Prophet Yahweh

Prophet Yahweh

Ramon Watkins, more famously known as Prophet Yahweh, or The Seer of Yahweh (born 1952 or 1953) is an American man who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Prophet Yahweh claims to have the ability to summon UFOs using passages from the Bible. He says that he developed this ability after studying the Old Testament in its original Hebrew form and gaining knowledge related to UFOs from his studies.


Prophet Yahweh was born as Ramon Watkins in Memphis, Tennessee. He briefly attended Tuskegee Institute on a basketball scholarship before accepting a football scholarship to Southern Illinois University where he joined the ministry. Prophet Yahweh's first radio ministry occurred on WYZE, an Atlanta, Georgia radio station, in 1978.Fact|date=March 2008 In 1981, he began his first cable television program at Viacom. In 1996, he began airing a UFO cable TV show in Los Angeles, California.


Based on the scriptures from the Old Testament and from most of the Book of Revelation. Prophet Yahweh states:

1.Yahweh is the proper name for the creator of the universe.

2.Yahweh lives on a planet located in the centre of the universe, with his angels living on the same planet as he.

3.The Israelites are black in skin color.

4.Yahweh and his angels are jet-black in skin color.

5.The Elders are part of the Universal Council who make key decisions affecting the Universe.

6."Pillar of Fire", "Pillar of Cloud", "Chariot of Fire", and "The glory of Yahweh" describe spaceships.

7. The Messiah, whose name is Immanuel instead of Jesus, will come with 20,000 spaceships to reinstate the true religion of Yahweh and to make sure that all human souls will be saved.

8. As a result of Adam's sin, humanity was stripped of superhuman power which enables them to levitate, fly and enables them to have other kinds of superhuman power.

9. Yahweh and his angels are superhuman men, not spirits. Yahweh's angels have long robes, magnificent turbans on their head and gold.

10. That it was foretold that a counterfeit state of Israel will be created with a race that will claim to be Jews but they are really White converts to Judaism.

11. Praying with your face facing the ground is wrong to do as Satan who was cursed to crawl on his belly, faced the ground. The correct way to pray is looking up towards the sky (as Yahweh lives in outer space)with both your hands raised upwards.

Proof UFOs exist?

Prophet Yahweh is supposedly able to summon UFOs on command and there are numerous Youtube videos of those occasions. Some people consider that the images are incredibly clear for a UFO film and leave no doubt that they are mechanical in some way, also defying known laws of physics.

Some think those summons are fake and that the UFOs are common objects like balloons.

None of the UFOs summoned ever got close enough to provide a clear and undisputed view.

Yet, it should be made clear that Prophet Yahweh has demonstrated his summoning abilities not just on YouTube, but also on TV news channels, such as those of Fox.

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