Lords of Creation

Lords of Creation

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image_caption = Dust-jacket from the first edition
author = Eando Binder
illustrator =
cover_artist = S. Levin
country = United States
language = English
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genre = Science fiction novel
publisher = Prime Press
release_date = 1949
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media_type = Print (Hardback)
pages = 232 pp
isbn = NA
oclc = 2562158
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"Lords of Creation" is a science fiction novel by author Eando Binder (combined pseudonym for brothers, Earl and Otto Binder). It was first published in book form in 1949 by Prime Press in an edition of 2,112 copies, of which 112 were signed, numbered and slipcased. The novel was originally serialized in six parts in the magazine "Argosy" beginning September 23, 1939.

Plot summary

Homer Ellory awakes in the year 5,000 A.D. after sleeping for 3,000 years and discovers the earth in a state of barbarism. He befriends the people of North America who have been conquered by the Antarkans. Ellory leads a revolt and is captured by the Antarkans. Imprisoned in the Antarkan city of Lillamra and under sentence of death, the Lady Ermaine falls in love with him and enables his escape. He returns to North America where he leads a second revolt. After the surrender of Antarka, he is proclaimed the leader of the Earth's peoples.

Publication history

*1939, USA, "Argosy", Pub date 23 September 1939, magazine serialization in six parts
*1949, USA, Prime Press OCLC|2562158, Pub date 1949, Hardback
*1958, Germany, Utopia-Grossband, Pub date 1958, Hardback, as "Antarkta"
*1969, USA, Belmont OCLC|5635914, Pub date 1969, Paperback


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