List of All Grown Up! characters

List of All Grown Up! characters

This is a list of fictional characters from the Nickelodeon Animated Television Series, "All Grown Up!".

Main characters

*Tommy Pickles (voiced by E.G. Daily): At ten years old, Tommy is already an award winning junior filmmaker. He is also considered the leader of his group of friends as he is the one person to go to for advice and leadership. Tommy is also the show's main protagonist. [ [ Elizabeth Daily at imdb] ]
*Dil Pickles (voiced by Tara Strong): At nine years old, Dil is Tommy's younger brother. An inventor like his dad, Dil is also an unusual boy. He often wears a distinctive Purple and Orange "Sherpa Hat". Dil also likes to embrace many other international cultures. [ [ Tara Strong at imdb] ]
*Angelica Pickles (voiced by Cheryl Chase): Thirteen year old Angelica is Tommy and Dil's older cousin. She is a typical teenage girl, who likes to embrace fashion and music. She also has good business skills like her mom, who she is very similar to in looks. [ [ Cheryl Chase at imdb] ]
*Chuckie Finster (voiced by Nancy Cartwright): Eleven year old Chuckie is Tommy's best friend. He tends to have a fear of just about everything. However, when he's with Tommy, he's prepared to give anything a try. [ [ Nancy Cartwright at imdb] ]
*Lil DeVille (voiced by Kath Soucie): At ten years old, Lil is still very close to her twin brother, Phil. She is a big fan of soccer and is a very good player. Lil is also into boys, and often has a crush on the most popular boys.
*Phil DeVille (voiced by Kath Soucie): Ten year old Phil is Lil's twin brother. He is often considered 'gross', due to his love of anything smelly. A big soccer fan, he isn't very good at playing the sport. Although he is often picked for the school team. [ [ Kath Soucie at imdb] ]
*Kimi Finster (voiced by Dionne Quan): Ten year old Kimi is Chuckie's stepsister. She is also Lil's best friend. Of Japanese origin, Kimi likes to embrace her past culture. Like her best friend, she is also into boys. Kimi openly has a crush on the school bad boy, 'Z'. [ [ Dionne Quan at imdb] ]
*Susie Carmichael (voiced by Cree Summer): At twelve years old, Susie is Angelica's best friend. Because Susie is a great singing talent, Angelica is often jealous of her. They will often compete against each other. [ [ Cree Summer at imdb] ]
*Harold Frumkin (voiced by Pat Musick): Twelve year old Harold is good friends with Angelica and Susie. Harold is actually in love with Angelica and often does things for her. Like carrying her backpack and books. He also had a brief spell as an internet advice giver. [ [ Pat Musick at imdb] ]

The older characters

*Stu Pickles (voiced by Jack Riley): Stu is Tommy and Dil's father. He is a dedicated inventor. He is also married to Didi.
*Didi Pickles (voiced by Melanie Chartoff): Didi is Tommy and Dil's mother. She is currently studying "Child Psychology". She is also married to Stu.
*Lou Pickles (voiced by Joe Alaskey): Tommy, Dil and Angelica's grandfather and Stu and Drew's father. He is married to Lulu.
*Lulu Pickles: She is Lou's wife. Also Tommy, Dil, and Angelica's step grandmother and Stu and Drew's stepmother. Never seen on screen but often mentioned.
* Drew Pickles (voiced by Michael Bell): He is married to Charlotte, is Angelica's father and Stu's older brother. He is retired and spends most of his time on the golfcourse.
*Charlotte Pickles (voiced by Tress MacNeille): Angelica's workaholic mother until the fourth series, Were she was laid-off. She became a depressed housewife. That is until she marketed Dil's infamous board game 'Impatience'. She is also married to Drew.
*Betty DeVille (voiced by Kath Soucie): Phil and Lil's mother. Quite the jock and women's-libber. Married to Howard. Helps operate the Java Lava Coffee House with Chas Finster.
*Howard DeVille (voiced by Philip Proctor): Phil and Lil's mild mannered father. Often overpowered by and cringing towards his wife, Betty.
*Chas Finster (voiced by Michael Bell): Chas is Chuckie's father and Kimi's stepfather and is married to Kira. He runs the Java Lava Coffee House.
*Kira Finster (voiced by Julia Kato): Kimi's mother and Chuckie's stepmother. She is married to Chas. She often operates the Java Lava Coffee House with her husband.
* Melinda Finster: She is Chuckie's birth-mother who died a few months after Chuckie was born. Never seen, only referenced once in the final series.
*Lucy Carmichael (voiced by Hattie Winston): She is Susie and Alisha's mother and Randy's wife. She is also a Harvard-educated Doctor.
*Randy Carmichael (voiced by: Ron Glass): He is married to Lucy Carmichael. He is also Susie and Alisha's father. He works as a writer for the famous children's TV series, The Dummi Bears Show.
*Alisha Carmichael (voiced by Bettina Bush): She is Susie's older sister, as well as Lucy and Randy's daughter. She has money, and is looking to buy a house with her boyfriend.
*Boris and Minka Kerpackter (voiced by Michael Bell and Melanie Chartoff), Didi's Jewish parents. Eastern European immigrants who are always complaining that it wasn't this way in the "Old Country".
*Miss O'Keats (voiced by Ann Magnuson: She is a teacher at the kids school. She often gets very emotional. She is in a relationship with the schools Vice-principal.
*Vice-Principal Pangborn (voiced by Clancy Brown): A former wrestling champion. Most of the students fear him. Dil considers him a friend, and Mr Pangborn often asks Dil for advice and help. He is in a relationship with Miss O'Keats.
*Mr Beaker (voiced by Fred Stoller): He is another teacher at the kids school. He mostly teaches science, but has been known to teach other subjects.
*Pepe (voiced by Bronson Pinchot): Pepe is the eccentric school chef. He also coaches the school language team.
* Jonathan (Voiced by Dan Castellaneta): After years of servitude, he is finally promoted above Charlotte Pickles. However, this is the ultimate reason Charlotte was laid-off.
*Dr. Lipschitz: A child psychologist who Didi and Chas commonly refer to for help in raising their children. Never seen, only mentioned.

The other kids

*Savannah (voiced by Shayna Fox): She is the most popular girl in school, who Angelica Pickles is jealous of. She will often compete with Angelica, because she knows there is no chance she will lose.
*Nicole Boscarelli (voiced by Lizzie Murray): She is the girl at school that Chuckie Finster has a crush on. However, she only considers Chuckie to be a friend.
*Sean Butler (voiced by Pamela S. Adlon): One of the most popular boys in school. Angelica has a crush on him. He is often seen hanging with Savannah. Although, he's also considered a friend by Dil. He also had a brief spell as Tommy's friend.
*Justin (voiced by Candi Milo): Sean's best friend and right hand man.
*Z (voiced by Cara Delizia): The school's bad boy and one of Kimi's closest friends. In fact, she has had a crush on him since the day they met.
*Lil Q (vocied by special guest star Lil Romeo): A strange kid, who quickly becomes one of Dils friends. Every valentines day he seems to make people fall in love. He only made one appearance in series one episode "It's Cupid, stupid".
*Bean (voiced by Laraine Newman): The kids met Bean during the series one finale, "Interview with a Campfire". He became a close friend of Dil in particular. He later turned out to be the Ghost of a missing settler.
*Izzy: Never seen on screen because he was Dil's imaginary alien friend. However, after Izzy became the most popular kid in school. Dil decided he didn't want to share him anymore.
*Amelia (voiced by Candi Milo): She ran against Chuckie and Izzy in the safety commissioner race of series two episode, "Izzy or ist he".
*Rachel (voiced by Meagan Smith): Was Tommy's girlfriend from series four episode, "Rachel, Rachel" to series five episode, "All Broke Up".
*Wally (voiced by Jessica Di Cicco): A good friend of Lil's, she is the school soccer team's captain. She was also briefly Phil's girlfriend. Phil and Lil remained friends with Wally after she broke up with Phil.
*Mac & Cher (voiced by Amy Gunzenhauser): Interview With a Campfire Episode 1 and 2 [ [ imdb] ] [ [] ]

The Pets

*Spike: The Pickles' family pet is now very overweight and very old.
*Fifi: The Finster's dog, she likes to chew shoes.
*Spiffy and Sparky : The offspring of a union between Spike and Fifi. They now belong to both the Pickles family and the Finster family.
*Fluffy: Angelica's pet cat. Only seen once in series two episode, "Saving Cynthia".
*Pablo: Dil Pickles' pet goldfish, who he keeps in a bowl in his bedroom.

Although never mentioned or featured, it's clear from some scenes that Dil also keeps something else in a tank in his bedroom.


*Emica: Although never voiced in the series, she was voiced in the "Rugrats" episode, "All Growed Up. This is considered by many to be the pilot for this series.
*The Sulky Boys: This popular music group is made up of, T.J. (voiced by Toran Cuadell), J.T. (voiced by Kenn Michael), J.R. (voiced by Greg Cipes) and R.J. (voiced by Matt Levin).
*Martin Costomiris (voiced by Michael Bell): He is a film director and Tommy's all time idol. Modeled after Steven Spielberg.
*Reptar: The kids favorite fictional dinosaur.
*The Dummi Bears: Kimi's favourite TV show. Coincidently written by Susie's father, Randy.

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