The VideoNow is a personal video player distributed by Hasbro through its Tiger Electronics subsidiary. It is designed for children and operates using unusually sized 4" (108mm) PVD Discs. The discs allow for about 30 minutes of video, so they are well suited for children's television shows. Video data is stored on the left audio channel with mono audio on the right channel. The video plays at about 15 frames per second. It was originally released with a black and white format, but was soon updated to the VideoNow Color. Game-playing functionality was added with the VideoNow XP, but abandoned with the most recent line, VideoNow Color FX.

It should also be noted that the VideoNow has very little skip protection.

Hasbro produced editing software for creating VideoNow PVDs called the VideoNow Media Wizard, which came with blank PVD media. [] as well as the VCamNow camera for shooting VideoNow footage. [] As the VideoNow will not accept standard 8 cm mini-CDs, some creative users have resorted to cutting down standard 12 cm CD-R discs, though not without problems. Hasbro made recordable PVDs available without the Media Wizard from their online store.


*"VideoNow" - Plays only in black and white.
*"VideoNow Color" - Plays in color.
*"VideoNow Jr." - Distributed through Playskool, this is a variant of the VideoNow Color.
*"VideoNow XP" - Plays in color, has a larger screen and includes game playing capabilities and controls.
*"VideoNow Color FX" - Translucent variation of the VideoNow Color.

Incomplete list of shows on VideoNow

* Hilary Duff A Day In My Life
* All Grown Up!
* The Amanda Show
* America's Funniest Home Videos
* American Idol
* Beyblade (V-Force)
* Blue's Clues
* Boy Meets World
* The Brothers Garcia
* Chalkzone
* The Cramp Twins
* Danny Phantom
* Dexter's Laboratory
* Dora the Explorer
* Drake & Josh
* Ed Edd n Eddy
* The Fairly OddParents
* Fear Factor
* Hannah Montana
* The Jeff Corwin Experience
* Johnny Bravo
* LazyTown
* Max and Ruby
* My Little Pony
* Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
* The Powerpuff Girls
* Rocket Power
* Romeo!
* Sonic X
* SpongeBob SquarePants
* Taina
* The Story of Star Wars
* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
* Trading Spaces
* Transformers Armada
* Transformers Cybertron
* Transformers Energon
* Unfabulous
* The Wild Thornberrys
* Winx Club
* Yu-Gi-Oh!
* Zoey 101
* Zoids
* There's also a Tony Hawk's Secret Skatepark Tour.

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* [ Hasbro VideoNow information]
* [ VideoThen] , a freeware tool to create black and white discs
* [ PVDTools] , another freeware program to create black and white discs
* [ Source for Media Wizard blank PVDs] , Hasbro FAX-in order form for blank Media Wizard PVD's
* []

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