Baseball clothing and equipment

Baseball clothing and equipment

=Baseball equipment and clothing=

; Bat : A rounded, solid wooden or hollow aluminum bat. Wooden bats are traditionally made from ash wood, though maple is also sometimes used. Aluminum bats are not permitted in professional leagues, but are frequently used in amateur leagues.; Ball : A cork sphere, tightly wound with layers of yarn or string and covered with a stitched leather coat.; Base : One of four corners of the infield which must be touched by a runner in order to score a run; more specifically, they are canvas bags (at first, second, and third base) and a rubber plate (at home). ; Glove : Leather gloves worn by players in the field. Long fingers and a webbed "pocket" between the thumb and first finger allows the fielder to catch the ball more easily.; Catcher's mitt : Leather mitt are worn by catchers. It is much wider than a normal fielder's glove and the four fingers are connected. The mitt is also better-padded than the standard fielder's glove. ; First baseman's mitt : Leather mitt worn by first basemen. It is longer and wider than a standard fielder's glove. The four fingers are connected and the glove is rounded like a catcher's mitt. A first baseman's mitt has a bit more padding than a standard fielder's glove; Batting gloves : Gloves often worn on one or both hands by the batter. They offer additional grip and eliminate some of the shock when making contact with the ball. ; Batting helmet : Helmet worn by batter to protect the head and the ear facing the pitcher from the ball. ; Baseball cap : Hat worn by all players. Designed to shade the eyes from the sun, this hat design has become popular with the general public. ; Catcher's helmet : Protective helmet with face guard worn by the catcher.; Uniform : Shirt and pants worn by all players, coaches and managers. Each team generally has a unique pattern of colors and designs. Traditionally, the home team's uniform is predominantly white with the team's nickname, and the visiting team's is predominantly gray with (usually, but not always) the team's city. A belt is also worn.; Sliding shorts : Padded support shorts sometimes worn to protect the thighs when the player slides into the bases.cup:worn in the pants to protect genetil area.

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