Council of Ministers of Togo

Council of Ministers of Togo

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The Togo Council of Ministers consists of 22 members appointed by the president with the advice of the prime minister[1].

The Council of Ministers is chaired by the prime minister and is tasked with managing government operations.

Members of the Council of Ministers

Prime Minister Gilbert Houngbo 2008–incumbent
Minister of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Kossi Messan Ewovor 2007–incumbent
Minister of Civil Service Administrative Reforms and Relations with the Institutions of the Republic Katari Foli-Bazi 2007–incumbent
Minister of Communication, Culture, and Civic Education Cornelius Aidam 2007–incumbent
Minister of Cooperation and Territorial Development and Planning Gilbert Bawara 2007–incumbent
Minister of Defense Faure Essozimna Gnassingbe Eyadema 2007–incumbent
Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Adji Otheth Ayassor 2007–incumbent
Minister of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism Issifou Okoulou-Kantchati 2007–incumbent
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration Leopold Messan Gnininvi 2007–incumbent
Minister of Health Charles Kondi Agba 2007–incumbent
Minister of Higher Education and Research Messan Adimado Aduayom 2007–incumbent
Minister of Human Rights and Democracy Celestine Aidam 2007–incumbent
Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals Kokou Tozoun 2007–incumbent
Minister of Labor and Social Security Octave Nicoue Broohm 2007–incumbent
Minister of Mines, Energy, and Water Noupokou Dammipi 2007–incumbent
Minister of Post, Telecommunications, and Technological Innovation Kokouvi Dogbe 2007–incumbent
Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Technical Education, and Professional Training and Literacy Yves Mado Nagou 2007–incumbent
Minister of Public Works, Transport, Urbanization, and Housing Celestin Talaki 2007–incumbent
Minister of Security Atcha Titikpina 2007–incumbent
Minister of Social Affairs, the Promotion of Women and the Protection of Children and the Old-Aged Mainounatou Ibrahima 2007–incumbent
Minister of Territorial Administration, Decentralization, and Local Authorities Pascal Bodjona 2007–incumbent
Minister of Trade, Industry, Crafts, and Small and Medium-scale Businesses Yendja Yentchabre 2007–incumbent
Minister of Youth, Sports, and Leisure Antoine Folly 2007–incumbent

Cabinet list is accurate as of January 2008[2].


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