Geriatric medicine in Egypt

Geriatric medicine in Egypt


Geriatric medicine in Egypt as a speciality was introduced in 1982, and in 1984 a geriatrics unit in Ain Shams University Faculty of Medicine was established [ [ The Age of reason] ] .

Many Arabic physician were interested in the field of geriatrics and some of them wrote separate books on this subject and shared in the development of the field of geriatrics.Abu Ali Ibn-Sina Avicenna's "The Canon of Medicine" [ Al-Canon scanned photos] (1025) was the first book to offer instruction for the care of the aged, foreshadowing modern gerontology and geriatrics. In a chapter entitled "Regimen of Old Age", Avicenna was concerned with how "old folk need plenty of sleep", how their bodies should be anointed with oil, and recommended exercises such as walking or horse-riding. Thesis III of the "Canon" discussed the diet suitable for old people, and dedicated several sections to elderly patients who become constipated. [citation|last=Howell|first=Trevor H.|title=Avicenna and His Regimen of Old Age|journal=Age and Ageing|year=1987|volume=16|pages=58-59] [Avicenna and the care of the aged by TH Howell "Gerontologist" 1972 12: 424-426.] [ [ Gerontology and geriatrics in the works of Abu Ali Ibn Sina in "Sovetskoe zdravookhranenie" ] ] Also the famous Physician Ibn Al-Jazzar ("Algizar") Al-Qayrawani (circa 898-980) wrote a special book on the medicine and health of elderly (Kitab Tibb Al Machayikh) [ Al Jazzar] ] or (Teb Al-Mashaikh wa hefz sehatahom) [ [ "Vesalius" Official journal of the International Society for the History of Medicine] ] . Also a book on sleep disorders and another one on forgetfulness and how to strengthen memory (Kitab Al Nissian wa Toroq Taqwiati Adhakira) [ [ Algizar a web page in french] ] [ [Geritt Bos, "Ibn al-Jazzar", "Risala fi l-isyan" (Treatise on forgetfulness), London, 1995 ] ] and a Treatise on causes of mortality (Rissala Fi Asbab Al Wafah). Another Arabic physician in the 9th century by Ishaq ibn Hunayn (died in 910) wrote a Treatise on Drugs for Forgetfulness (Risalah al-Shafiyah fi adwiyat al-nisyan) [ [ Islamic culture and medical arts] ]

Geriatrics governmental services

* The Ain Shams University Geriatrics unit became a department [ [ Ain Shams Geriatric medicine department] ] [ [ Ain Shams University Geriatric medicine] ] having its own inpatient department, outpatient clinic, follow-up clinic and residents and issuing academic degrees (M.Sc., M.D)in geriatric medicine. In 2004 the department established a geriatrics intensive care unit. The department has partnership with "INIA" [ [ International institute of aging , United nations, Malta] ] to carry-out short-term training programmes in Cairo specifically designed for personnel from the Arab World working in the field of Ageing. The two organisations have also agreed to collaborate in identifying, setting up and implementing projects in the field of Ageing both in the Mediterranean region and in the Arab World.

* Alexandria University Faculty of medicine contain a geriatrics department and started a biweekly geriatrics outpatient clinic beside the elder health section of the family health department of the high institute of public health of the university [ [ Alexandria University Hospital] ] .
* Mansoura University is establishing its own department and has started a weekly geriatrics outpatient clinic [ [ Mansoura University hospital] ] .

* Helwan University has also established a center for elderly care in 1997 [ [ Global aging center for Elderly care, Helwan University] ]

* Cairo University has the geriatrics inside the public health department, but geriatrics is not a separate entity. It is included in the family medicine curriculum & Family medicine M.Sc.

* Al-Matariyyah teaching hospital [ [] ] and Elsahel teaching hospital [ [] ] are establishing its departments.

* Boulaq Al-Dakror Hospital [ [ وزارة الصحة و السكان ] ] opened a new department in 2007.
* Elderly rehabilitation & treatment center in Helwan (26 beds) [ [ وزارة الصحة و السكان ] ] one of the single speciality centers of ministry of health and population.

* The national institute of neuromotor disabilities also contain a geriatrics outpatient clinic [ [] ] .

* Wadi El-Nile hospital has a geriatrics outpatient clinic.

* Abdel Kader Fahmy hopsital has a Geriatrics clinic.

Geriatrics societies

* The Egyptian society of Geriatric medicine [ [ Egypt's Ministry of health list of medical associations] ] was established in the 1982, but is frozen now.
* The Egypt Al-Zehiemer association is active in the field of Dementia and also in geriatric care, it was established in 1998 by Professor Abdel Moneim Ashour. It a member of the [ Alzheimer's Disease International] Associations.

Conferences and workshops

Many conferences about geriatric medicine were held in Egypt.

* Ain Shams University During the 1990s
* Helwan University during 1990s & 2005
* Al-Azhar University 2006
* Alexandria university 2006

Private based geriatrics services

* Palastine hospital (a private owned hospital) established a long term care in 1994 [ [ Palastine hospital Long term care unit] ]
* Also many private centers are present as Center for Geriatric Services [ [ HANDS - Hands Along The Nile - Programs in Egypt - Health Care - Medical Center - Hospital ] ]


Many psychogeriatrics governemental (Most of Psychaitry departments in Egyptian Universities have or establishing its psychogeriatrics units and also other non-governemental services exist.

Books on geriatric medicine



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* see Geriatrics

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* [ The Age of Reason By: Gihan Shanine Al-Ahram Weekly, July 15-21, 1999]
* [ Aging in Egypt]

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