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Science and technology

  • Thousand circular mils or kcmil, the wire gauge is equivalent cross sectional area (500 MCM = 500,000 circular mils)
  • Million cubic metre, the unit of volume
  • Minichromosome maintenance protein, which forms DNA helicase in eukaryotic species
  • Mobil Composition of Matter or Mobil Crystalline Material, a family of porous silicate-based materials, either zeolitic zeolite in nature (eg MCM-22) or non-crystalline mesostructures (eg MCM-41, MCM-48)
  • Multi-chip module, a specialized electronic package
  • MCM, a class of mesoporous zeolite
  • Macrocephaly-capillary malformation (M-CM) a rare genetic syndrome
  • Methylmalonyl-coenzyme A mutase, an enzyme
  • Master Chemical Mechanism, a chemical model used in atmospheric chemistry
  • Master of Computer Management, A Computer Post Graduation

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Other meanings

  • Manual for Courts-Martial, the official guide to the conduct of courts-martial in the United States
  • Mid-Century modern, an architectural, interior and product design form
  • Roman numeral for 1900
  • M-C-M', Money-Commodity-Money, one of the forms of commodity trade in the theory of Karl Marx
  • Mine Counter-measures, defensive techniques against military mines.

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