Jam Tamachi

Jam Tamachi

Jam Tamachi bin Jam Unar or "Jam Khairuddin bin Tamachi" was ruler of Sind. He belonged Unar tribe of Sindh, Pakistan.


When the army of Sultan Alauddin Khilji arrived in the vicinity of Bakhar, reconquered that fort and prepared to go to Sehwan. A fight took place between them and the Sammahs, in which the latter were defeated and Jam Tamachi with his whole family was taken prisoner and carried to Dehli, where he had to live for many years and where he got many children.

In the absence of their ruler, the Sammahs lived quietly round about Tharri under Jam Tamachi’s brother Babinah son of Jam Unar, as their headman.* After some years, Khairuddin son of Jam Tamachi, who in his infancy had gone with his father to Delhi, was after his father’s death permitted to return to Sindh and be the chief of his tribe. Accordingly Jam Khairuddin came and took the helm of the government of his father’s country.

In a short time Sultan Muhammad bin Tughluq came to Sindh via Gujrat, in pursuit of the rebel Taghi, as has been mentioned above.

Muhammad bin Tughluq wanted to see Jam Khairuddìn, but the latter avoided meeting him, as he had for years remained a prisoner with him. Shortly afterwards, Muhammad bin Tughluq died in the vicinity of Thatta and was succeeded by Firuz Shah Tughluq, who hastened to Delhi without conquering in Sindh. Jam Khairuddin followed him up to Sann near Sehwan and then returned to his capital and commenced ruling the country quietly and justly. An example of his justice may be given here.

It is said that one day, going with a cavalcade, he hap­pened to pass through a desert, where he saw a heap of human bones. He halted there for a few minutes and remarked to his followers that the bones were appealing to him for a just enquiry into their case. He at once sent for an old man living in a neighbouring village and by making minute enquiries from him and others came to know that some seven years before that a party of travel­lers coming from Gujrat to Sind had been robbed and murdered by a certain band of robbers. He then secured some of the property of which they had been robbed, together with the robbers. He sent the same to the ruler of Gujrat in order that the robbers be punished by him.

Jam Junah was succeeded by his nephew Jam Tamach.

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* Unar
* Noori Jam Tamachi

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* [http://persian.packhum.org/persian/main?url=pf%3Ffile%3D81101010%26ct%3D18 A History of Sind, Volume II, Translated from Persian Books by Mirza Kalichbeg Fredunbeg, chpt. 14]

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