List of Indian Britons

List of Indian Britons

This is a list of notable British people of Indian descent (Indian Britons).


* Anish Kapoor, Sculptor


* Vikrant Bhargava, Entrepreneur - former Group Marketing Director of PartyGaming
* Nina Bracewell-Smith, Non-executive director of Arsenal F.C.
* Anurag Dikshit, Billionaire co-founder of PartyGaming
* Hindujas, A Family of Business people
* Firoz Kassam, Former owner of Oxford United F.C.
* Lakshmi Mittal, Billionaire Industrialist
* Gulam Noon, Founder of food product companies specialising in Indian cuisine
* Tom Singh, Founder of the New Look
* Neetu Sharma, Lloyds Register of Shipping


* Shobna Gulati
* Jasmine Simhalan, Also Martial Artist
* Madhu Singh, dancer; member of "Signature"; runner-up on "Britain's Got Talent" 2008.



* Naveen Andrews
* Erick Avari
* Sanjeev Bhaskar
* Charu Bala Chokshi
* Sarita Choudhury
* Shelley Conn
* Ayesha Dharker
* Kulvinder Ghir
* Anjali Jay
* Indira Joshi
* Katrina Kaif
* Preeya Kalidas
* Shobu Kapoor
* Sarita Khajuria
* Ben Kingsley
* Anya Lahiri
* Parminder Nagra
* Manish Patel
* Kavi Raz
* Zuleikha Robinson
* Roshan Seth
* Pooja Shah
* Meera Simhan
* Milind Soman
* Meera Syal
* Chandeep Uppal
* Nadia Nyce


* Gurinder Chadha
* Waris Hussein
* Asif Kapadia
* Ismail Merchant
* Pratibha Parmar
* Sarjit Bains
* Saira Shah
* Bharat Nalluri


* Sunny Hundal
* Hari Kunzru
* Kamala Markandaya
* Sangita Myska
* Anita Rani


* Sake Dean Mahomet


* Preeti Desai, Miss Great Britain 2006
* Nifa and Nishan Hindes, Twin Models
* Shivani Kapoor
* Anya Lahiri
* Pooja Shah
* Sagar Shah
* Milind Soman


* Amar, Singer
* Apache Indian, Singer, Songwriter
* Reena Bhardwaj, Singer
* Sheila Chandra, Singer
* DCS, Bhangra band
* DJ Kayper, DJ
* Dr Zeus, Music Director
* Juggy D, Bhangra Singer
* Johnny Kalsi, Dhol Drummer
* Anya Lahiri, Singer
* Mentor Kolektiv, Bhangra Group
* Freddie Mercury, Lead Singer of Queen
* Daljit Neer, Founder of Neer Productions
* DJ Nihal, DJ
* Nerina Pallot, Singer
* Bally Sagoo, DJ
* Nitin Sawhney, Musician, Producer and Composer
* Ms Scandalous, Bhangra/ Rap Artist
* S-Endz, Rapper
* Anoushka Shankar, Sitar Player
* Sukshinder Shinda, Bhangra Producer and Artist
* Shri
* Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji, Composer
* DJ Swami, DJ, Producer, Guitarist


* Pamella Bordes, Plus former Miss India


* Roy Bhaskar
* Raghavan N. Iyer
* Bhikhu Parekh, Baron Parekh

Political Figures

* Mancherjee Bhownagree, MP
* Harpal Brar, Communist politican and writer
* Rajani Palme Dutt, Leading figure in the Communist Party of Great Britain
* Ramesh Kallidai, Secretary General of the Hindu Forum of Britain
* Piara Khabra, MP
* Claude Moraes, Member of European Parliament representing the Labour Party in London
* Dadabhai Naoroji, MP
* Shapurji Saklatvala, MP
* Atma Singh
* Udham Singh, Indian Independence activist
* Manjula Sood, Lord Mayor of Leicester


* Satyabrata Rai Chowdhuri, Scholar of Political Science, International Relations and South Asian Studies
* Sarvadaman Chowla, Mathematician
* Ravinder N. Maini, Professor of rheumatology

Religious Figures

* Satish Kumar, Jain monk
* Harish Purohit, Hindu priest


* Nikki Bedi, Radio Presenter
* DJ Kayper, Radio Presenter
* Ameet Chana, Radio Presenter
* Sonia Deol, Radio Presenter
* Tilusha Ghelani, Radio Producer
* Avtar Lit, Chairman of Sunrise Radio
* Daljit Neer, Radio Presenter
* DJ Nihal, Radio Presenter
* Anita Rani, Radio Presenter
* Manish Sahi, Radio Presenter
* Shabnam Dutta, Radio Presenter
* Rozina Sini, Radio Presenter



* Nasser Hussain
* Ronnie Irani
* Kumar Shri Duleepsinhji
* Mark Ramprakash
* Vikram Solanki
* Monty Panesar
* Ravi Bopara


* Michael Chopra, Sunderland A.F.C.
* Harpal Singh, Bohemian F.C.


* Surinder Sunar, Professional Poker Player


* Anjum Anand, TV Chef
* Naveen Andrews, Actor (LOST)
* Erick Avari, Actor
* Nikki Bedi, Presenter
* Sanjeev Bhaskar, Comedian and Actor
* Chris Bisson, Actor
* Ameet Chana, Actor
* Charu Bala Chokshi, Actress
* Shelley Conn, Actress
* Ayesha Dharker, Actress
* Sonia Deol, Presenter
* Daljit Dhaliwal, Newsreader and Presenter
* Kulvinder Ghir, Actor
* Shobna Gulati, Actress
* Rebecca Hazlewood, Actress
* Waris Hussein, Director
* Raji James, Actor
* Anjali Jay, Actress
* Indira Joshi, Actress
* Ronny Jhutti, Actor
* Preeya Kalidas, Actress
* Ravi Kapoor, Actor
* Shobu Kapoor, Actress
* Sarita Khajuria, Actress
* Rani Khanijau, Children's TV Presenter
* Ben Kingsley, Actor
* Edmund Kingsley, Actor
* Inder Manocha, Comedian
* Jamila Massey, Actress
* Sangita Myska, TV Presenter
* Parminder Nagra, Actress (ER)
* Bharat Nalluri, TV Director
* DJ Nihal, TV Presenter
* Shefali Oza, Newsreader
* Babita Pohoomull, Actress
* Anita Rani, TV Presenter
* Shihab Rattansi, Newsreader
* Kavi Raz, Actor
* Laila Rouass, Actress
* Salima Saxton, Actress
* Pooja Shah, Actress
* Bindya Solanki, Actress


* Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti, Playwright
* Shobna Gulati
* Pico Iyer, Novelist
* Venika Kingsland
* Edmund Kingsley
* Hari Kunzru, Novelist and Journalist
* Manish Patel
* Kamala Markandaya, Novelist
* Jamila Massey
* Raman Mundair, Poet
* Preethi Nair
* Salman Rushdie, Novelist
* Saira Shah
* Navjot Singh (Author), Author of Books on China
* Meera Syal, Comedian, Actress


* George Edalji, Solicitor
* Armaan Genomal, Child Prodigy
* Nagachetan Bangalore M, Research Fellow and a Scientist

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* Indian British
* Immigration to the United Kingdom
* Indian diaspora
* List of Indian Americans
* Indian (disambiguation)

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