List of mayors of Rochester, Minnesota

List of mayors of Rochester, Minnesota
Incumbent Mayor Ardell Brede reading a proclamation

People who have served as mayor of Rochester, Minnesota.

Mayor Term
Moses W. Fay 1858–1859
Frederick Augustus Olds 1859–1860
W. D. Hurlbut 1860–1861
John Clark 1861–1862
L. B. Bliss 1862–1864, 1868–1969
Abram Ozmun 1864–1865
J. V. Daniels 1865–1866
Ozora P. Stearns 1866–1868
Daniel Heaney 1869–1870
Frederick Taft Olds 1870–1871
O. P. Whitcomb 1871–1872
Geo. W. Van Dusen 1872–1873
D. H. Williams 1873–1875
D. A. Morrison 1875–1879
L. E. Cowdery 1879–1880
Samuel Whitten 1880–1882, 1883–1885
Dr. William Worrall Mayo 1882–1883
O. S. Porter 1885–1887, 1889–1890
Andrew Nelson 1887–1889
D. Darling 1890–1892
Dr. Horace H. Witherstine 1892–1895, 1896–1897, 1902–1903
Dr. W. A. Allen 1895–1896
J. W. Wagoner 1897–1898
B. W. Eaton 1898–1899
J. A. Melone 1899–1900
Dr. E. L. Sinclair 1900–1902
Archie C. Stevenson 1903–1905
Martin Heffron 1905–1907
Julius J. Reiter 1907–1909, 1917–1919, 1923–1925, 1931–1935
J. C. Thompson 1909–1911
William B. Richardson 1911–1917
C. D. Brown (Died in Office 12-22-1927) 1919–1923, 1927
John T. Lemmon 1925–1927, 1930–1931
Fred W. Haase 1928–1929
W. A. Moore 1935–1939
Paul Grassle 1939–1947
Claude H. McQuillan (Died in Office 11-16-1957) 1947–1951, 1953–1957
Glenn O. Amundsen 1951–1953
Adolph M. Bach 1957–1958
Alexander P. Smetka 1958–1969, 1973–1979
Dewey Day 1969–1973
Chuck Hazama 1979–1995
Chuck Canfield 1995–2003
Ardell Brede 2003–present


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