and Communicates together. Lionel school is a Revelry new building. Lionel and Cross School have been getting loads of good Comments by guest about Bahaviour.Sgoil Lionel has got a gaelic Medium too and the gaelic Medium pupils are increasing.

Sgoil Lionel school role-116

Sgoil Crois/Cross School- 19


Football is the main sport with Ness FC playing their home matches on Fivepenny Machair. Spors Nis is the community Sports Centre with lots of Sports Facilites. The local School has a swimming pool in also.


*"Nis Aosmhor: The photographs of Dan Morrison", edited by Finlay Macleod, October 1997, Acair Ltd, ISBN 0861521137

Places to eat

Eoropie tearoom, most North-westerly tearoom in the uk.There is a resturant in port of ness called the sulaire. The Award Winning Sweeny Codd - The Frying Squad - Fish and Chips at the Edge of the World...


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