Fish-Fin (Bonampak ruler)

Fish-Fin (Bonampak ruler)

"Fish-Fin" is a designation or nickname given by Mayanist epigraphers to a personage whose undeciphered name-glyph appears in the epigraphic record in association with the Emblem glyph of Bonampak, a pre-Columbian Maya civilization site in present-day Chiapas, Mexico. This individual, identified as a ruler of the Bonampak polity, is mentioned in the Maya inscriptions at Yaxchilan, another Maya site located some 30 km to the north of Bonampak. On the inscription from a lintel in the building known as Yaxchilan Structure 12, Fish Fin is named in association with "Knot-eye Jaguar", the ninth ruler in Yaxchilan's dynastic succession who reigned ca. 508–518 CE. [Schele (1991, p.79); Sharer (1994, p.252)] There is some dispute as to whether the context of this association places Fish-Fin as either a received visitor, or as a captive of the Yaxchilan ruler.

Fish-Fin may also be named in two looted and unprovenanced inscription panels, the Houston Panel and the Po Panel, which are suspected to have originated from Bonampak. The Houston Panel carries a Long Count date of (equating to November 19, 495), and the other panel bears a LC date (June 22, 523). [Schele (1991, p.79)]



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