Federal Police (Austria)

Federal Police (Austria)

Infobox Law enforcement agency
agencyname = Federal Police
nativename = Bundespolizei
abbreviation =
patch =
patchcaption =
logocaption = The New Logo
badge =
badgecaption =

flagcaption =
motto =
mottotranslated =
formed = July 1, 2005
preceding1 =
dissolved =
superseding =
employees = 20,000 approx
volunteers =
budget =
country = Austria
national = Yes
federal = Yes

mapcaption =
sizearea =
sizepopulation =
legaljuris = opsjuris
governingbody =
constitution1 =
police = Yes
local = Yes
overviewtype =
overviewbody =
headquarters =
sworn =
unsworn =
electeetype =
minister1name =
minister1pfo = Federal Minisrty of the Interior
chief1name =
chief1position =
unittype =
unitname =
officetype = Province police command
officename = collapsible list |title=9 |Burgenland |Carinthia |Lower Austria |Upper Austria |Salzburg |Styria |Vorarlberg |Vienna
stationtype =
stations = More than 1000.
lockuptype =
lockups =
vehicle1type =
vehicles1 =
boat1type =
boats1 =
aircraft1type =
aircraft1 =
animal1type =
animals1 =
website = http://www.bundespolizei.gv.at/ (Austrian)
footnotes = Reference for above datacite web |title=Austrias's New Police Force |publisher=Bundesministerium für Inneres |url=http://www.bundespolizei.gv.at/all/broschueren/broschuere-english.pdf |accessdate=2008-04-02 |date=2005-07-01]

The Federal Police ( _de. Bundespolizei) is the law enforcement agency of Austria. The official name of the Federal Police is 'Bundespolizei', however it is only used in formal situations. The Austrian Federal Police were formed in July of 2005 as one formal unit of police. Before 2005 the police system operated the Gendarmerie for most of the country, and the Polizei in the heavy city and urban areas such as Vienna, Salzburg and Graz. In 2004 it was agreed by the Government of Austria that these two police forces, along with the criminal investigation service, the public security constabulary, and the security authorities, would all form together to become the 'Federal Police of Austria'.cite web|url=http://polis.osce.org/countries/details?item_id=9|title=OSCE Policing Profile for the Austrian BundesPolizei|publisher=OSCE POLIS]

The current command structure that the Bundespolizei operates is very simple. The Federal Police is commanded by Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior. The Ministry then delegates to the 9 Province Police commands. Depending on the Province command, the districts and cities are controlled by either a District Police Command or a City Police Command. These commands then operate through police stations throughout the Province.

The 9 Province Police Commands are the same as the general Provinces of Austria.

* Vienna
* Styria
* Carinthia
* Salzburg
* Lower Austria
* Upper Austria
* Voralberg
* Tyrol
* Burgenland


Law enforcement in AustriaAlong with the new 'Federal Police' structure, a new vehicle livery was established. The vehicles used by the Polizei vary.

* Volkswagen Sharan
* Volkswagen Touran
* Volkswagen Golf Estate
* BMW R 1200 RT (Motor Bikes)
* Ford Transit
* Ford Mondeo
* Skoda Octavia
* Nissan Pathfinder

Aircraft.cite web|url=http://www.bmi.gv.at/flugpolizei/|title=Austrian Flugpolizei|publisher=Bundespolizei]

The Bundespolizei have a variety of aircraft including the following they are currently receiving 8 new Eurocopter EC 135's in time for EURO 2008.

* 8 Bell 206
* 5 Ecureuil AS 350 B1
* 2 Ecureuil AS 355 F2
* 2 Ecureuil AS 355 N

Porsche 911

The Austrian Police experimented with the Porsche 911 in order to crack down on motorway speeding. After a 6 month test phase the Polizei decided not to order more 911's due to fact that their wasn't enough room to store the needed equipment.

ee also

* EKO Cobra


External links

* [http://www.bundespolizei.gv.at/lpk/ Official Austrian Police Website]

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